Alina Dumitru “I could not lose the final” – Judo Gold in Beijing | Olympic Rewind

In the first round I fought against Hungarian Eva Csernovczki the following bout was against South Korean, Kim Youngran a very strong judoka, who gave me some problems during the bout when I tried to do a hold on the left side, I injured myself a little bit. I managed to get over my injury and in the end I even managed to defeat her by pulling
off an ippon. The following match I was against a really
experienced judoka, Japan’s Ryoko Tani. who was undefeated for 12 years, taking into account the fact that I had competed against her before meant that I knew her tactics and the way she defeated me before, but this time I managed to have a much lower position, as I knew she didn’t like me to be at the same height as her, she liked to stand tall, She was defending, she was not attacking I did manage to use some favourable techniques and attacks In the end I managed to defeat her and for me that match was like a final I was extremely happy, as you can see on the screen I didn’t quite know how to react. I was jumping up and down with happiness.
That was a moment I will never forget. In the final, I fought against an opponent
from Cuba, Yanet Bermoy I had fought against her before and I told myself that if I had succeeded in winning against the best judoka, Ryoko Tani then I could not lose the final I was extremely happy, it was a dream come true for all the work I had done for so many years, it wasn’t in vain, the training was with a purpose and I can say I’m one of the happiest athletes When I heard my national anthem and saw the flag from the top of the podium I realized that I was the Olympic Champion, that I had succeeded in winning the Olympic 48kg category in Beijing

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