Big guys… Where are you? He’s run away? Huh? Here they come… Strong guys… You from Brasil? This guy is from Brasil… Where is Jon? Jon from USA? Where are you? Come in Jon. Gorilla Energy Drink 29 years old from USA 36 years old from Brasil Come here No elbow only head shots. Are you ready? Fight! Hands up! Hands up! Keep moving! Hands up Joe Hands up Breathe! Good good! That hurt him. you know it did Good job hands up! Breathe Hands up joe Gotta throw more than 3 Hands up! Good Stop applause Fight Hands up Jpe Every time he backs up he drops his hands Hands up joe Hands up here you go . you got him knee knee Left foot right jab hands up rithm rithm hands up joe hands up breathe position joe position position Stop fight hands up jab jab hands up move throw first combo rithm joe move move here you go off the counter joe hands up hands up hands up breathe move joe breathe position hands up joe go withe the combo go away keep movin joe keep breathing oooh thats it move joe hands up hands up move come forward joe hands up position position knee knee knee knee position joe hands up hands up joe hands up joe shadow shadow move hands up move double up nononono hands up kneee kneee kneee kneeee is the head ok kneee kneee position knee position breathe joe youre doing great stop 5 min left applause yes knees to head ok? only elbow no elbow? no get the cooler not elbow knee to head ok ok guys ready? fight hands up joe head down yep keep going don’t let him rest pressure keep movin joe keep moving hands up hands up eeeee applause fight keep moving joe hands up back up feint joe feint joe feint move your feet joe hands up hands up joe position position stop come on ready fight stay in the middle open up wider keep moving your feet rithm now now now walk him into me move your feet joe down the middle position fight knee joe knee knee stop are you ok you ok wanna stop applause you show us a good fight 5000 winner 2000 for looser Good fight stand in the middle sau something brasil today you fight very beautiful very hard guy is very big I got tired thank you thank you guys thanks for having me guys congratulations mane thank you brother

100 thoughts on “ANACONDA BRAZIL vs USA BOXER !! BEST FIGHT !!!

  1. BLACK PANTHER vs RUGBY Player and Monster MMA !!!! 1 vs 2 !!!
    VIKING vs MMA MONSTER of Brazil !!! Crazy Fight !!!

  2. The guy in the blue moved well, through the right punches, was technical and looked focused all the time. Sometimes simple things go a long way.

  3. любого бы из этих парняг к нашим мастерам укушу и сушу ) вот было бы интересно!

  4. Овощной бой, два вялых пассажира перемещается в ринге.
    У нас на порядок интереснее бои

  5. Парень в синих шортах – на Бен Аффлека похож))
    The guy in the blue shorts looks like Ben Affleck))

  6. Мне показалось или там в углу бразильца стоял Уокер с UFC боец))) снимал на видос))

  7. парень в синих шортах доконал бразильца своей не бритой подмышкой)))

  8. Я болел за "синенькие трусики", по комплекции он проигрывает, а я всегда болею за слабых ибо сам такой. Но навалял он викингу прям с горочкой, красавчик!

  9. Hey was that Johnny walker I see there.. future champion!! These guys should faint more to draw out reactions to set up shots !!

  10. Судья, ты хоть бы немного подучил английский, позорище, не мог толком бойцам объяснить правила, Алдо но, Алдо но, ю Реди, тьфу бля, стыдоба

  11. Анаконда суперменпанч показал, неплохо, янки удивил хайкиками 👍

  12. Lack of noticeable muscles and even a soft appearance doesn't mean a whole lot sometimes even at the lighter weights. Look at BJ Penn UFC, Mikey Garcia Boxing both lighter weight classes. Don't forget the rotund Mexican michelan man Andy Ruiz heavyweight champ.

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