American Kempo Karate Techniques : The Detour from Doom Kenpo Karate Technique

Hi! I am Joe Palanzo from the World Wide Kenpo
Karate Association in conjunction with Expert Village. This technique is called detour from
doom and it is technique against a round house kick, a right round house kick. So what we
are going to do on the first move of course is to get out of the way. As the kick comes
in, I am moving up the line this way so I am out of the line of power and I am stopping
his forward motion with a punch to the chin. At the same time, my lower arm is going to
help divert the kick past him. As he plants forward, he falls forwards. I am going to
try to manage a little kick here, check his shoulder and punch to the solar plexus. At
this time I am going to adjust myself and strike a little lower to bend him forward,
grabbing his head and pulling it down and finishing with a hammer fist behind the neck.
Now the interesting part here is that you could actually eliminate either the hand or
the foot. The idea here is that you have a choice based on the distance that if I am
this far away, I can stop him with my leg and of course if I am closer, I am stopping
with my fist. Then the follow ups are incidental I mean you can do lots of other different
things. This one is called detour from doom.

24 thoughts on “American Kempo Karate Techniques : The Detour from Doom Kenpo Karate Technique

  1. Don't be ignorant, he make the techinique that way, so he cannot hurt the other guy, but when you do it the stronger way… IT OWNS! xD!

    Excellent video

  2. These techniques may have an ounce of practicality to them, however, the way in which Joe "The Expert" executes these techniques looks very amateur and uncontrolled.

  3. Mr. Palazo seems very out of range in this technique, isn't the whole point is to get straight inside the roundhouse? Why does Mr. Palazo have to lean back when he kicks? Is he off balance? Why is there no snap in his kicks? His stance seems very high also, shouldn't he be bending his knees a little? Shouldn't he be using his timing to apply power into his opponents targets? Should he really need to reach out and grab his opponent to lower his head, shouldn't the right punch do that for him?

  4. Most kenpo techniques teach that, to a circular attack (hook, roundhouse, etc) you should take a linear approach , close the distance, and take the power away from the opponent by intercepting the strikes power point. weak sauce, mr. palanzo

  5. I never disrespect any art or instructor. I'm in Kenpo (UKS), and this is not proper execution on the technique. Out of shape or not no excuses. Frank trejo is big, but he is fast & hard. He will go thru you.

  6. This is ridiculous. I've watched most of the videos and this Palanzo guy is so sloppy and uncoordinated it's embarrassing. American kenpo has good concepts and some decent techniques(I'm a wing tsun and escrima guy myself), but you would never guess it. Most of these "wing" or "twig" sequences look identical, and usually consist of him throwing sloppy, wussy hand strikes like a little kid in a fight. Jesus, it sucks so bad to be Joe Palanzo. I can now live a happy life knowing that I'm not Joe.

  7. Not a fan of his stiff arm and leg movements. There is a lack of body mechanics that is disturbing. He is a great instructor but this video is awful!

  8. @FishEaster I agree. This Ed Parker was so out of shape, he use to get winded opening the door to the dojo. And this guy Joey Bag of Donuts is terrible.

  9. Every single video this guy uploads, are a waste of time and completely impractical. Krav Maga is the best form of self defense, along with Boxing; I do both.

  10. Anyone who's actually trained with Mr. Palanzo knows that he is very good at what he does, regardless of his current physical ability.

  11. I don't believe you have to be in great shape to fight well. Yes it helps but it's not necesary. My old instuctor was quite big but he could kill everyone because he was so fast and accurate and powerful

  12. @MrKenpokid yeah i mean steven seagul was big and he was like a 9 degree black belt in aikido

  13. If the shorter ones get in close, especially when fighting a taller person, they could be dangerous.
    If they are able to close the gap.

  14. Can't wait to learn this I decided to say screw taekwando and go to kenpo, get to go to my first class tonight 🙂 plus kicking stuff gets kinda boring after a while

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