Amazing Women Fighting Back

Hi, I’m Filez. Here at, we report about young people who change the world. One of our categories is Women’s Rights. So, let me give you a brief taste of what these amazing young women do, First Alexandra Brodski, herself a victim of sexual violence at Yale University is taking on this mighty institution. Well, I think that the real problem here is that schools are viewing sexual violence as a problem of PR, of branding as opposed to issue of public safety and sexism When people know that students who cheat are
suspended for longer than students who rape their class mates that sends a very clear message that sexual violence just isn’t that big of
a deal What specifically would you like to see schools do now I mean it sounds basic but we’ve got to expel rapists on our campuses Next, our story of Nirbhaya the Indian gang-rape victim when she received the International Women of Courage award from Michelle Obama Next, the three teenagers who were responsible for the first woman commentator at the presidential
debate It was brought to our attention that there hadn’t been a female debate moderator
in two decades. We just thought it was absolutely ridiculous. So, we all got together and we decided to write
a petition We learned through our online petition that this was something that was not in the minds of many Americans. So many people in our country don’t think women are equally as capable as men are. Everyone needs to be represented and women are 50 percent of our population so there’s no reason why we should be zero percent of the debate moderator Gentlemen, thank you both for joining us here tonight Tamina Konestani realizes her dream to be the first women Olympian from Afghanistan There is Konestani, of Afghanistan making history by being the first Afghanistan women to compete in the Olympic games As a Muslim woman myself I found this story so inspiring How about the teenage girls who got Seventeen Magazine to agree to show photos of girls who look like them instead of these unrealistic Photoshop models. We work for an organization called SPARK and at SPARK we are committed to ending the sexualisation and objectification of girls and women in the media Amen And our coworker Julia started up a similar petition for Seventeen… And so the petition was to basically get Seventeen Magazine to agree not to Photoshop their models. You wanted real young girls to be represented in their magazine, correct? Yes and all we asked for was that they have one untouched photo in every single magazine that comes out but they went even further and they said they would never Photoshop again. And then, of course, the powerful and moving speech by Malala at the UN. So here I stand, one girl among many, I speak not for myself, but for those without voice can be heard. Today I am focusing on women’s rights and
girls education, because they are suffering the most. There was a time when women social activists asked men to stand up for their rights, but this time, we will do it by ourselves President Obama said young people fifty years ago paved the way for civil rights. He also said that he believed young people today want to change the world, which is exactly what we here on believe. We report when young people do amazing things Interested in your part of the world? Check stories by location. You have to do reports for school check here for over 100 interesting young people to write about

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