American Kempo Karate Techniques : The Evading The Storm Kenpo Karate Technique

Hi! I am Joe Palanzo from the World Wide Kenpo
Karate Association in conjunction with Expert Village. This self-defense technique that
we just did is called evading the storm. This is for an overhead club. We want to get out
of the way of the overhead and do not want him to cut in on our foot. So what we are
going to do is do an upper block that slices this way and opposes it, tries and keep it
to the outside. Grab a hold as we slip inside with a round house to the groin, and we are
going to pull on his arm, this is a check but it also adds force to our blow of punching,
with a straight punch to the ribcage, okay. So let’s do that again. So we are slipping
off to the side, bending him over and stopping him with a kick and the punch. For added protection
we are going to check the elbow, and as we lock the elbow so you cannot move, we are
going to knee him in the sciatic nerve with our left straightening this way. Generally
the reaction to this is what happens, it causes a flexing here, which makes the ankle and
Achilles tendon vulnerable. What I am going to do is drop using a knee drop onto that
portion of his leg, trapping it underneath; that is really a disabling move. So again,
we move off to this side with an upper block, capture if we can kick fore bow and punch
and check at the elbow, knee and drop on the leg. This one is evading the storm.

23 thoughts on “American Kempo Karate Techniques : The Evading The Storm Kenpo Karate Technique

  1. I don't think you guy's get it! It's an ABC system that allows you to follow through if the first move does not stop the attack. All the moves are not really needed but are just there in case the first one does not work and also part of the system. Like my old kenpo teacher (John Woods) from Baltimore said "How much strenght does it take to poke a man in the eye". And I asked "So why are there my moves?" and he said "Because kenpo is my art and it is a beautiful art".

  2. not shitting on any of these techniques..i reckon they're very helpful. i just think it would lend a little to his credibility of using the technique if he then got some random gave him the stick and said ok…attack me…but then again, you then run the risk of the random or this guy getting fucked up badly. Some would say well how would it satnd up in the mma ring…thats a true test!…reality no it isn't.

  3. MMA has ref's that's not reality! Kenpo is very, very effective…..find a kenpo dojo in your neighborhood and pick a fight. I guarantee that you'll have to pick up your teeth too!

  4. I have fought kempo, no contest, great for points tournaments, and it is very "pretty," and "flashy," and "looks" good, but not very real, lacks power. I suggest that YOU go to any Oyama or off-shoot and challenge them, and either limp (or crawl) back to Kempo, or change schools and styles.

  5. @blugularis:

    Ok folks, we have another shit talker. Remember that there is no such thing as a 'better art' just different levels of practice. If you beat someone that claimed they knew kenpo fine. Congrats to you!!!!! You get a gold star!!! Let me put it to you this way, almost every adult has a good hold of basic math, but that does not compare with someone that is an engineer or scientist that uses math functionally DAILY. Don't get it fucked up thinking that you could beat everyone!

  6. OK boys I think we also need tp look at the things with a little reality. if you look at the system ( any system ) there are any number of techniques tought for much the same situation, why because every situation is different, if you are attacked and your training allows you to walk away to live another day is the right way to apply what ever you applied, even if that combo cann't be found in your syllobus.

  7. Why doesn't Mr. Palanzo use a strong forward bow on his left punch? When Mr. Palanzo tries to close kneel into his opponents achilles tendon why doesn't he keep his head up and back straight?

  8. With all respect to Kenpo and JoeP. when sombody trays to hit you with a bat or a light stick never puts the fist all the way to the forehead or the head neither to draw a perfect circle but they going to hit you using the tip of the stick…

  9. Stop the panic everyone!!!! The 10th degree Black Belt is similar to a "life time achievement award" to the Kenpo Karate community and yes, this is controversial in our community too. But, just roll with the punches.

  10. watch way of the warrior: shorinji kempo it truely shows the art of kempo and how leathl it can be it was filmed in the 80's and its not waterd down like todays bs that we call "karate" or way of empty hand

  11. I find all the comments from people funny. Obviously, most of you know nothing about martial arts, and especially not Kenpo. You are judging a persons ability off of what he puts into a two minute video. How much information do you think you can put in to 2 minutes. I have never met this instructor, but I know plenty of American Kenpo instructors and they are quite good at their art. Also, I think many of you missed the lessons on humility.

  12. Me gusta el video, son tecnicas no muy complicadas y se aprende en poco tiempo.
    Luego hay que perfecionarlas, pero eso se sabe de sobra.

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