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The world martial arts tournament or Budokai
Tenkaichi is a pretty big thing for Dragon Ball. The tournament was actually one of the reasons
Dragon Ball exploded and became a huge deal. So for this I have decided to go over all
the tournaments and put together a list of the all winners. Hey how’s it going my name is Raf and welcome
to Dragon Ball code. Today we are going to talk about who the winners
were for all of the world martial arts tournaments. And If you still remember the first day ever
that you watch Dragon Ball, hit that like button. By the end of Dragon Ball Z there had been
a total of 28 World Martial Arts Tournaments. But who were the winners of all these tournaments? Let’s find out. The first martial arts tournament was held
many years ago in age 650, but before the 20th tournament it is unknown who the winners
for all the other tournaments are, in the manga it has never been mentioned. But in the anime, we definitely know who 3
of these 19 winners were. We know that Spike the Devil Man had won two
tournaments before. And Master Roshi had won one. In the movie The World’s Strongest it is
implied that master Roshi won the 13th tournament. But since most movies are non canon we’re
just gonna say that he won a tournament. Then the 20th tournament took place and the
winner was this guy called King Chappa. Who said that he won the last tournament without
a single opponent landing a hit on him. Then the 21st took place and even though Goku
entered, he wasn’t able to beat Jackie Chun. And Jackie Chun who was actually Master Roshi
in disguise won. Then in the 22nd tournament, Goku entered
and lost again, by literally a hair, but this time to Tien. Finally on the 23rd tournament Goku was named
the winner by beating Piccolo and really saving the world. And Believe it or not this is the first and
only world martial arts tournament that Goku wins even though he is the most power full
man in the world. For the 24th tournament none of the Z fighters
entered because they were doing more important things like fighting robots and a green dude. So the winner was Hercule or Mr. Satan. This was also when they first started the
jr division as well. For that one Videl was the first winner. Then the 25th tournament takes place right
before Buu is awakened. And even though most of the main cast entered
the tournament the winner was Hercule. The reason he won was because, most of the
fighters left to stop Babadi and when he ended up fighting 18, she let him win because, he
was going to give her a lot of money. So he won. And in the Junior division Trunks was the
winner. Then in tournament 26th the winner was… Hercule again. This time he won because Majin Buu let him
win. And in the tournament 27th, the same thing
happens. Majin Buu let’s Hercule win. So he is the winner again. And for the last tournament in Dragonball
Z, the 28th world martial arts tournament, it seemed like it was about to get interesting
and cool, but unfortunately, Goku and Ubb left and the tournament was canceled which
means that Hercule kept his title. It’s crazy that Hercule has the most wins. 5 in total. I mean, he won one by skill, but the rest
have been thanks to others. So there you have it a complete list of winners
from Dragon Ball to Dragon ball z of all the winners of The World Martial Arts Tournament. If you enjoyed this and would like to support
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13 thoughts on “All World Martial Arts Tournament Winners in Dragon Ball | Dragon Ball Code

  1. Hercule is such a paper champion…I hoped we could learn more about pre-21st tournaments . I always wondered who King Chappa faced in the 20th one . In the Anime Tambourine has a poster of Akkuman which means he was in the 20th but I really can't see Chappa defeating him without being touched as it was stated

  2. I have always hated Hercule/Mr. Satan! He has his role in the story and it is crucial for Buu but I still can't stand him. And to be honest if he wasn't there things might be a lot more interesting as to how the story would unfold. Also I find it hard to believe that people just completely forgot about Goku when they had to give energy for the spirit bomb. The dude was in three tournaments and won one! How in the hell is that not a memorable moment in everyones mind? They all celebrate the winners like gods but Goku "nah forget that guy." like what?! Lol

    Anyway another fun video Raf!!

    I would absolutely love to see all the tournaments before Z starts. That could be a whole new show by itself!

  3. I would actually like a spin off series focusing on the tournaments and bringing back the classic of the OG Dragon Ball early martial arts days with perhaps making Yamcha & Tien the main characters. What you think folks?

  4. I wonder if there was a tournament between the end of the original and raditz arrival because it was 5 years and the tournament is every 3 years

  5. Even with the whole goku and uub thing, I really wanted to see pan make it to the finals and have to fight mr satan.

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