100 thoughts on “Amy Shark – I Said Hi (Official Video)

  1. Damn her production team is great as well as her vocals. Pretty complete package. Comparing it with Tones and I, I find Tones and I's production team could be better. Both are great Aussie singers though.

  2. My neighbour made me realise… That we are not so different.. blinded by society .. I just wanna help now.. no hate..
    This song reminds me.. I'm not the only one….🌹👍🥀

  3. I cant remember the name of the show but you where on TV Amy!! that's how I found you and I'm so happy you are so beautiful and deserve to go big x

  4. Everyone else heard tell your mum I said hi, I heard tell my mum I said hi. Never thought that it wouldn't make any sense to say that.

  5. Before I watch this video. If it has anything to do with baby shark or any relatives. Go and get fucked, Here in slomo wishing for the best

  6. Lying on my side watching time fly bye and I bet the whole world thought that I would give up today……. dopest lyrics 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  7. How do so many people think it sounds like "Tell your mum I said hi"? She's clearly saying "Tell 'em all", not "Tell 'em, um" or anything like that.

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