hey logangggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!! Jake paul logan paul any of the pauls I dont care. Jake paul logan paul any of the pauls I dont care. Ya bro, have him fight dad bro!! If he wants to fight me I’m totally on board. Ya bro, have him fight dad bro!! If he wants to fight me I’m totally on board. Ya bro, have him fight dad bro!! If he wants to fight me I’m totally on board. I’m officially done with the Paul Brothers! KSI VS LOGAN PAUL a boxing match is in the work *clap*x3 Yes Yes Yes, this is it guys, logang! This is the video YouTube has been waiting for. Yes, this is it guys, logang! This is the video YouTube has been waiting for. This is actually my second attempt at making this video because in the first one i went too hard… so I took a chill pill (uh) gonna take it easy on this one and keep it somewhat professional guys Okay, here’s a little background. A British youtuber by the name of KSI. I think he’s actually the UK’s biggest youtuber He had a boxing match against this other youtuber and he wins the match and I’m sure you guys saw it for no reason at all he calls out my brother and I KSI: Jake Paul, Logan Paul any other Pauls i don’t care Logan: Okay weird cuz I don’t really know this kid. I’ve had one interaction with him about two years ago at the Super Bowl Uh we wanted to meet up. He texted me. He said try and find me I’m the black guy *Wut* Okay, and so we took this picture together. I barely talked to this guy and then he calls me out for the whole fu**ing internet honey no, honey no What’s even worse he planned this out like he almost forgot to call me and Jake out we see him wait He’s like the guy’s like is there something you want to somebody want to call out he’s literally like Guy on the mic: is there anything you want to say to someone out *nothing* you said you wanted to call someone out. Logan: Huh he almost forgot, bro JJ. I hope you’re writing the white DJ Kahled. Thank you letter. Cuz you owe him one bro out of all the YouTube drama honestly. I’ve never seen something sucked so dry. How many? Fu**ing People can make a video about this topic. Jesus mother of God I’m here to cut the shit, it’s over with this video drama’s done about to clear this up the question the que- hohohohoho Am I? Logan Paul going to fight KSI the real-life Scooby-doo of YouTube KSI: he’s just run away from everything Logan: he’s just run away from everything Hearing you laugh is worse than listening to your music More wishes. Making more wishes for all these bitches yeah. Y’all have seen the videos guys, there’s the videos of me training at the Mayweather gym see me talking about the fight on the jet and the verdict is Yes, it looks like I am fighting KSI, this is going to be. THE biggest event in youtube history by far Nytho! Possibly the biggest event on the internet ever it’s Mayweather versus Mcgregor but but even on top of that. It’s the UK. versus the USA like this Shit’s got diplomatics. ITS GONNA BE LIITTTTT *explosion* sorry bout that Couple things I want to clear up that one I know KSI I wants to fight in England his home Which is actually dope I love England. I love my English fans in fact. I may go far to say after the fight that England is my city, but honestly, bro I’m an American boy like I want to fight in the US. I’m also gonna suggest ksi listen closely to this a neutral place I’m also gonna suggest KSI listen closely to this a neutral place Maybe like Dubai absolutely my favorite city in the entire world. I don’t know I think that could be cool, but honestly I want to leave it to you guys, so I’m gonna put a poll in one of these corners Where you think and want us to fight we got the USA obviously with the UK and neutral city like Dubai so yeah take the poll right here and to be honest while you guys are doing that I just want to say I’m down to take your made-up bedazzled random YouTube belt any in any city to be honest I’m cool with whatever you want. I am gonna respect that you won the last fight So that’s this is my gift to you. Another thing guys. We know he doesn’t want to do MMA Uh, yeah, probably a smart thing to avoid something like this yeah, that was me in my wrestling days. But f**ck it. Fine you want to box I’ll box. Here’s another one DJ Khaled on ’em. KSI bro. I’m not wearing headgear Dawg, I don’t want to do that. That’s the last thing. I want to do I think it’s the silliest thing in the world I know you wore headgear in your last fight and to be honest man. If you if you insist on that I don’t really have any interest in fighting you and also I want to know what you guys want the audience you guys are the Most important you’re the ones we were doing this for Can you shut the fuck up bird? I’m vlogging just the bird we okay vote head gear, no headgear Uh if it’s a rules and regulations thing and like we have to do it like okay fine But I want to do everything in my power to avoid that I know in one video You said KSI: you and I both know that we had to wear head guards for health and safety reasons, Logan: okay? One if you’re worried about health and safety. I’m not really sure why you’re getting in a boxing ring, two If you’re worried about health and safety. I don’t know why you’re getting in a boxing ring WITH ME Another one guys weight classes right? I’m 210 pounds JJ’s like 182 i am heavier than him so KSI, bro We got to meet somewhere in the middle I could probably get down to like 190 while still having energy and like being able to fight because I’ve already like kind of slim I would plan I would plan on You having to gain muscle weight Lastly, I want my brother Jake Paul to fight KSI’s little brother uhh Deji? Think that would be great I also thought if your dad is down my dad is down to Box your dad Yo, that would be crazy your entire family versus mine it would be crazy, so yeah, ask your dad if he’s down Also I’m aware all right look. I’m a fucking beast, but this is not gonna. Be easy. I am very impressed By KSI’s body transformation a little mounted boxing he was able to learn in four months And I’m not treating this like I’m the king from the champ. I’m gonna train hard. I’m gonna work hard We are not under estimating this kid I’m going in there with the mindset that someone’s face is coming off And it can’t be mine it can’t cuz I need my face how u doin The goal is to make waves to provide you guys with the most entertaining fight You’ve ever seen to make history to globalize the Maverick Revolution show the world the power of the Maverick and show you guys that when you’ve been faced with a challenge when you’ve been called Out you feel like you’ve been wrong therefore it work hard work hard every single day face the challenge Overcome the adversity cuz that’s what this is about son you called off the wrong This at maverick revolution part of the Maverick Enterprise guys This is no joke this is gonna be the biggest show in the world. We’re all in this together It’s time for the internet to fu**ing blow the shit up. All right. I’m rambling now the point is it’s gonna be sick Thank you guys for watching if you’re not a part of the logang make sure to subscribe Cop yourselves some of the hottest merch in the game Y’all know, where to get it link on the dirty wheels and KSI the ball is in your court. I would say you fu**ed up badly subtitles by rodrigo, viva chile, YASEEN, Ilsan,& TIA W. SUBSCRIBE TO “LOGAN PAUL”, MERCH ON LOGANPAUL.COM/SHOP and god bless the logang and the merch follow me on instgram @logan paul if you are not in the logang you suck but you can unsuck if you subscribe

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  1. As a athlete I respect your not wanting the un-sanctioned face gear, but as a mom, your face is too handsome! AND your brand! Plastic surgery can only do so much, you don't want to end up like a lot of boxers with big chunky noses and big chunky cheeks! And I don't think you should be the one to have to come down that much weight because it's going to make you weak! And consequently you haven't mentioned training for the Olympics in quite a while! Are you still planning on doing that?

  2. والله لوغان بول هو الذي يستحق المشاهده والايك لانه يدعم الغه العربيه اما كي اس اي ساحب عليكم

  3. Notice how he says muscle weight??
    Ksi gained extra fat weight aswell cuz it helps with cardio as weird as it sounds and logan was hoping ksi's team didn't kno that. Oooohhhhh yeahhhhh
    Pro tip for any amatuers

  4. Logan thinks he'll be representing the US and KSI would represent the UK. No country ever would let this manchild be the face of any country

  5. All Keemstar does is talk crap! KSI believes Keemstar you don’t believe him he’s like Fox 5 News .. KSI you will lose your 20 MILLIONS SUBSCRIBERS | Even Adam Saleh said you will win KSI is just ehhh! Adam Saleh would win vs KSI
    Logan Paul vs KSI – Logan Paul

  6. I'm from the future and I saw the rematch, logan won round 1, ksi finishes logan In round 2 with a right hook, It was very weird lucky punch, but yeah ksi won tko round 2

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