Analysis of “Aikido Master in MMA” by an Aikido Instructor – Brief Martial Arts

Analysis of “Aikido Master in MMA” Hi, my name is RokasLeo and I’m going to
do an analysis of a viral video called “Aikido Master in MMA” part 1 and 2 where a supposed
Aikido practitioner is fighting in an amateur MMA fight against two different fighters. Before I begin there are a couple of disclaimers
I need to make: I wouldn’t normally do such a video, but respecting a request from one
of my subscribers, I decided to take up the challenge. It’s important to note that despite doing
Aikido for 13 years, I haven’t participated in an organized MMA style match nor am I a
competitive fighter. Personally, I do not see Aikido meant to be
a practice meant for competitions and I feel that it has a different purpose, but nevertheless
I wanted to share a few thoughts to give some understanding of what was most likely happening
in the strategy of the Aikido practitioner. I did do some Wing Chun and BJJ, but I’ll
share only a few ideas as a young Aikido instructor that I have in connection with a few sparring
matched I had a while ago with my friends and some Aikido practice related thoughts. Second disclaimer: this video does not belong
to me, so if you would like to see the original, follow the link bellow and support the original
channel if you like this kind of videos. Last disclaimer: Aikido as many different
martial arts depends strongly on the style and instructor that you are learning it. One fighter can not be taken as an absolute
example, but only as a reference for analysis at best. With the disclaimers said, let us begin:
Now you have to realize that traditional Aikido is not developed for modern competitions. Most styles don’t put a lot of emphasis
on strikes as you will see in this video too and it mainly emphasizing locks and throws
from grabs and punches since it derives from traditional Jujitsu, based on dealing with
armored samurai opponents on a battlefield where punched and strikes aren’t effective. The Aikido practitioner is wearing white GI
pants in this video. As you see he is very relaxed, an often emphasis
in Aikido and also waiting for a strike, what is a common practice in Aikido too, which
brings us to my first point. Most Aikido techniques could be called receptive
or in other words – defensive, meaning that we receive a strike or attack and then try
to use that energy, which is not necessarily well suited for a competitive match, but rather
a street situation, since many strikes, specially in the beginning of a competitive fight are
faints, meant to try out the distance and the opponent. Yet again as you see in the video the Aikido
practitioner, as soon as he sees a strike he jumps on the strike, most likely going
for a technique. When that doesn’t work, he seems to be receptive
again, waiting for the next attack, trying to block, but then a punch to the head leaves
him disoriented and searching for space to recover. From here on the disorientation is visible
and then from my perspective, he seems to let go of his first initial strategy and just
vaults in to attack randomly, without a specific strategy, which in turn becomes defensive
and eventually panics, most likely because of a lack of clarity of his actions in a sum
with disorientation and eventually is defeated. In the second video we jump a couple of months
ahead. We see the same Aikido practitioner against
a different fighter. He still maintains the relaxed stance, yet
this time after the first fight, he seems to change his strategy and becomes more initiative,
being the first one to go for striking and stepping in. He still seems receptive to strikes, yet probably
with the experience of the last fight, this time he doesn’t wait for the attack, but
rather steps in to try to grab his opponent, most likely again looking for a chance to
apply an Aikido technique. He seems to be more focused this time, expecting
more strikes and again, as soon as he sees a leg coming at him, he catches it as a supposed
opportunity to go for a throwing/pinning technique. They both go down on the ground and the Aikido
practitioner goes for a choke, which doesn’t really seem very effective, most likely due
to the lack of experience in neck chokes which is also rarely a part of Aikido curriculum. As his opponent looses the neck choke, the
Aikido person looses his balance and falls down. He does seem to try to keep his distance using
his legs, but he doesn’t seem comfortable on the ground either, since ground work is
not a part of traditional Aikido. His opponent uses the chance and goes for
ground and pound as the Aikido practitioner seems to lose his composure and looks for
a way out of it. Finally he grabs his opponents arm, which
is again an understandable approach from an Aikido person, either hoping to use a traditional
technique or by now, simply being defensive. Both of the fighters seem a bit lost in this
situation and eventually depart to a greater distance. The Aikido practitioner seems to still hold
his ground, showing a difference between his first fight and he again seems to go for the
same strategy as in the beginning of the fight, being initiative and most likely going for
shorter distance and a potential grab. As that doesn’t work, he seems to switch
again to being receptive and trying find a chance as he defends. With that not giving result, he seems to bounce
back and forth between his two strategies, but then after a punch to the head, he again
becomes disoriented and his moves start to begin to seem random. Finally another blow to the head finishes
the fight. The referee still gives a chance for a ground
and pound, but it’s already obvious the fight is over. Aikido today is not a very popular martial
art between competitive fighters, but I feel it’s important to understand that it’s
actually not developed for that purpose. I do understand some people trying to go in
to competitions to “prove” Aikido works, yet being designed for a different purpose
it should be either recreated, or simply, practiced for what it is. The founder himself discouraged his students
from competing and was very clear that Aikido for him was a self-development tool. It does work under different circumstances,
in an unpredicted fight and it also depends on who and how the person is practicing, but
Aikido shouldn’t be judged by a single fight on YouTube under unknown conditions as it
should not be pushed it into a box that it doesn’t belong to. While MMA fighters train all the time preparing
for their fights and emulating them constantly, Aikido practitioners develop different skills
not really meant for the same purpose, thus when being pushed into these conditions, it
cannot really live up to them, and truthfully – shouldn’t. If you saw my previous videos, you know that
I don’t promote Aikido as the ultimate combat martial art, yet I see it as a great tool
for self-development which also works as self-defense. I did my best to analyze this fight to give
some perspective on what the practitioner attempted, but not to justify it. If someone wants to make Aikido into a competitive
sport, they should probably change the name of it, yet if you want to practice Aikido
it’s important to understand it’s limits and to respect it’s purpose. For those who want to compete, should go to
competitive martial arts, yet for those wanting to practice Aikido, should do so.

100 thoughts on “Analysis of “Aikido Master in MMA” by an Aikido Instructor – Brief Martial Arts

  1. Learn Tenshin and combine that with the traditional aikido, I'd like to show some of these bums in the comments how it's done when you implement deflections and aggressive strikes into aikido

  2. thanks for shaing. I have a 3rd dan in aikido and in no way  was this aikido. the main emphasis on aikido is breaking balance and  getting a edge . having aikido is good to a point but you need to continue on the bjj path like me and then you will have the best of both worlds.  this video does not reflect aikido at all.     good luck

  3. I do not understand Aikido. What is it for if it cannot handle a punch?

    The stick fighting at the end looks like the guy is just jumping away one you grab the stick.

    What is Aikido’s purpose?

  4. Sorry,but any of you here really experienced defending yourselves? Life and death situation..? In aikido,we were told not to fight.but c'mon people why practice martial arts if you are not willing to combat? Its not martial anymore..don't be hypocrites, when an actual fight is there,you will not be dancing with your sankyo..I love aikido,for its art and motion.but for those who believe you can defend yourself with this because you participate in a unrealistic randori exercise.good luck… Aikido will really save you from fights,because you know you can never win and you will not engage.

  5. I don't see how Aikido could ever be practical. Putting your hands out there to grab something is only going to get you KOed or your arm broken off. It is not only bad defense, but even worse offense.

  6. I learned taekwondo, kickboxing, aikido, little bit of bjj n judo .. and i think, aikido on its own are only good for restraining a weaker opponent. But if we understand the core principle n technique of aikido and mix it with other martial art. its really2 awesome. Problem is….. most aikidoka dont really understand the core. They are bussy with the situational technique.

    Aikido footwork, multiple opponent strategy, deep understading of human balance, how to max muscle efficiency in relaxed state, atemi..

    Conor Mcgregor style on its core is similar with high lvl of aikido.. he use his hand to tell his body about enemy movement, timing n distance.. so they can move accordingly without need to think about it.

  7. This is a serious challenge to any aikido guy willing to test their martial art in no rules no excuses no time limit bare knuckle match. anyone who stumbles upon this who thinks they’re good at aikido and Who lives around the Nashville TN area, let’s talk. My boxing vs your aikido posted on YouTube and FB for people to see. It can be a year or 5 years from the time I’ve made this comment. Hit me up no hate, just want to put up a real no bs no excuse filled video!

  8. I took aikido a long time ago. The head instructor at the local dojo was federal law enforcement. One of the black belt level students was a psychiatrist at a state mental hospital. That tells you some occupations/situations where aikido might be helpful.

  9. That guy has my respect.
    He puts his butt on the line to find out what a fight is about.
    After another 30 fights, when he found out how to make it work, he might truly know about how Aikido helps in actual fights.

  10. Gotta give the guy credit for trying so many times, not giving up and learning from his previous mistakes.

  11. You were 100% correct in your play by play and you youself have unknowingly explained why Aikido is worthless in a real fight and in NHB, Vale Tudo or MMA . You have said 1: " Aikido does not train punching and kicking and 2: Aikido does not teach ground work …. So, Aikido is no good at grappling and no good at striking .
    .. Maybe that explains why MMA fighters, me included, think Aikido is worthless for fighting . With that said, Aikido teaches many important things such as respect, non violence and making most practitioners more peaceful and quite frankly happier people . I think that all your years of Aikido made you the good person you are today .

  12. please guys dont watch that trash russian competition, all the fighters there are very bad and i honestly doubt that any of them has more than 6 months of any ma practice. that being said aikido is shit and we dont need more videos to know that even though both those guys were just untrained skilless street fighters and none of them represents aikido or mma

  13. Watching him, so aikido teaches you to go in with your eyes closed? As he looks away closing his eyes? Useless unless fleecing people for money and dangerously leaving them with false hope I guess?

  14. Admiring the athleticism of these two "fighters". They sure are well prepared to fight off winter, if you catch my drift.

  15. Whenever their martial art does not work in a real world scenario, they suddenly say "No it's not meant for fighting or competing, it's a self-development tool/self-discipline". I know it's a bitter pill to swallow, but you've been practicing an ineffective martial art for many years, stop trying to justify it's existence, and stop scamming people into paying for classes.

  16. All arts master can talk very well and easy easy ..a normal person also talking about the same deffen skill but…come into the real fight all become different. ..go inside the ring fight first then we can talk.

  17. I don’t see why someone would want to practice aikido. There are martial arts that help you to focus and are very good as a fighting art. So why practice something that only does half the job. I am curious why you chose aikido over other martial arts. Did you research them or did you have a mentor who guided you into it?

  18. I've studied four styles of martial arts in my life, including two years of Aikido. These two fights went exactly as I would have predicted. To sum up both fights: The Aikido "master" started out trying to use Aikido but immediately found it useless, then switched to a frantic attempt to use non-Aikido methods for which he is untrained, resulting in helplessness against an opponent trained in competitive martial arts. What I would really love to see is a fight with an Aikido practitioner that only used Aikido, against a trained MMA practitioner. But every example I've seen was like this video, where the Aikido practitioner abandoned his own style within seconds when it become clear that his techniques don't work against a resisting opponent.

  19. Why is everyone leave their guard down? I mean i get it for the Aikido practitioner to not have a guard since oke lets be real Aikido is not a martial art. Its just a fancy way of taking people's money (and I am deeply sorry if anyone is offended but that's my humble opinion), but the other guys look rly amatures in fighting aswell🤔🤔🤔

  20. “Moooost Aikido techniques could be called receptive.” What that means is, they can’t initiate. They have to avoid avoid avoid avoid… which is actually against the rules in MMA. Also, the way to win a street fight is to either be a fast runner, or carry a gun. Martial arts always loses to gun, and you can’t hurt what you can’t catch. Everything else must either be for combat sporting, or for health. Elseways, it has no purpose except the “spiritual path” or other such nonsense.

  21. Aikido is not good for self defense. A trained fighter could have their way with you. It’s pretend fighting. The only decent of application of it is with the sword play. Other than that, it’s stupid to let ppl who train in it, walk around like they could use it in any fight situation whatsoever, in competition or against a real threat.

  22. Why is people so hung up with if their martial art works or not!?. I'm proud to say I've been competing in Wtf tae kwon do and Judo in the 80s and 90s but I'm well aware it probably won't make me a street fighter or a superman but it doesn't bother me one bit. I've enjoyed training martial arts and that's what its all about for me anyway

  23. I goto give this guy kudos, to me Akido is a martial art that needs to be abolished, lets face it, it is a joke, and to me is more their for looks than anything, but he gave it a go in the real world, instead of just throwing people in a very poetic way in a so called Akido dojo, Hope this guy learns a better martial art, Muay Thai, or Karate I would recommend, Bokotar I think would be neat to learn, like MT.

  24. With all do respect. You or anyone have not adequately explained its purpose if it's not for fighting. There's plenty of other works out for self development. This art does not show to be healthy for the body. It actually sucks to sustain all that pain and possible injuries also years of time spent for fighting techniques that are known not to work

  25. So much BS in some T.M.A.s e.g. Aikido, Tai Chi, Bagua, etc.. Fortunately, the advent of the internet has exposed the 'flawed' combat efficacy, in those arts. Most people study martial arts because they are supposed to have 'martial' realism. Without adaptation and evolution, these martial arts are destined for 'historical' curios IMHO.

  26. Aikido have interesting tools but it's far from being a complete martial art. Arm locks become alot more feasable once an opponent is wabled with a few good strikes.

  27. It`s probably too late to comment on this. but the only thing i wanna correct – is that is not exactly MMA fights. This "Strelka" (In russian "Strelka" means a challenge to dispute and possibly a gunfight between opposing criminal gangs, or just simply a challenge to fight between usual people) is just streetfights (although unlike real fights with minimal set of rules) where anyone who wants can participate. So the folks opposing our Aikido fighter is most likely have little to do with MMA, and just guys who love to fight. The second fighter has some expirience in Sambo, as stated in little info windows before the fight, but he is not expirienced MMA fighter, the first one seems like just regular guy who loves to fight.

  28. Bullshido for a reason you cant defend against punches and simple throws and chokes but in street fighg that probably a larger oppoent atack you aggressively even with headbuuts or dirty strikes, you will defeat him, yeah sure. Aikido guys can manage the distance when they have tondeal with strikes if they deal with knives they are dead

  29. Just gonna point out the Elephant in the room and suggest most of Akidos bad rep is Steven Seagals fault. Otherwise its just not competitive vs any one not sticking to an "art"

  30. I am sorry, but this bout was held in russia. Actually this man is not a master. After fight he said he was studied aikido for some time many years ago. In Russia it was quite popular in 90s and beginning of 00s years. So this one is not proper example, though many others are. I am not proponent of combat effectivness of aikido.

  31. Finely, some common since in approach to Aikido.I have practicing aikido since 1974 , and I knew that it was never designed for competitive sports. I was never an martial artist, although I have martial experience ln the military in Asiain the 60’s.I am a gymnast with six years of intensive practice. When I left the and Attendent College I had to take karate for credit, I received an brown belt . I fround aikido and recognize the gymnastics in Akido and I’ve been practicing it ever cents.As the question of self-defense I found that gymnastics is just as practical as in the other art so that was never the question about the effectiveness of aikido as an method of self defense. I can appreciate the issues you were dressed. Now Focus on how to use what you leaned in everyday work regardless what it is and you fine the Mathletics of self defense will be there when and only when you need it . The will be there.

  32. if akido is not a fighting art why deceptively call it a martial art at all. if it is self improvement then dont call it martial art call it self improvement in your pajamas class. maybe people would not mind what it was as long as it wasnt betrayed as something its not. BUT when you sell something for somethings it isn't you shouldn't dont be surprised when people call BS. Most rational people will admit akido has be wrongfully represented for years and its not the MMA community's fault it rest completely on the akido community for that false representation.

  33. So… what is Aikido, really?
    Is a Martial Art not intended to have practical utility in hand-to-hand combat? 🤔

    (I'd presume this why Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Tae-Kwondo, Muay-Thai and Karate are so popular?)

  34. That move at 4:52 was fucking hilariously stupid. You can't tell me this shit is real after doing that staged nonsense…. The dance moves at 5:30 were fucking hilarious. They're literally holding out their hand for you.

  35. I find alot of grace and good balance positioning in aikido. It looks like it would be a great start to develop footwork for strikes or defense. I might have to play around with this notion.

  36. – so now as soon as he sees that his bullshit low contact dance form which pretends to be a martial art for some reason isent worth shit, he switches to literally just throwing his hands around which turns out to be 100% better, even tho he has zero clue whats going on, at least now doing SOMETHING.
    jee wiz i wonder why aikido started going down with the invention of the internet…

  37. I disagree with other comments that it doesn't work in real life.  I feel it does not work in a sports combat situation where there are rules, and where there is a boxing strategy.  When your opponent is dancing around and selectively attacking and retreating, Aikido cannot catch punches and do techniques.  It, however, can work in real life if you are attacked in a life and death situation.  That is were someone is in a rage and charges you with a weapon or a grab because they are committed to getting you and are not looking to retreat…  Just my thoughts..

  38. Aikido it's not realistic. It's a beautiful art, but it doesn't work in real life because they don't expect to get hit, too focused in perfection that they forget about reality. You better practice boxing, thai boxing or Krav maga between other styles if you want to really be prepared for real life.

  39. I think that the main problem with Aikido is that the people who are generally drawn to it are drawn to it because they want not to fight. They lack aggression and therefore are easily intimidated and subordinated. They do not accept that the techniques they are using were developed on battlefields with the intent to cause severe harm, and they focus too much on the "transcendental" philosophy rather than pragmatism and practicality. They expect to be able to achieve superhuman calm, focus, reaction and control "just because". Just because "good" is supposed to defeat "evil". They often enter with the knowledge that their skills are lacking, that they have little chance of defeating an aggressive opponent, but with an attitude and ideal that it is better they are defeated and receive the punishment than that the opponent be injured. That is the stupidest outlook. To opine that one can prevent harm by accepting harm. Aikidoka, some cunt wants to fuck you up. Adapt to the moment. Your idealism means nothing to your opponent. Give that cunt some "tough love" with a broken nose or cheek as you move to control, then kiss him on the face with the floor, offering a generous knee on the way down. Offer him two bones where previously he had but one. He is showing you how he expects to be treated. Don't deny his wishes. Allow him to have what he wants. He is seeking a lesson, something to respect, humiliation in order to develop humility. Fuck that cunt up. Coz, if you don't, they'll probably do it again. Then you've just caused twice as much woe than if you'd have just sorted the cunt out to start with.

    Remember: in training, as in all things , apply yourself with HONEST INTENT AND INTENSITY . You're not getting around in spandex, cape, slut-boots and over-knickers, so leave the superhuman feats to the fabulously camp imagination of Stan Lee. You're training to fight.

    Good? Bad? What does it mean? It's not the immediate outcome that matters, but the intent and the long-term outcome. Do the right thing. Destroy a motherfucker. To be able to accept this of yourself, first destroy yourself. You know it's right. Do it for them, because you know that your destruction made you better.

    Buddhism is a disease of the mind. Tao is a better way to go. Not even trying to be punny. Tao recommends finding your own way, and adapting to the situation. No need to look any more into it than that. Buddhism distorts the message Gautama obtained from Tao with ancient simplicity and Abrahamic idealism. Buddhism expects and urges you to become, where reality imposes that you are. Buddhism insists that you achieve, where reality demands that you refine. Buddhism obsesses upon death, where reality permits life also. Buddhism will rot your mind with idealistic nonsense – the social sciences of an old world, an ancient equivalent of modern extremist liberal fundamentalism. Each, insane ideologues blindly leading the blind, using a combination of lies supported by truths to emotionally manipulate.

    Check out something like Rogue Warriors if you want to see Aikido done in a realistic way.

  40. There is punches and hits in ancient jujutsu forms. If you look at Yagyu Shingan ryu for example, they use some even during yoroi kumiuchi (armored fight). But indeed, it's not the main point. If you look at how knights fought in fullplate armors, they used mostly locks and throws as well.

  41. Aikido was designed for weapons defense. This is why it does not work in a street fight, unless the attacker has a knife or a stick. The idea of transform every martial art in a sport is why it becomes useless. Let's think about the time these techniques were created, since the very first fighting forms from India martial arts are evolving constantly. Now, due to television, martial arts are a part of entertainment, but they still remains as a way to protect yourself and others.

  42. Aikido, in the beginning, did kick and punch. You sparred like anyone else till a move became available. I think the issue is as O Sensei got old he got all spiritual but in the beginning, it wasn't taught or practiced like that. Karate and other martial arts just don't do katas techniques all the time and Aikido shouldn't be so rigid but it has done to a point that its letting its self down. This mis conception that the moves don't hurt is complete BS, the moves if snapped on hard enough do hurt and can damage its just being practised wrong in an unrealistic way.

  43. This guy is just stupid,going in fight with hands down,without guard means he didnt fight before….so his ability as fighter is very limited.

  44. Frankly, i dont know this guy but from the people i had the pleasure training with and being instructed by, this guy does not seem like a master at all. Nice analysis though.

  45. I train aikido in the UK. Our dojo is affiliated with the Aikikai Foundation. We have as our senseis and club organizers: sensei John Emmerson (5th Dan) and his son sensei Paul Emmerson (4th Dan). I can tell you that in our dojo, that dude wouldn't have reached brown belt yet. He's a sitting duck! He's literally static and waiting for the other guy to throw a punch! He's actually trying to catch a punch in mid air! I don't know where he's training but he needs to ask for his money back! Don't get me wrong, I'm not here saying that I'm 100% sure that aikido done "properly" would work, what I'm saying is please don't use what this guy is showing on this video as irrefutable proof of aikido not working, simply because there is no aikido happening even remotely during that fight. I'm under no delusions, I'm perfectly aware of aikido's shortcomings, but it is not as bad as what that "Master" is showing.

  46. An MMA match isn't real life. In real life you should escape at your first opportunity because you have no idea who else may come, what the other person may be carrying, or what they are capable of. In an MMA match you cannot escape because you are in a cage.

  47. I agree aikido is not a competitive sport I train in aikido krav maga not long ago started jiu jitsu and id say aikido is more of a self defence technique without harming your opponent there is this martial art called sambo (used to learn it in russia) which is basically a mix of a lot of martial arts including aikido I would like to train this again but we don't have any sambo practitioners here

  48. Love your videos. I hope you continue to teach a unique perspective about martial arts.

    I love to kick ass too so.. no Aikido for me.

  49. just because one person failed using aikido that doesn't mean it won't work
    you can't judge it base on one person
    if there was 10 Aikido practitioners in competition and all of them failed then YES It's Useless !!

  50. it does work in real life. But u need to mix it with other techniques and u need to train ur strength too 😀 fight like bruce lee. Do everything at the appropriate time 😀

  51. I see a punch does not stay out long enough, to be used for a technique. you must control the center,between your opponent.

  52. Why would anybody spend 10 years or more spending a lot of money on something that will not even give them a chance to survive an attack that could take their lives or the lives of a loved one. To me it makes ni sense.

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