100 thoughts on “America’s First Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

  1. This is actually a British gypsy/underworld tradition & it’s safer then gloved boxing as a fighters hands will break before he can damage anyone’s brain.& it’s been going on at British schools since forever.

  2. I love it…SEND ME a contract put ME on the List..👊👊👊..I'm ONE of the BESTtt in NYC…SING ME UP OR LOOK for ME..

  3. Blonde chick reminds me of singer Pink but with great boobs and even better physique. She is hella attractive and I'm super surprised saying that cause normally I'm not that drawn into blondes. I imagine fucking her is like TRYING to fuck a cougar high on crystal meth after being starved and tortured in a cage for a week, constantly shaking it and provoking it with a electrical stick or something…

  4. The nob end that claims that " this is the first bare knuckle event in the history of Mankind" clearly cannot read , Just look at Ireland UK, go back a 1000 years you stupid drama queen .What a histrionic, cry baby ass.

  5. actually, it might be safer because the fight will stop sooner rather than keep going until the guy collapses in/out of the ring…mma do not require gloves being used on the knees and elbows when striking; so what's the difference?…my opinion…

  6. Guy at the start saying it was the first bare knuckle boxing event in the history of the world??
    Eh no pal , you literally couldn’t be more wrong.

  7. How dare you call this the first bare knuckle fight in America .
    I'm like 13-11 just in black Friday fights at Walmart .

  8. Damn ppl piss me off. Let the man do his thing. Its 2019 and everyone with half a brain and any knowledge in the knows gloves means more long term damage. That Hillbilly hammer though!! Holy shit!! Lol. Hell id buy tickets if they came to south carolina lol

  9. The camera can't stay focused on one picture for more than 2 seconds. Totally annoying, ruins everything for me. Gave up watching after 3 minutes.

  10. Be a lover not a fighter. May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong. #love #respect #honesty #courage #integrity #honour

  11. Id say it safer than boxing with gloves cus you can do more sustained damage with your hands protected and also means more hits taken whereas i doubt many fights will last more than a couple rounds

  12. As the great man himself- Bas Rutten- says… When youre going with no gloves… Use your plams, Or you break Shit and you can not fight anymore… This is not a new sport…. But is as old as the hills ALSO Bec Rawlings is an Aussi Goddess…. QLD baby.

  13. This is not the first bare knuckle fight in America, Colorado had bare knuckle fights in the 70's under ground bare knuckle fights. Now this might be the first televised bare knuckle fight but it is not the first.

  14. The ref on the women's fight should have stopped Bec from pulling on Garcia's neck/head and hitting her with the other hand … other than that great fights all around!!

  15. Wouldn't this be safer than with gloves, as you will be able to take far few punches and won't destroy your brain over the years of taking hundreds of hits?

  16. I am really disgusted and something need to be done to stop 🛑 all this top businessman to stop 🛑 making money 💰 off peoples life , boxing is bad enough and people die in the ring, brain damage etc , we need to do the right thing and stop 🛑 this Bare knuckles competition growing bigger and bigger everyone, if it was their own kids would they allow their kids and loved ones to do this dangerous sports??? I don’t think so , so let’s put a stop 🛑 to this everyone💯.

  17. With gloves there can be a lot of damage done an not see very much ,bare Knuckle you see the damage so have that chance to stop .

  18. Bring on the PURGE….. Maybe the world would be a better place if the PURGE was allowed. WOW I cannot believe I feel that way. Vigilantes, murderers, psychos would be the only ones out of their homes. Let the PURGE begin. Play the air raid siren at dusk and again at sunrise…. Imagine the nervous excitement…..

  19. Bare knuckle is actually safer as an opponent will not take so many punches over a long period of time 👊 unlike boxing with gloves 🥊🥊 and there is a referee to stop the fight if one person is taking to much unlike boxing with gloves and a referee let's them continue because not so much blood ? But prolonged head punching does more brain damage to a fighter wearing gloves 🥊🥊

  20. oh ya shes tha best fighter ive ever seen in womens fighting now fist to face love it now i want to go back to fighting but i thinnk im to old im 48 but look young feal young and cant afford it so it sucks big time i use make shift weights and make shift boxing bags but hey does the job wen im stressed that way i dont hurt no one on the streets of this island in protection down hear we need to no how to fight if not you wont survive the life you try to live hear or turn your bac on dirty people

  21. great fight by the way you my all time fave to love watching you win and will continue watching you win good luck

  22. 0:20 As if getting beat to a bloody pulp with bare knuckles wasn't bad enough… poor fighters have to watch these hideous ring girls prance around🤢

  23. "Squared circle?" In the old days it was called the "Squared Ring." Ring implies a circle, but it was cornered & squared. In this case, their ring is circular so it's still not a "squared" circle.

  24. look at this dude pretending it's about jealousy as he literally drains people health and play with their lives for his profit.

  25. Looks like a bad bar fight. Not much skill involed. But I think it should be legal. As long as there are rules involed

  26. Bare knuckle fighting is safer than with gloves because the bones in the hand are more sensitive than with gloves, I’ve been in plenty of fights with and without gloves. BloodSports isn’t for anyone and if you don’t like it then don’t watch it!

  27. I think lot of people have to understand what the guy said about the system, the system have lied to us time after time about what is illegal and what is legal but to be honest with you, bare knuckle fights have better aim at reducing stress, fatigue, body weight and also living a healthier mentality towards future without ever having fear of new people and able to hold conversations without pausing or feeling awkward. Social life expands, popolarity gains and new friends for life in bare knuckle gym make you feel confident and human. Only trouble is, people without all these things live inside system and are told what to do, how to live and how to react to what is in front of you. Can you see anybody hurt, in trauma or in pain? Can you see a safe and secure ring, minimum of five rounds because of risk in trauma and also trained fighting stances with clean hits to reduce force of knuckle so that there is no over excessively harder blows? My point is, the owner had really put in a lot of effort to secure his fighters and assure them of their health and safety have been kept up to date with and is active. The only reason why he gets criticised by people mostly is, these people live in a system where it fear over freedom but he is trying to change that and inspire young adults to enter a promised sport of freedom that is picked over fear. I rather freedom, than fear because when you got fear it will destroy you life by holding you down than raising you up to you true full potential. Just research the owner, do a inside story about why he choosed to help these brave young fighters out of fear and find out more than what this trash show called VICE is giving you because l really like him and the fighters also l believe their doing this for a future potential that reduces hate crimes, gang culture and make legal grounds no matter what walk of lifes they come from everybody has passion to change, inspire and be the greatest. It only take you one day to look at their personal lifes to why their influenced to do this, what is one day of knowing these amazing guys in compared to a whole life time of criticising?

  28. I read your description and you clearly acknowledge bare knuckle boxing was a thing in the 1800's, yet you want to claim that this is the first of it's kind..

  29. I've seen some brutal knees to the face in MMA. Fist fights are nothing. Obviously people will get critically hurt and some will lose their life but that's what it takes to be a warrior. You're either a wolf or you're a sheep.

  30. That girl Garcia was not ready for round 2 LOL! You could see the way she exhaled before the start of 2 she was wincing and not ready for more. That’s when I knew it was over for her.

  31. This is awesome!!! But why do female athletes always complain about being a female athlete? "People don't like women fighting" The PPV numbers that were mentioned literally right before you said that would beg to differ😂

  32. yes! at last we steps away from death matches! woop woop! and i don't mean it in a bad way, i 'm really tired of all this kids making millions, lecturing use how to treat china in a well manner way, and they never put there life on the line.

  33. This is NOT America's FIRST Bare knuckle fighting sport! Don't people pick up and read History books no more?

  34. U crazy there’s been hundreds of bare knuckle fights in U.K. it’s part of our culture yanks claiming there the first😂 get ya sens fucked aff ya turds

  35. This is the real shit NOT like boxing know that they just care about the money they don't give the odiens what they ask for.that's real examen.keep fighting for your dream not like me i love to do that but every time i did it i kept getting arrested.know is the real shit….

  36. Why don't you trow some frigging lions into the ring as well . !!!!!! Just bring SPARTACUS back on !!!! ☠🤙🐂 . LET'S GO BACK TO ROME , matherfuckers !!!!!

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