America’s First Chess-Boxer to Compete in Amateur World Championship

Hey, my name is Matt Thomas, the founder of
Brawl for a Cause and I have a really exciting announcement to share with you. On July 26-29th, I will be competing in the
Chess-Boxing World Championship. Now let me explain a little bit of the rules
of Chess-Boxing. Basically, what happens is – if you and I
are fighting, we get all warmed up, we have our walk out songs play, we come out to the
ring, and right in the middle of the ring is a chess board. I sit on one side, you sit on the other side,
I make a move and I hit my timer. Now your timer is counting down. You make a move, you hit your timer, now my
timer is counting down, and we make moves like that for 3 minutes. As soon as those three minutes are up, they
take the chess board away, we put on our gloves, and we box for 3 minutes. After that boxing round, they bring back out
the board, we keep going until someone is either check-mated or knocked out. For the next 8 weeks, I will be training and
fundraising to become the first American chess-boxer. No American in history has ever competed in
this kind of event. So why am I raising money for Brawl for a
Cause? Our organization trains, equips and inspires
people to fight for what they believe in. To do that we provide free training, all the
equipment someone needs and the inspiration and resources that someone needs to literally
fight for what they believe in in the ring. Over 300 people have gone through our program
and fought for a cause close to their hearts. We’ve donated hundreds of thousands of dollars
to causes worth fighting for. I have never gone through this Brawler’s Journey. I have never strapped up the gloves, trained
for 8 weeks and fundraised for something I believe in. So it’s time I drink our own Kool-Aid. It’s time I signed up and fight for what I
believe in – Brawl for a Cause. My goal is simple. I want to become the first American Chess-Boxer. I want to win a Chess-Boxing match in India. I would love to become the world champion,
but going in, I am the only person in the tournament that does not have chess-boxing
experience, so I’m a big time underdog, which is why your support is so important. Over the next 8 weeks, I’m going to be training
my heart out on the board and in the ring, and I need as much support as possible – this
campaign will benefit Brawl for a Cause and anything over the cost of the trip and the
training will be donated into the non-profit to benefit other people fighting for what
they believe in. So join me, help me raise $10,000 and more
to make this dream come alive to become the first American chess-boxer and to help Brawl
for a Cause train, equip and inspire everyday people to fight for what they believe in. Thank you so much and BRAWL ON!

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  1. Hii matt ,my friend fought with you in kolkata chess boxing pls upload the fight video semi final dhotre is his name and plz reply if u r going to upload the video..

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