– [Presenter] Dogumentary
TV, producing the best breed documentaries on YouTube. (dog barks) – For me, the boxer is the best breed, the most fantastic breed
because they are very loyal and intelligent and they
fit right into a family. My name is Susan Burnett
and I’ve been in boxers for over 20 years. When my husband and I
first got married we had Great Danes and started to
have our family with the Danes. And it went well, but our son
wanted to have his own dog. So my husband’s a
veterinarian and talked about what would be the best breed,
more of a medium large dog. And he very much liked the boxers because they’re very stoic when
they’re being examined. And they were pretty
trustworthy in the office. And he thought that
would be a good choice. So we got Amelia and she
was from a backyard breeder. And what I really liked about Amelia and picking her out was
when we went to pick her as a puppy, the father
of the dogs, the puppies and the mother were both on the property. And the father was playing out in the yard and the puppies were running loose and he ran and got a big beach towel. And he stood in the middle of the yard and all the puppies ran up. And he waited, he’s looking at ’em and they each grab a hold
and he ran through the yard, gentle for a dog and
they were flinging around and running, chasing,
barking, so he stopped and he did it again with them. I was very impressed that an adult dog would be that comfortable to want to play with the pups and have
a good relationship. So, we had Amelia and
from there, we went on to, Amelia lived to be 14 years of age. And I waited a year and then I decided I wanted to get into show boxers which might have been a mistake. No, it wasn’t, I very much enjoy it. And I got Biscuit and she’s
named after Sea Biscuit. I think a boxer when they
run are absolutely gorgeous. The stride when it’s correct is amazing. And to me they look like a race horse. So we had her for 10 years. For me the boxer is the best breed, the most fantastic breed
because they are very loyal and intelligent and they
fit right into a family. They actually make themself
a member of the family versus being a family dog. They’re great with children
and they enjoy being with a family either indoors or outdoors. They are very active and athletic dog, can go wherever the family goes. Which I would encourage
anyone who has a boxer if they’re going camping
or biking, hiking, walking whatever, they really
like to be with the family and be active. We’ve had poodles and we’ve had shih tzus and they were sweet little dogs, but they were very
comfortable going upstairs and laying on the bed
and being by themselves. A boxer has a tendency
to wanna be with you not necessarily right under your feet, but will follow you from room to room to really be a part of what
activity you’re involved in. Genetically boxers are bred from bulldogs so they have that
playful kind of attitude. And they’re from Germany originally and were involved in
police work over there. They are part of the working group. The big joke with boxers
is their work is playing which they enjoy doing. They are very prey
driven for the most part so you can do activities
such as a lure course, sheep herding, anything that involves
playing and having fun. What you have to keep in
mind with a boxer though, is that you don’t wanna over heat them. They always need to have water available. You do need to be careful
with how much water you give them because they
are a deep chested dog and you wouldn’t want to
have any problems with bloat or torsion with the stomach. The activities that I enjoy with my boxers is biking, and when I’m able
to, I do like to take them sheep herding. It is also a barn hunt
which involves them hunting for the rats that are
in little containers. They’re safe. It is amazing to see a dog be a dog. It’s a lot of fun to see
them have that prey drive, get very excited and act
like a dog out there. Very athletic, it’s
enjoyable to watch them. A boxer can be appropriate
for any age group. Any person who’s looking for
a dog that likes to have fun. What’s important though
is that you pick the right age of the dog for you. A puppy, up to the age of 18 months of age is very active, needs someone
who can exercise them. It’s very important if
you’re going to have a boxer as your pet that you’re able
to keep them in the home on a regular basis. They are very social, they
wanna be part of the family and part of what they’re doing. Our history, in our family
is that the dog always sleeps in bed with us or with the children. They’re very warm and they stay in place. A boxer is not the kind
of dog that you could put out in the back yard and leave alone. If you leave them out there
by themself for a long time and then you go off for a while. They will find ways to
keep themselves busy, And you’ll come home and be
disappointed in what they’ve done with the yard. They are very social and I
really can’t say that enough. If you’re gonna have a boxer
and you’re going to not be at home a lot, maybe
that isn’t the dog for you. Or, if you’re in and out, two
boxers are actually the best. The companionship is important to them. But being in the home is
also important because they are a good guard dog. But they’re gonna guard what
they think is their home, the family home. If you stick ’em out in
the yard all the time, that’s their home. That’s what they’re gonna protect. You keep them at home, you keep them in the
house, any kind of problem, they’re gonna protect you and the house ’cause that’s their home. Having a boxer in the house is nice, but you do have to be aware the fact that they are counter surfers. So you gotta be careful what
you’re putting out to defrost, you’re gonna have for
dinner or they will have it before you can get to it. They have a tendency to
jump on the furniture but can be taught that’s inappropriate as long as they have
their own chair that they can sleep on in the
room or one of the beds. As far as having small children visit, I would have the child sitting down before I have the dogs come in to greet them, because they do like to
get a little bit excited and joyful when they see someone new. With boxers, as with a lot of
large and medium large breeds, we have all hardwood floors or tile. If there’s any kind of
situation it cleans up easily and they don’t have a
lot, like the long hair like German Shepherd,
you’re not gonna have tufts of hair laying
around, but they do shed. And it’s much easier to clean up and keep the house clean that way. My husband’s a veterinarian
and we had discussions where I disagreed with him
on using crates for the dogs. It took a few years and a
few things being destroyed till I realized he was right. It makes for a much safer
environment for the dog when we leave. If we’re going to be gone
for any amount of time, to the grocery store, going to
the movies or out to dinner, the dogs are put in their crates. You do need to have a nice sized one where they can stand up, turn
around and feel comfortable. It leaves them in a safe environment, it leaves your house in a safe environment while you’re gone. As far as leaving the dogs outside, I never leave the dogs
outside if I’m going to leave the premises. I just don’t think it’s
a safe way to leave ’em. As the dogs mature, they
seem to be a little bit more trustworthy and at this
point, Charlie, who is six, he gets to stay on his
chair while we go out. And he does, he sleeps
there the whole time, guarding the house I’m sure. But he doesn’t get
himself into any trouble. I think it’s important
when you have a boxer that you do have them
socialize and have good manners because they do have a
tendency to get excited and jump around. So we try to have the dogs
not get on the furniture other than their chair and
of course their cushions that they sleep on. Since a boxer is such an active dog, it’s very important that
they have boundaries when they’re in the home. And part of those in our
home is that they stay off the furniture unless it’s their cushion or their chair that they can sleep on. They have to be invited
up to the bed at night. Well, the one who’s
going to sleep with us. And no counter surfing. And for that they will
be punished as far as being sent out of the kitchen. We don’t offer table scraps. Pancreatitis is something that you wanna avoid in all breeds,
especially in boxers. Our schedule is Buster Posie
wakes up at 5:30 every morning to tell us that it’s morning and that it’s time to
wake up and go outside. So the dogs are let out and then, I used to feed them at 5:30 but I thought that was a little bit early, so we’ve got Buster down to
seven o’clock in the morning, which he will start to
bark again because then it’s time to eat. We feed them twice a day,
at seven in the morning and five at night. And it’s important, because
they are a deep chested dog, as I’ve stated before, to
avoid bloat, you don’t want to over feed at one time. So we feed twice a day
and it is important also that when you feed them that
they haven’t been panting or working out. They need to be calm, in a
calm state when they eat. After the dogs are fed in the morning, I wait a period of time, about 30 minutes and then I will let them outback to play and run and do whatever they need to do. I like to take them either mid-morning and/or late afternoon
on a bike ride if I can. And then after dinner, we would wait a half
hour, let them out again and they are usually down
for the night between eight and 8:30. I live on a nice street and
it is amazing how many people walk by with their dogs in the evening, especially in the summer time. And when we first moved
here I really enjoyed walking the dogs too. But as I have matured, I’ve
got bursitis in my shoulder and I find that walking the dog, sometimes they pull and
need to be corrected, it does give me pain. So I’ve replaced walking
the dog with the biking. It’s very important if
you get an extension for your bike that you check it out, make sure it’s a good, reliable one. I have had some that have snapped off. The one I have now I really enjoy. And the dogs seem to enjoy
that kind of exercise. We’re also a household of multiple dogs and they do play a lot in the back yard and run off a lot of energy. And they’re very active and
get good exercise doing that. My friends come over, most
of them are boxer people. But I always encourage anyone who visits, when you have a boxer
out, that they not speak in a real high voice and get
the dog even more excited. Dogs are very social, they
are very excited to meet you so the last thing they
need is for you to get them even, ya know, more wound up. So talk in a normal voice
and to not wave your arms around a lot in front of
them even though I know you’re very excited to see them too. They will drool if you’re
eating and they’re sitting next to you, especially if it’s chicken or something they can really smell. They’ll build little bits. Or when I’m mixing up their food at night. They’ll look at me, I can
see bubbles on the side. But over all, they’re not
droolers, not like the Danes. According to the AKC, the
boxer breed is considered a clean breed because they
have a nice short, tight coat. They do need to be brushed
and you’ve gotta clean up after that. What I find is important is after they eat I always take a wipe and
clean underneath their eyes and around their mouth,
because they will hold, they have a bit of a jowl and
you can get food particles stuck in there. Keeps them a little bit cleaner. The reality of having a
boxer as a member of our home and in your house most of the time is that they are very protective so anyone who comes to the
door, rings the door bell, they are gonna bark. If it’s a male and I’m home alone, I will have to put the dog away because he will want
to be very protective. Of course, I’ll check first to make sure it’s a safe situation. As a family, if you’re
planning a vacation of course, what I find with boxers,
what works better is if you have a house sitter come
in if you can afford it. Or someone come by and walk them. They do much better if
you’re going to be gone for a period of time,
three days, five days, a week, they do much better if they’re in their own environment. They’ll eat better, do all that better. And for our family it works out the best. As a boxer breeder it
has been my pleasure to meet many wonderful people
coming to see the puppies. I try to get from the
people, the information on whether the activity
level is gonna match the activity level of the dog. Boxer puppies up to about
the age of 18 months are very active, they
need to be in a family or home situation where someone
can be active with them, walking them, playing
them, socializing them. And then as the dog
matures they might be more appropriate for an older
couple, which I was lucky enough to have come and visit. They stayed in our
apartment above our garage for three days, a couple from Oregon. They were in their early 70s. I had my questions about
whether they would be appropriate for her, but they
fell in love with Beebee. She was two years old and needed a home. And she is now eight years
old and she gets walked on a daily basis multiple
times by the owner. And she’s been on their fishing boat and had her own life vest with
her name embroidered on it. She’s had a wonderful life. A better life probably than
I could have given her. And I consider that a true
blessing as being a breeder to see a puppy go to a wonderful home and then seeing a mature
dog who you know needed more than you could give ’em. And you found the people that could do it. So what’s important with a boxer is that you’re matching the
activity level of the dog to the activity level of the person that’s going to have them in their home. In our household we’ve had
boxers with great Danes and boxers with toy poodles and shih tzu and we didn’t have any problems. Years ago we did have a
house cat with the boxers and that was fine. At this point in time, I would not choose to bring in a kitten or
a cat because boxers are very prey driven and that
might not end so well. But as far as starting with a boxer puppy introducing it to a cat or
kitten, there shouldn’t be a problem. It’s really important
to not over feed them. They will eat, many of them,
and eat and eat and eat. And they will get very large and it’s hard on their joints and their
life span will be shortened. So it’s important to watch the diet and to exercise them. It’s important that you have a diet, whether it’s raw or dry kibble that meets their nutritional needs. You don’t have to buy the most expensive, but you really don’t wanna
try to really cut corners on their diet and not meet their needs and then have other things come up. Obesity, conditions of the
coat, ears, allergies, whatever. All breeds have their diseases and the concerns with the
boxer breed are cardiac issues, DM, which is a neuro
condition of the spine, which is like ALS in human beings. And then cancers. As a breeder what we can check for and test for genetically are
some of the cardiac issues and also for the DM. When we go to breed a dog, we also do a cardiac echo on the dog and also a 24 hour monitoring of the dog. It’s important for people
when they are going to purchase a boxer puppy
that they ask their breeder if these things have been done. And then get the test results. Unfortunately, when DM strikes a dog, it is in their latter years,
usually over seven years of age, just when you think
they’re the best thing ever. And it debilitates them to
the point where you need to put them to sleep, put them down. They don’t get the longevity
or the quality of life. It’s very important,
it’s very important to me as a boxer owner and a breeder that anyone who purchases
a dog knows the DM status of the puppy. Puppies, boxers, whatever
dog, hopefully you make them a member of your family. And you should know that
you have a healthy puppy coming in and so that
possibly you’ll have longevity with that dog and an enjoyable experience for the whole family. I am a dog lover, and an animal person. And boxers are my breed,
they have my heart. I love their joy of living, their loyalty, their intelligence, their
activity, their athleticism, and what they bring out in me. I would encourage anyone
who feels that they want a dog that’s full of
activity and loyalty and love to look into a boxer. But what’s nice is, I
believe, that when you look at a dog or a puppy, they pick you. I really do believe that. And if you do your homework
and you look into it, you’ll know which breed is right for you. For me it’s the boxer and
all the things that I can do with them. The barn hunt, the rally, the
obedience which I don’t do but wish I did, the show confirmation, watch them run and turn. They’re beautiful animals. I just love boxers.



    Hey guys thanks for watching the videos, to those of you who watch every video, double thanks. You all should know that it's my intention to film every dog breed. The order in which I film them is truly dependent on a lot of different factors, some of which are out of my control. I am a single person producing the content for this channel, so if I don't get to your request immediately, its not that your being ignored. Its a monumental task I'm taking on, please be patient and enjoy the videos as they come. Thanks!

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