Amazing MMA Comeback By Karate Fighter Oliver Enkamp

– Whassup Karate Nerds? I am in London, UK together
with my brother, Oliver, for a very special reason, tell em why? – I’m fighting in Bellator MMA. And it’s going to be my
debut after my UFC fights. – Right, after your UFC fight, which was last year, right here as well, and what happened then? – I got knocked out. And it was in my opinion
an early stoppage, uh, so the referee was on top of me, and the fight was over, in the first round. When you’re in the middle of a fight, every thing changes. I remember in the fight, I was supposed to throw side kicks to his
body, to keep him away, but the knee felt so much
closer than the body, so I went to the knee all the time. And I didn’t really uh, pick up his, uh, his reactions, because I was so focused on what I was gonna do. I was just so empty after, like
I didn’t have any feelings. I wasn’t angry or disappointed,
I was just empty, you know like, I’ve been training for so long, but I also feel like now it’s time for redemption, because
from my first UFC fight to my second UFC fight, I grew so much, but from my
second UFC fight, until today, is even, even more, so, improvement, so I really look forward to, to fight now, and see what I can accomplish. – And the fight is tonight. And we already arrived a few days ago, we’ve done a really fun
photo shoot together. Where Oliver did a lot of
cool and different poses, with a wonderful photographer. – Excellent. – And then we’ve done the press, you did a lot of interviews and media, with different MMA journalists. – You are young, you are talented, do you think you can be that face? – Absolutely, I think above all, I have the right mindset, and I think I can be a good, a good role model. Other people, fighters, just wanna, you know, train and fight, and don’t care about anything else. I wanna spread a good message, you know, be a good role model for people coming up. And also, like, represent
a more traditional side with martial arts, like
the Bushido, you know, respect, humility, and these
things that come with it. So, show that you can be a lethal killer, and a good guy at the same time, you know? – And we also had the
weigh-ins, and of course that’s a very exhausting
process, in itself. That’s like a fight
before the actual fight. And you made weight and
that was really fun, you got to face off with
your opponent, as well. And now all of the preparations are over, it’s been a year in the making, and it’s finally time today for Oliver to step up, and do his thing. – This time around, I’m
really gonna push the pace. I’m gonna use my cardio as a, as a weapon, because earlier
I’ve been focusing more on like being relaxed, and you
know, getting a feeling for the opponent, all of this. But I am very relaxed, like naturally, and I don’t get stressed
in these fights, and cardio has always been
one of my biggest weapons, so I feel it’s time I
really try to use it now. And I’m gonna fight with
more bad intentions. – Yeah, any last words for the viewers? – No matter the result,
I know I will grow from this experience as a
martial artist, and that’s the whole idea, right,
to challenge yourself, and become better with every
fight, and it’s a lifelong journey, it’s not just a fight,
you know it’s just a part of a long process. – All right, let’s do it. – As you guys can see,
the cage here is actually round and not an octagon,
because the UFC has a copyright on that shape, that’s funny. So, Oliver will be coming down
that catwalk, right there, and then entering the cage from here. (upbeat music) I didn’t want to disturb
Oliver, so I came out here to tell you a little
bit about his opponent, whose name is Walter Gahadza,
or something like that. He actually recently had
a 16 fight win streak, and Oliver only prepared
three weeks for this fight. So, it’s one of those last minute things, but that’s how it seems to work in MMA, you gotta stay ready,
instead of getting ready. Because usually he would
want a two month fight camp, which is standard in MMA. But I know if Oliver’s mind is on point, then he can achieve anything, because when the mind is right
the body will follow. (cheering applause) – Your first fighter,
ready to make his way to the cage Oliver Enkamp. And now set to make his way to the cage is Walter “The Sniper” Gahadza. (coaches giving instructions
in Swedish) – The winner, by submission, Oliver “The Future” Enkamp. (cheering applause) – Oh, you thought it was over? We’re back here, home at the dojo for a post fight analysis. Oliver, how does it feel to have won your Bellator debut fight? – Feels great, and it felt extra good because I got my comeback in London. – Exactly. – Where my last fight was, and I believe we did it against all the odds. – Yep. – Because we had a pretty long night. – There is something
you guys need to know, tell the people what actually happened leading up to your fight. – So, when we get to the arena, well actually even earlier,
when we were going to the arena, um, they told us to be on
a shuttle bus at 4:00 pm and uh, 10 minutes to 1:00, they tell us, no, change of schedule, you
need to be here at 1:00. So we got 10 minutes
to pack all our stuff, and get down to the lobby
where the bus is leaving. We didn’t get to buy any
food or bring any drinks, we didn’t have any time
for that, and then they tell us, you can’t
leave the locker room, so – We’re stuck in this
locker room, with a bunch of big hungry training warrior killers, who are gonna go up in that cage, and it’s full of testosterone. – With no food, and no
drinks, and, you know, I am the last fight on
the preliminary card, which means we’re six plus
hours early, you know? So when it’s about, I believe,
fight number six or seven, we start to warm up, and
we get, some intense wrestling drills in and
some intense boxing drills, and then when it’s about
fight nine, I start to wind down again, and
this Bellator guy comes in and tells us, hey, there’s
a change in the schedule, all the fights have taken so long time, and they need to start
the televised bouts, on point of the schedule,
so your fight will be moved. And I was just prepared
to go in, you know? So, I had to wind down again, I went back to my corner to sleep, I put some headphones on, and when I woke up, we started
to, to get going again. And the guy comes in again. He says, no, you have
to wait another few fights, and if they go fast, you
might go in in three fights, otherwise, it’s gonna take longer. So, I’m like, okay, well
I’m starting to get hungry and I don’t have any energy left, we’ve been here now for like
six, seven, eight hours. – In that one sweaty locker room. – Yeah. So, Jesse managed to find some small packs of sugar, that we
pour into the water bottles, we were only allowed
to have water bottles, not even coffee in there. – Like we brought coffee, and they said he couldn’t even have
a coffee because it’s a stimulant, and the coaches
couldn’t have coffee either. – So weird – Weird. – So I was drinking
the sugar water to keep my energy and focus, and uh, eventually, one of our friends managed
to find a cafeteria where he could get some rice and potatoes, and beans and stuff, and
I got some more energy, and I started to warm up again. – So this is like the
third or fourth warm up now in like seven or eight
hours, that we’ve been there. – And the same Bellator guy comes back, another time, and he
tells us, no, I’m sorry you’re gonna be on last. – Like the very end of
the whole Bellator show, after midnight, Oliver’s fight was. – So, guess what I did,
I went back to sleep because I had to gather
my energy and focus again. And when I woke up, it was
um, maybe 11:00 pm, or so. – Yeah. – Uh, and… – Start a new warm up. – Yeah, but I was super
hungry, and I had no energy so, the third coach, he
went down to the arena, to find something to eat, we couldn’t find anything, but hot dogs, so my fight fuel was a hot dog, and a Coke. And I haven’t eaten a hot dog or a Coke in maybe 10 years. – It was literally just
us left in that whole warm up room, everybody
else had finished their fights and left, and we
were just sitting there waiting for Oliver’s fight, and now we’re literally, half a day,
we’ve been there like, almost 12 hours, it’s insane,
in that one stinking room. – And the only thing we
could do to pass the time, there was a television screen,
so we could watch the fights with no sound on though,
but that was how we made the time fly. – Yeah, and then finally,
you manage to re-focus, reorganize, get your stuff together, and then we went down and did the fight. – Yeah. – So tell us about that,
when you entered the cage, and you’re standing there
and you’re finally seeing your opponent on the
other side of the cage, what did you feel, what sensation was going through your mind
and body, in that moment, when we finally got there? – So I had prepared for this doing visualization a lot of
times. That means I’ve been listening to my walking music, and picturing myself doing the walk out, and everything, to the arena. I was, I wouldn’t say angry, but I was irritated, because of all the things we had to go through,
and I had been training so hard for the last month. – And it had been over
436 days since you were last fighting in a cage, so this has been a long time coming, yeah. – So I felt like this, nobody’s gonna take this away from me, and I had a super solid focus right from the start. And my plan was to put,
really put the pressure on him, because I knew I had confidence in my training, I really pushed myself this past weeks and I knew my conditioning was on top, so – Let’s just quickly go through a few of the highlights, like a
break down from the fight, because when you watch the whole fight, you might not understand
what actually happened. It looks like uh, some
kind of a, grappling fest and you did some scrambles and take downs, and then you were wrestling, and suddenly Oliver wins, but why? What actually happened? So when the fight started off, he did a low calf kick. – So we both to the middle
of the octagon here, to put pressure on each other. – Yeah. – Circle a bit, – And he starts, bang. – Yeah, and uh the calf kick is a pretty, I would say a pretty
trendy thing right now. A lot of people uh, go from kicking the thigh to the calf because it’s much- – Did that hurt? – Yes, I felt it right
away, and I was like, I can’t take any more of those. – Yeah. – So I throw a calf kick back at him, that he catches, – Right. – And throws his right hook, boom, but he drops my leg,
so we’re in the clinch, and I’m moving this way to do a sweep, like this, bang, but he
has so much, uh, pressure and force, so I almost fall
under him, whoo, this way. – Yeah, and actually that’s a throw that you practice a lot. – Yes. – Because I’ve seen you do that on the heavy bag downstairs, exactly. So you end up on the ground, and actually, that’s great for you. – Right. – Because that’s one of
your strengths, actually, although Oliver has the traditional striking background from Karate, a lot of his game lately, has evolved. – But this guy was very strong, and he immediately stood up, so I had to follow him and
we landed on the cage. – Exactly. – And when we got to the cage, he kind of reversed me, so
he threw me on the cage, and he put his head under here, so I tried to keep him away,
I threw a couple of knees. – Did you land those knees? – Yes, they were pretty short, not very powerful because he was so close, but they hit him pretty good. And then he pummels this
arm in here, underhook. – Oh yeah. – Yes like this, so he only has this arm. So I use this. – Right. – To throw him. – Yeah that’s when you did the front flip. – Yes, so I was going
for the uchi-mata throw, which is like this, but, again, he has so much pressure, so he pulls me over, and we do almost like a cartwheel. – Let’s try it. – Okay, so I’m throwing you,
and something like that. Yes and here, he was a bit faster, so he ends up on top. – Yeah. – And now I have to work my way out, I’m not sure if this is where
we end up in the rubber guard. – Can you explain what
is the rubber guard? Because you did that. – This is what’s called a rubber guard. So we got the normal guard, like this. Rubber guard means I’m hugging my leg and my knee to break his posture, so he can’t pull up to punch me. – Right. – Exactly, so from here, what I wanna do is clear the neck like this, and bring this foot over his head, so
I can use this to choke him. And if I won’t get the choke I can use my legs for the omoplata,
which is a shoulder lock. – Yes, exactly. – And if this won’t work, at least I got a scramble situation to get out. – And then a few times, it looked like maybe you gave him your back, or he took your back
somehow he ended up here. – Yeah, but I’m pretty flexible so I just shake him off like this. – Like this boom, yes. – And I remember even,
this happened twice, and the first time we were at his corner, so they’re yelling instructions to him. Second time he got up on my back, he remembered the instructions,
but he fell off again, and as soon as he hit the ground, he was was like f***! So I’m taking the position right here and I try to hit some elbows and some punches. I think this is where he turns around and gives his back. – Right. – So I end up here, somewhere, and I pull him over, I do the
body triangle, like this. – Oh that’s tight. – And usually people
hook this down here, but if you fall to this side, and I kinda cup my foot there. – Right. – Now push your hip forward. – Ahh. – That’s an ankle lock, so what I did, was I put it in here and I
controlled this leg, instead. – Aha! – So I have both sides
of your body controlled. – Oh, by the way, look at
this bruise, on my leg, I practiced one session
with Oliver last week, and I still have a
bruise, he was in a full contact cage fight, he
doesn’t have a scratch. – All right, anyway,
yeah so, I think we’re on this side at first, and I try
to use my arm to choke him. – Right. – But he has his chin
tucked, and two hands on one, so I feel I can’t get any
leverage here to pull, and my biceps start to get
real tired, so I let this go. – You punch a little bit. – And start to punch instead, and I think we fall to this side,
so I get my strong arm, cause I’m right handed, so I use this one. Here’s where he turns
this way, to all fours. – Right, that’s not a good move. – No, because now you have
both hands on the mat, to try to stand up, which means you’re not protecting your neck, so
here’s where I took the choke, and I just squeezed because I heard that there’s a signal when
there’s 10 seconds left. Like, pop, pop, pop, so I
knew I only got 10 seconds, and I pull with everything I could, and with six seconds left, he taps. And I get the choke. – So what did you talk
about after your fight? I saw you were speaking to each other. – Yeah, he was sitting down on the canvas for a while, I could see
he was really disappointed, but he was super
humble, and right away gave me respect for a
great performance and he said you had a solid game plan, and you were the better man tonight. So, he was very humble in defeat, and – And that was his fourth loss. – Yeah. – So he has a great record. – He has 18 wins, and
3 losses before the fight. – Yep. – And I think that they said
like 60% of all his wins, comes in the first round from a finish. – Yeah, and it’s funny, how many of your wins are by submission? – Uh I think, five out of eight. – Yeah. – Yeah. – That’s pretty cool. – One TKO and two decisions. And it’s because as you said earlier, people see me as a striker, or a kicker, and they try to take me down, and probably underestimate my wrestling. – So what are your feelings right now, you’ve had some time to digest the fight, it’s been 48 hours since you won. How do you feel right now and what’s next? – So my body feels great, I don’t have any injuries or anything. I’m still taking it
easy a couple of days, because there’s a lot of stress on the nervous system when you
do a fight like this. So it’s important to recover, but I wanna get back into the
cage as soon as possible. And according to my manager, it’s likely, gonna be like that, because they were very
happy with my performance and I even talked to
the Bellator match maker afterwards, he came to congratulate me. So, I’m very happy to
get a finish like this in my Bellator debut, in the first round, it’s a good statement for me, and to spread Karate. – Yeah. – In the MMA. – And now it’s time for us
to go pop some champagne. – Winner winner, chicken dinner!

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