Algieri vs. Provodnikov 2014 (HBO Boxing)

♪ ANNOUNCER: The following is
a presentation of HBO Sports. Hello again.
I’m Jim Lampley. Coming up November 22, HBO Pay-Per-View will take you live to the Chinese gambling community of Macau to see a fighter you almost
certainly know well– Manny Pacquaio–against
a fighter about whom you just might know nothing at
all, American Chris Algieri. A funny thing happened
on the way to Macau for the popular Siberian
“Rocky” Ruslan Provodnikov. Needing only a qualifying win
over a credible opponent to put himself in position for
a lucrative date with Pacquiao, Provodnikov searched in vain
for a recognizable name before settling for
a relative unknown– 30-year-old
licensed nutritionist and former kickboxer
Chris Algieri. Algieri’s only calling card
was an unbeaten record against mostly
unknown opponents, mostly forged in front
of his hometown fans in the North Shore Long Island
town of Huntington. This time, he had to
travel to Brooklyn, and less than a round
into the fight, he already had been decked twice and had his right eye
slammed shut by Provodnikov’s thunderous
left hooks. But as the rounds progressed, Algieri gradually became
more lucid, more confident, more effective with his own
fast hands, fast feet, and precise, intelligent style. Let’s go back to
the night of June 14 at the Barclays Center
in Brooklyn to see how the drama played out as I called it with Andre Ward
and Max Kellerman. MAN: Guys, we went over
the instructions earlier. Obey my commands at all times,
protect yourself at all times. Touch gloves.
Good luck. KELLERMAN: Provodnikov
is a beast, and Algieri is gonna
try to tame him. The more civilized
this fight is, the better
it is for Algieri. But who’s better
in boxing right now at turning fights into
uncivilized spectacles than Provodnikov? LAMPLEY: The boxing
death of civilization. [Bell rings] Provodnikov’s trainer, trainer to the stars Freddie Roach, hoping to make it two triumphant weekends in a row here in New York. Last year, when Provodnikov won this title by beating Mike Alvarado in Colorado, Roach was in the Philippines training Manny Pacquiao, and his now reasonably well-known assistant Marvin Somodio was the lead trainer for Provodnikov in that fight. Their chemistry worked very well, as does the chemistry with Roach. We saw that in the Timothy Bradley fight. And Provodnikov gets in a right-hand whack to the body and then takes a jab upstairs as Algieri begins to unleash that long jab. KELLERMAN: Something to keep in mind as Provodnikov is cut in the pass. So, Algieri doesn’t necessarily have to land a devastating shot if he keeps that jab pumping and stays out of trouble, but Provodnikov already cutting off the way extremely well, Andre. WARD: Yeah, Provodnikov not
wasting any time. He’s doing exactly what he said he was
gonna do, and that’s get right to work. Algieri buys a little real estate by coming off the ropes to grab Provodnikov and move him back, and now he gives the real estate
away again momentarily. Was pinned against the ropes. Provodnikov got in a little left hook. Now there’s some distance between them. Algieri gets to stick that jab again. I like what Provodnikov
was doing. He’s very crafty. With an agile fighter
like Algieri, you don’t shoot for the head early. You start at the body, because the body’s not moving as much
as the head is and then the head shots will be there
just like that. Down goes Algieri on a Ruslan Provodnikov left hook, and Algieri’s right eye appears to be damaged by the jab. That eye’s gonna swell fast. First time Algieri has tasted the canvas as a professional boxer, and it happened two minutes into round one. Freddie Roach’s imprint all over this fight when you give him an aggressive,
shorter fighter like Miguel Cotto or Ruslan Provodnikov. Second knockdown. It’s a thing of beauty. Algieri goes down on a right hand, and I don’t believe his right eye has recovered yet from the left hook that put him down on the first shot. That eye’s a problem. It’s
swelling rapidly. You can see it swelling. So, two knockdowns already in the round for Provodnikov. This could be quick. You could give Algieri 3 eyes. I don’t think it would make a difference. Like I mentioned earlier,
Provodnikov was starting down low and he’s finishing up top beautifully. Algieri was very confident in our fighter meeting yesterday. Seemed to have a very strong sense that he was going to be able to upset Provodnikov’s apple cart here tonight. The first few body punches may well have changed that perspective. Provodnikov means business. Algieri still fighting with some confidence. He’s just being overwhelmed physically. [Bell rings]
Round one is a 10-7 round for Provodnikov, and there’s Algieri’s brother Michael, befuddled, as you can see, after round number one. Meanwhile, for Freddie Roach, the last two round ones have produced 5 knockdowns. MAN: Give me the bucket? Give me that spit bucket? Deep breath, Chris. Deep breath. I know. I know. I know you do, baby. Come on.
Deep breath. You want to spit this? Spit this? Good. Deep breath. Deep breath. OK? Chris, need you to change your moving
a little bit. Let’s go to the right a little bit. OK? Listen. Listen. The body shot is there. [Whistle blows] Coming off the first knockdown, we see Provodnikov get in here and then kind of a funky right hand behind the head, and I’m sure it threw off the equilibrium
of Algieri. Well, that was as much Algieri taking a knee as going down as the result of the shot. He was just feeling the pressure again and perhaps reacting somewhat to the fact that his right eye was already swelling shut. Is a cold enswell gonna do anything to help that right eye, Andre? I think it can tame it, I think it can probably slow down
the swelling, but it’s not gonna stop it. What I’ve seen from Provodnikov since the Bradley fight, is, you know, the prevailing sense was that Bradley fought the wrong kind of fight against Ruslan Provodnikov. I’m not sure that if they had a rematch, Bradley would be capable of fighting a different kind of fight. Provodnikov forces you into his fight. He cuts off the ring. He attacks with ferocity from the opening bell. That’s true, but I think in
the Bradley fight, I think when Timothy wanted to box and really got on his jab, the level that Timothy’s at and the caliber of fighter that he is, he showed that he can give Provodnikov some issues, but you’re right, it’s not an easy
thing to do… Agreed. Do you think Provodnikov has gotten even better technically since then, because against Alvarado, he forced Alvarado to brawl even when he didn’t want to? I agree with that and I think the Timothy Bradley fight has given him more confidence to continue to do
what he’s doing and he’s showing it tonight. He’s not hesitating. He’s gotten right
to business. Algieri doesn’t look scared. This is how he fights. He moves a lot. He just can’t do anything with Provodnikov right now. Let’s take a listen to Michael Algieri as he talks to his brother. MAN: Pop him. Pop him. DIFFERENT MAN: Move more. Move, Chris! Oh, move! There you go, Chris. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Come on, Chris. Move! Get out… Get out! Get out. Tie up! Tie up! … inside if you want to fuckin’ do that. … MAN: Moving! Keep it moving! LAMPLEY: Algieri’s boxing well. Much better than in round one, but he did a little dance after that most recent left hook, too. So, Provodnikov’s power is still showing up at the moments when he’s able to catch Algieri and land the shot. WARD: Provodnikov was landing some violent two- and 3-punch combinations that Algieri is definitely feeling. KELLERMAN: It also shows you that even if you do everything right and you follow the game plan, if you don’t have the power to keep
the other guy off, if the other guy is simply a more talented fighter, there’s not much you can do to win the fight. Algieri is doing everything right right now. And he knocks Provodnikov’s head back with a jab there. Crowd responds appreciatively. No shortage of heart from Algieri
right now. Another left hook lands for Provodnikov. Algieri getting out of the way. [Bell rings] [Chatter] OK. Now, Let’s start using that jab a little bit more and get a little bit closer. [Man speaking Russian] We using … fast as we can. [Man speaking Russian] The hook will work behind that
perfectly, OK? [Man speaking Russian] [Chatter] MAN: No reason to pick your head up, baby. Aim for that neck, guy. Aim at the neck. ROACH: Close your eye. MAN: Chris. Any pain
in the face? Chris. Collarbone. Collarbone, OK? Let me check it out. Deep breath. Deep breath. Deep breath. LAMPLEY: CompuBox numbers on round two. Provodnikov 11 and 53. That’s a Provodnikov pace.
[Bell rings] Algieri 24 out of 92, including 10 of 59 jabs. Getting off 92 punches, landing 24. Small victories for Algieri’s game plan, which was to flood Provodnikov with greater punch count, move on his feet, try to limit the number of times that Provodnikov could get to him with power shots. It all came a cropper in round one, when Algieri went to the canvas twice. KELLERMAN: But you know what Algieri
was able to do last round? Turn it from a battle of will into a battle of skill. And it was more the kind of fight that favors him. Freddie Roach’s response was to
tell Provodnikov use the jab a little more so that you can get closer when you land those big shots. And Provodnikov listening to Roach, is firing the jab, and then coming back with the body shots. WARD: The only problem
is Algieri has to keep this up for another
9 1/2 rounds. Little grin on Provodnikov’s face. Algieri’s well-conditioned, and this is the kind of fight he knew he had to fight coming in. Left hook lands upstairs for Provodnikov. Algieri with a solid right hand. Provodnikov walks through that. Algieri takes the most punishment when he stops on the ropes. His best bet is to keep his feet moving or keep the fight in the center
of the ring, and that’s easier said than done, but he’s gotta identify that. Good body shot by Algieri. Drew another little grin from Ruslan Provodnikov, as if to say, “Oh, you like to fight? I love to fight.” Algieri said he recognized there’d be moments in the fight where he had to fight Provodnikov often. He’s doing that here when Provodnikov starts to get position on him. Algieri is coming in with two and 3 shots. [Crowd chanting “Algieri”] Stop, stop. Algieri’s right eye still seems to be swelling shut. Could ultimately affect his ability to see Provodnikov’s left hook. It’s tough enough fighting Provodnikov with two good eyes, much less one eye on its way to closing. And Algieri is acquitting himself very well in this fight, I think so far, Andre, even though he’s taking punishment. No shortage of heart. He’s fighting another level
of opponent in Provodnikov, but he has a kickboxing
background. He said he’s been in tough fights. He’s been knocked to the canvas, not in a boxing ring but a kickboxing
ring, and he’s showing his heart tonight. Good hard right hand by Algieri left a mark on Provodnikov’s cheek. Good body shot by Algieri as well. He’s showing his skills. Algieri boxes very well. He’s just not a big puncher. But he’s sharp. Stop, stop. Stop, hey. Get between.
Come here. All right, let’s go. [Bell rings] ♪ MAN: Nice, deep breath, baby. Deep breath. Deep breath. Spit this. Spit this. 4s and 5s are there
… Rinse and spit. … [Man speaking Russian] Revenge domination. Quick, quick, quick. [Speaking Russian] Attaboy. [Whistle blows]
MAN: It’s time to go! LAMPLEY: Classic case of the volume of punches. Algieri versus the quality of the impact
Provodnikov. [Bell rings]
As round 4 begins, we go to our unofficial ringside scorer
Steve Weisfeld to see how he has it so far. WEISFELD: Jim, I have a 29, 26 for Provodnikov. Two knockdowns in round one. That’s a 10-7 round. Second round, Algieri landed more punches, but Provodnikov landed the harder punches. Third round, Algieri boxed very well, and landed hard punches at the end. So, after 3 rounds, I have Provodnikov up by 3 points. KELLERMAN: Know what Algieri did in the last couple rounds? He’s made Provodnikov think, Andre, and there’s a little hesitation when Provodnikov gets position, and in that hesitation, Algieri comes with two
and 3 shots. WARD: And in doing that, he doesn’t
have to be a major puncher, like you said. He’s just gotta touch you hard enough to get your attention, and he’s getting Provodnikov’s
attention, all right. Oh. Hard body shot by Provodnikov drives Algieri back. It’s a big left hook from Algieri. Mm-hmm. I’m impressed that he won a round on Steve Weisfeld’s scorecard. I agree with Steve. Well, I think there’s a formula there by which Algieri could get back
into the fight. And how about this kid getting beaten up like that in the first round by a heavy favorite, and coming back and boxing the way he has so far? Very impressive. And I mentioned it in the beginning of
the show that I didn’t know, or I hadn’t seen Algieri show these
kind of intangibles that he’s showing now. He has those intangibles regardless of what happens
in this fight. He’s showing a strong performance
right now against a very, very tough and durable
fighter. Amazingly impressive, frankly, for a guy who took up boxing at 23. Now, the kickboxing gave him a combat sport background, and he actually won a world championship in kickboxing, but by and large, the conventional wisdom is that you can’t come into boxing at 23 and deal with somebody like Provodnikov, who’s been doing this since he was a kid. Algieri is an extremely confident guy and never let Provodnikov beat that out of him. Even as he was on the canvas. Think this is all you can ask for
for a fighter, somebody who comes in here and gives it all he has, regardless of what the results are. Everybody doesn’t have the same
skill set, but Algieri’s showing you, this
is what I have and I’m putting it all on the line. And never stop trying to win. He’s still trying to win, and last couple rounds been doing much better. You have to respect that. In this round, Provodnikov’s doing a little bit better job of making Algieri miss. And not waiting as long to go to the body, especially, when he gets positioned. The right hand by Algieri. Hard body shot by Provodnikov. Algieri lands upstairs. Wait! [Bell rings]
Time. MAN: Listen to me. Where’s the water at? Listen. Every time you creep on him, he stops. Listen, I want you to creep on him, Chris. Creep on him. Step over to the right. He’ll let you hit him. Listen, creep over on him and tap-boom him. Listen, you hear me, Chris? When you go in, he’ll look for you that way. When he looks for you, hit him, OK? So, listen, creep and move. You know which way to move. Chris. Creep and go this way, OK? So, creep along where you got him. Deep breath, deep breath, deep breath. DIFFERENT MAN: Press against. Stay low
on your 4s and 5s. DIFFERENT MAN: Hey, when you slip underneath off the ropes and you get to the center, back his ass up, too.
[Whistle blows] Let’s go. Deep breath, deep breath, deep breath. LAMPLEY: Algieri has the kind of swollen eye where, in the movies, you would see the cut man take a razor blade and let the blood out, right? WARD: A little disappointed in the first 30 or 40 seconds in
Algieri’s corner. They didn’t get the enswell on there. They gotta keep that on there. They gotta stay aggressive and not go to sleep, because that eye staying open or at least partially open may be the only shot that Algieri has. KELLERMAN: It was like they gave up on
the eye, I thought, Andre, like they just figured, oh, it’s closing. Or it’s closed. Very strange. One thing that may be operating in
Provodnikov’s favor here, there was considerable debate before the fight about the size of the ring, and some observers felt that this ring was as small as 18 feet by 18 feet, under the regulation 20 feet, and the smaller it is, of course, the greater advantage to Provodnikov to power-punch in. Want to point something else out about Algieri. Not only is he boxing well and has overcome an enormous obstacle early in this fight, but– and he’s fighting with one eye now– but he’s not the kind of boxer, in spite of his light power, who’s uninteresting to watch. He’s an entertaining fighter in spite of the fact that he’s not a knockout guy. Doesn’t tie his men up a lot, stays in
punching range, uses his legs appropriately, throws a lot of punches, and throws like he means it. Oh, against an opponent that he can control, Algieri has generated 100, 110, sometimes 120 punches per round. His hand speed is good and he’s in tremendous condition. To your point, Max, I think what’s interesting and exciting
about Algieri is he gives you different looks. He’s not doing the same thing
every round. One minute he touches you, then he hits you with the left. Next minute he’s…he’s doing several different things and it’s
exciting to watch, but it’s also keeping the big
puncher Provodnikov just off balance enough where he can’t do what he wants to do. I’m really liking watching him box. I think Provodnikov has taken away some of his big shots because when he corners Algieri, he waits just long enough where Algieri can escape, looking for the big shot. Provodnikov has to get in a position and let his punches go. Algieri’s long arms are a bit of a problem for Provodnikov. Algieri’s greater hand speed is a bit of a problem for Provodnikov. A multiplicity of his punches
showing up, his ability to throw in combination. The difference, of course, is that every once
in a while, Provodnikov’s able to trap him against
the ropes and hammer him to the body, or sometimes to the head, with very hard shots, the kind of power that Algieri just
can’t match. Although I have to say, Algieri has been taking those shots extremely well, especially considering he was decked in the first round. Bleeding from the right nostril now. [Bell rings] ♪ MAN: Listen. It’s bad for you. Both of them are there. When you creep, he
doesn’t do anything. He just looks to you to let go or grab on. All right? So, Chris, creep on him, and give me the
left-left, OK? All right? Take the …
off the creep. OK, get the … off the creep. [Chatter] [Whistle] LAMPLEY: CompuBox box numbers through
5 rounds. Chris Algieri’s throwing 87 punches per round. He’s landing about 25 of them. [Bell rings] 28% connect percentage for Algieri. Pretty good. 124 out of 437. Provodnikov, 84 out of 284 sledgehammer shots. WARD: Sometimes as a fighter, we talked about the first-round
knockdown. Sometimes when you get hit with a good
shot early, or you get knocked down, it’s almost good in a weird sense, because your body computes it. If you get hit with another big shot and you’re able to stand, stand up
to it. Wonder how long New York
commission doctors are going to allow Algieri to continue
with that right eye. KELLERMAN: We saw that, I think, in Cotto
and Martinez last week. We saw earlier tonight on the re-air, Cotto came out and blitzed Martinez early, but after that, Martinez took the punches much better as the fight wore on, even though he was eventually stopped. Wait. Two minutes ago, Algieri snuck two nice, short body shots down low on Provodnikov’s body, and he didn’t look like he liked that. Who likes it in the body? Nobody. Provodnikov missed a few moments ago with a wild swinging left hook that would’ve knocked Algieri into next week if he had found the target, but he didn’t. Algieri’s more accurate as the fight progresses. Do you think that this performance by Algieri’s gonna make some other fighters rave about Provodnikov, Andre, that he can be outboxed? I think so. I think when that aura is kind of tainted
a little bit, it gives other opponents that– that just enough confidence to either give you a tough fight or possibly
beat you. So, this isn’t the Provodnikov that people are used to seeing, and I don’t think many people expected
this about, Jim, but you got to respect this guy. No amateur background. Former kickboxer. He’s showing himself strong tonight. Already beat Emmanuel Taylor in his last fight, and Jim, I think Algieri’s gonna beat some good fighters before he’s done, even if Ruslan Provodnikov tonight is not one of them. Well, Provodnikov was quite outspoken in saying that he wanted to fight Juan Manuel Marquez, he wanted to fight Brandon Rios, he wanted to fight a bigger name. He was disappointed that he wound up fighting relatively unknown Chris Algieri. But Algieri gets the chance to make
a name for himself with his courage and his skills in a fight in which he was knocked down twice in the first round, and his right eye was closed by a stinging left hook. Good body shot by Provodnikov. Algieri’s punch-out, but he seemed too slow
this round. Seems to me. Although CompuBox has counted him
landing 31. I think he’s still out working
Provodnikov, though. Yeah, but not quite the snap of the last
couple rounds. Good left hook by Provodnikov right on that eye, which has been so badly bothered since the beginning of the fight. [Bell rings]
Time. We’re halfway through. MAN: Deep breath, baby. Deep breath. Nice, deep breath. Seeing success
off that grab? See when you creep on him, Chris? You feel me on the creep? Yup. OK, now give me the left-left, a nice tap, a nice, short tap-boom off that creep into the right,
OK? DIFFERENT MAN: Need to stay low on the hooks. Need to dip out off of that. Stay low. He’s looking just to
unload his left when you’re throwing yours. Stay low Right hand high. Use both hands. DIFFERENT MAN: All good, baby. All good, baby. DIFFERENT MAN: Chris, I need you
to use both hands. You gotta stop throwing one punch
at a time, Chris. DIFFERENT MAN: Chris, the creep was beautiful. He doesn’t know what to do with that. Mix it up from the outside to
the inside, OK? LAMPLEY: CompuBox numbers show you that Algieri has outlanded Provodnikov in every round of the fight. Landed 34 punches in that last round, his high number of connected punches
in the fight. Steve Weisfeld, how do you have it
through 6? WEISFELD: Jim, I have it 59-53 Provodnikov. To some extent, you have the judges’ dilemma. Algieri is boxing very well and landing more punches, but Provodnikov is applying relentless pressure and he’s landing the bigger shots to the head and body. So, after 6 rounds, I have Provodnikov up by 6 points. KELLERMAN: Now Algieri in this round, Jim, seems to have a little snapback on those shots to me. I think his confidence is rising. I think that–and there’s a hard left hook by Provodnikov that could affect that confidence, but I just have the hunch that in the last couple rounds, Algieri has gotten more encouraged with the notion that somehow he could climb back into the fight
on the scorecards. Steve Weisfeld, would you be shocked if one or more of the official judges had given 3 or 4 of these rounds to Algieri because of his activity? WEISFELD: Jim, not at all. As I said, it’s the judge’s dilemma and Algieri is clearly landing more punches and he’s boxing very, very well. I just went with Provodnikov because his punches are harder and they seem to have more effect. KELLERMAN: Yeah, especially when a guy’s face is falling apart and gets hit with shots like that. It’s easy to think, “Yeah, I’d like to be the other guy here,” but Algieri is doing a lot of good work in between those moments for Provodnikov, and now it looks like Provodnikov’s right eye is giving him problems. Well, he blinked a couple times. WARD: Provodnikov almost had the
look on his face as if to say, “You’re not
supposed to be here. It’s round 7.” Solid right-hand shot by Algieri. Countering Provodnikov’s left hand. You heard Tim Lane in Algieri’s corner saying, “Stay low.” He’s trying to reach you with that left hand. If you can duck underneath it, you can come back to the body.” Everybody’s hurting. … LAMPLEY: And we’re listening now to Tim Lane, Algieri’s trainer. Hard body shot by Provodnikov. Pressure, pressure, pressure. Oh, that right hook to the body, Jim, that you mentioned, seemed to take a little something out of Algieri right there. Trapped in the corner with 10 seconds to go
in the round. Algieri slips away. Stayed low under the left hook. [Bell rings] But that eye looks awful. Think they need to go to work
on that eye immediately and stay on the eye, work on the eye the whole
one minute in this rest period. MAN: OK? Nice, deep breath. You see what you’re doing when you’re
spinning him? Hit him … motherfuckin’ stand. It’s beautiful. What you did was
beautiful, Chris. DIFFERENT MAN: Chris. … use both
hands, baby. Gotta get … to use both hands, OK? DIFFERENT MAN: You look up at me. DIFFERENT MAN: It’s all good, baby.
All good, baby. DIFFERENT MAN: You take a deep breath. Get some grease on him, George. When you’re going left,
you’re looking– every time you go for the body, he’s looking to come over the top. [Chatter] Deep breath …
[Whistle blows] MAN: 5 seconds out, fellas. [Chatter] [Bell rings] LAMPLEY: I’ll mention the name of the referee Harvey Dock because there’s been absolutely no reason to mention his name so far. Harvey Dock’s staying out of the action and doing a sensational job. KELLERMAN: Sensational. Just terrific. Young referee rising. Provodnikov almost went down. That would’ve been a feather in
Algieri’s cap. And that was, you know, Provodnikov got hit
when he slipped. WARD: Yeah, we gotta watch that replay. Not acting like he’s hurt, but maybe Algieri here should take another shot, Andre, see if he is. I think that’s been his best shot. I think he’s buzzed Provodnikov a couple times with the left hook when
they’ve traded. I don’t know who got the worst of it, but I know he’s gotten Provodnikov’s attention with that left hook. I think Algieri’s getting the boxing world’s attention with his performance so far. Yeah, it’s what you call rising
to the occasion. Nobody thinks you’re gonna do it, and he’s made up his mind that tonight’s gonna be my night. Remains to be seen if that’s the case. But you can’t argue with this
performance. He’s taking some punishment, but he’s giving just as much as
he’s getting in terms of volume, the volume
of punches. He’s in his home state. He’s got a lot of hometown fans here. To get off the deck twice against a guy– to get off the deck in the first round against a guy who’s supposed to butcher you, who’s known as a guy who finishes fights, and to do this so far, very impressive, and Provodnikov,
by the way, has kept that pressure every second of the fight. But as the rounds have gone on, Provodnikov has found it harder and harder to land his big stuff upstairs. Might be useful for Provodnikov to focus on the body for a while, try to break Algieri down. Well, he started that in the first
couple rounds, like we mentioned, and he’s gotten
away from that. Now he’s looking for one big shot. And Algieri keeps showing him
different looks. Jab to the stomach. Jab to the head. He hits him soft. He hits him fast. He hits– it’s so many
different things, and these are the different nuances that a good boxer can show you. But when Provodnikov makes his impact,
it counts. And Algieri is bleeding from the mouth now in round number 8. Provodnikov landed that right hook, as you recall, last round, Jim, to the body, and the fight seemed to go out of Algieri for 15 or 20 seconds. He’d be well served, his focus down there,
it seems. If Provodnikov is to get a knockout, the target should be the ribcage. That’s where he’s gonna chop the taller man down. Good left hand. Good right hand by Algieri. Slips away along the ropes. Provodnikov has been lunging a little bit in the last couple of rounds. That makes it easier for Algieri
to counter. That’s right.
[Bell rings] ♪ Deep breath, man.
A deep breath. Keep it up. You’re looking great. Beautiful work. Beautiful work. MAN: Yeah, baby, got to stay low on
those hooks, OK? Continue to stay low on your hooks. OK. Go and get an eyeful, Steve, over here, my friend. STEVE: Look at me. All good, baby. Look. Look up that way. All good. Look my way, Chris, OK? All right… All good. WARD: This is the
sequence earlier
that we spoke about, where it looked like
Algieri landed
a big left hook. And here we see
he landed a short,
small jab… but it’s the corner
and how wet it is, you know, that
caused Provodnikov
to slip. A clear slip.
No punch… MAN: Let’s go, blue!
Let’s go! [Bell rings] LAMPLEY: Round 9 of a scheduled 12. Chris Algieri runs out of the corner into the center of the ring. KELLERMAN: Ruslan Provodnikov, called the Siberian Rocky, and an important component of that nickname and that brand, if you will, is that he came in as the underdog, at least against Alvarado, certainly not as a big favorite, and outperformed expectations both against Tim Bradley and against Alvarado. In this fight, he came in as the heavy favorite. And he has so far for the first time, since people became aware of him– not outperformed expectations, Provodnikov. Provodnikov has two losses. One of them was the very close
unanimous decision loss in the Bradley fight. The other was to Mauricio Herrera, a skilled, pure boxer with movement and speed, who was able to get the better of Provodnikov somewhat in the same way that Algieri for some stretches in this fight has been able to do the same thing. Yeah. A good boxer with good movement. Somebody who can take the punch of
Provodnikov is definitely his kryptonite. And we’re seeing that tonight. Provodnikov has been Provodnikov to a degree, but Algieri is not fully letting him be what he would like
to be tonight. To your point earlier, when I mentioned maybe even in a rematch Tim Bradley, when it looked like Provodnikov was about to knock Algieri out, Bradley wouldn’t be able to box, because Provodnikov wouldn’t let him. He’s not trying to let Algieri box here.
Algieri is just boxing. That’s right. And a good under and over right
there by Algieri. Provodnikov has a title. The recognized champion of the 140-pound weight
class at this moment is American Danny Garcia, although Garcia in his last fight fought Herrera, the man who beat Provodnikov a couple of years ago, down in Puerto Rico. Many ringside observers and many watching on TV felt that Herrera deserved that decision. It went to Garcia. So difficult in boxing to tell exactly where a guy is in terms of his career development. Thunderous right hand by Provodnikov as Algieri, unaccountably, stood still in the corner. Because the sample size is so small. It’s like trying to figure out who the best football teams are in the NFL after two weeks of the season. All we have to go by in Provodnikov since the Herrera fight in terms of name opponents are his last two fights. Has he made enormous improvement, as it seems? Or were circumstances just right? Or did he improve and this is how good Algieri is? Yeah. I think that’s more the case. I think Provodnikov has trained for
this fight. He’s improved, and he’s growing. But Algieri is just doing a really
good job right now. I think it’s that simple. Freddie Roach anticipated this was gonna be a difficult fight for a while. It wasn’t a difficult fight at first. And it became more
difficult as the rounds
progressed. [Bell rings] ♪ Did very well. [Translator speaking
foreign language] All right. Ruslan, you said, “Yeah. “Put him on the ropes.
Train him up. And whack that body, mate.” Cover your body back there… [Continues speaking foreign language] MAN: It’s all good, baby. All good,
baby. All good, baby. Come on. Deep breath, deep breath,
deep breath. Chris, you’re doing beautiful. How do you feel? Good. You doing all right? Yeah, I feel good. DIFFERENT MAN: Stand a little lower, Chris, and let both hands go, baby… WARD: Here we see
the kind of shots
that Algieri’s been landing on
Provodnikov. Just a touch with
the left hand and
a decent right hand. It stops Provodnikov
in his tracks, and he gets his
attention. LAMPLEY: CompuBox
numbers through 9: Provodnikov 151 out of 556, 27%, Algieri 230 out of 773, 30%. Algieri throwing more, landing more, landing at a higher connect percentage, but the impact not nearly the same as that which Ruslan Provodnikov is able to muster when he lands on Algieri. KELLERMAN: Algieri doesn’t have big knockout power, but he hits not only hard enough to get respect, because Provodnikov is back on him, but when he hits Provodnikov here, he’s throwing with enough force to actually move Provodnikov’s body back. So Provodnikov’s then out of his position to punch, even if he wants to. Steve, how do you have it through 9? WEISFELD: Jim, I have it 88-81 for Provodnikov. More than anything, judges wish that there was a magical mathematical formula that says that “3 light shots equals one hard shot,” or, “4 light shots equals one hard shot.” But there’s no such formula. Judges just have to do their best based on their experience. I’m going with the harder, more effective shots. That’s why I have Provodnikov up by 7. I think it would serve Provodnikov
very well to keep trying to take a shot at that
eye that’s probably if not fully shut, 3/4 of the way shut,
on Algieri and hope that he can land a left hook underneath or over the top that Algieri
doesn’t see. Incidentally, if 7 points sounds like
a wide margin from the great Steve Weisfeld, realize every round you change. If you think it’s a close round, it’s a 2-point swing. Because it’s 10-9 the other way. So if you disagree with Steve, by, let’s say, 2 rounds, rather than it being a 7-point fight, it’s a 3-point fight. Much closer fight. The big insurance policy that Provodnikov
has going for him, as we debate the merits of scoring hard punches versus more frequent punches, is that he knocked Algieri down twice in the first round, making that a 10-7 round. So it’s been an uphill fight all the way since
then for Chris Algieri. So if you disagree with Steve on two
of those rounds, then you think Provodnikov is maybe one round ahead, and then with the big first round, has a commanding lead. Provodnikov stalking, stalking. Algieri continuing to move. It just kind of feels like Algieri’s punch output is dropping a little bit here in the late rounds. I think he’s still ahead of Provodnikov in terms of sheer volume. Oh, absolutely. As the rounds go on, Provodnikov, who’s heavier handed than Algieri… Hard right hand by Algieri as Provodnikov was leaning in. …doesn’t need to get the same snap on his shots to generate power. And I think it actually
favors Provodnikov as they both grow weary. ♪ OK. Put a little more water on him… MAN: A little more water on his head? OK. It’s way too close We need a knockout here. Let’s put the pressure on him. All right? [Translator speaking foreign language] Come on. He’s bobbing
and weaving low. The uppercuts didn’t work for you. Go with the uppercut and the hook. [Continues speaking foreign language] DIFFERENT MAN: Chris, creep on him and hit him and get the liver every time– every time on him and then go back to the jab. MAN: You got to stay low on your hooks, Chris. Hit out. Stay low, chin down on your
hooks, buddy. You keep letting those Goddamn right hands go. Jam him and follow up. Combinations… [Bell rings] WARD: We spoke a little bit earlier about the size of this ring. It’s a small ring. It’s an 18-foot
ring. Soft canvas. I tested it out
myself earlier. But I was told that Algieri in Huntington, New York, at the arena that he fights at, he actually fights in
a 16-foot ring. So that explains why he seems to be,
you know, pretty comfortable in
this smaller ring. LAMPLEY: So he’s accustomed to finding his range
in a tight space. Well, you heard Freddie Roach
between rounds. He wants to leave nothing to chance. “It’s a little bit too close. We need a knockout.” Then he asked for uppercuts. And we have not seen many of those
from Provodnikov. KELLERMAN: In terms of Provodnikov’s will and his punching power and the fact that as the underdog, he performed the way he did against Tim Bradley and then broke Mike Alvarado, who had seemed to have such indomitable will before Provodnikov, he’s the Siberian Rocky. But in the context of this fight, it’s actually Algieri who’s the Rocky not in terms of his style but the position. He comes in as the local kid, the nice story but the huge underdog who has no real chance, and he performs like this. Two very nice left hands for Algieri– a hook and then a jab, both of them landing, momentarily slowing Provodnikov’s progress. And he does it with an eye and a nose now that looks like Sylvester Stallone had makeup people working on him for a couple hours. And I think what the fans at home and the fans in this area are seeing are
those intangibles we talked about. It’s something you can’t put your
finger on, you can’t measure, but this kid has
made up his mind that tonight it doesn’t matter
what Provodnikov’s reputation is, and you run into
fighters like that where they don’t care about
the press. They just know that “Tonight
is my night, and I’m going to show up.” And I personally feel like Algieri’s
winning this fight. I don’t know about how far. But you got to respect
the performance up until this point where Provodnikov is still very dangerous. I can see why you would think that. I don’t know that I agree. But I may be influenced by the fact that Algieri’s face is falling apart, and every time Provodnikov hits him, it’s graphic. Well, looking at Algieri’s right eye, I’m reminded of Antonio Margarito in Dallas against Manny Pacquiao. It’s an exterior look, tells us nothing about what’s going on behind the eyelid, but I’m interested that the doctors have been brave enough on his behalf to let him fight this far into the fight with that right eye. Yeah, and when I think you look at
punches landed, in my opinion, sheer output, and
even body language, I think that Algieri’s showing
that, you know, if he’s not in command, he’s definitely holding his own
in this fight. And he’s landing clean, crisp punches–Algieri. And if he were less competitive, if he weren’t able to be, as often as he is, on the same page with Provodnikov, probably the doctors would not have allowed him to go this far. I think the eye’s completely shut
right now. It’s a horror show, that right eye. Amazing that he’s fighting this well
with that eye in addition to everything else. [Bell rings]
REFEREE: Time! Deep breath. That’s why we’re in shape. Nice deep breath. Beautiful boxing,
Chris. Beautiful, baby. That’s how you do your hands, baby. You got to keep doing that, baby. Both hands, Chris. Both hands. Come on. Deep breath. Chris, look right at me. Look right at me, my man. Both hands, buddy. MAN IN ALGIERI’S CORNER: He’s all good, baby.
Last round… You know he’s gonna go in there. His last, don’t need to put it… Let him go in with a hook. Go with the uppercut hard. [Speaking foreign language] All right? It’s your last round, OK? Nothing to the end, OK? We’re all the way. All the way. [Continues speaking foreign language] LAMPLEY: You wouldn’t have thought much back in round one about Chris Algieri’s chances of making it to the 12th round. But in a display of courage and skill and talent, he has made it this far in a fight basically dominated by the punching power of Ruslan Provodnikov. KELLERMAN: We said earlier that he has to–Algieri has to make this a battle of skill and not will. But it takes tremendous will to turn it into a battle of skill, especially the way the fight’s started. WARD: Yeah, he hasn’t broken
down physically, mentally, emotionally like I think Provodnikov
and Freddie Roach possibly expected and even banked on. And that’s why this fight is
so difficult for Provodnikov right now. I think when Provodnikov and Roach go back and look at the tape of the fight, they might ask themselves, “Why not more body punching? “Why not more sustained damage to the body in the middle rounds,” in particular? I think part of it is neglect
from Provodnikov, and the other part you have to give
credit to Algieri. Provodnikov needs his feet set before he can land those power shots. And Algieri moves just
enough laterally. He bumps him. He does whatever he has to do to keep
the big puncher just off-balance enough to not be able to land those shots. That’s called subtle craft. And he has it. And once again, this is a guy with zero
amateur experience, not one amateur fight.
Amazing. REFEREE: Stop! Stop! No. His professional kickboxing career is what amounted to his amateur career. WARD: That’s right. And Provodnikov trying to take advantage of that closed eye by bringing something big up from the bottom where Algieri doesn’t see it coming. And Algieri somehow has a sixth sense and is avoiding it. You can feel it. You don’t always need to see
a punch coming as a fighter. You can sense it.
You can feel it. And you kind of know when to duck
and get out the way. And, frankly, it’s that damaged eye which might have accounted for the absence of
body punching in the middle rounds. Provodnikov may have been targeting the eye
so consciously that he lost track of the mandate to go to the body. And Algieri’s been in the ring,
obviously, for 12 rounds with Provodnikov
right now, so he’s picked up on a few things,
certain telegraphs, and things that Provodnikov will do. Maybe he’ll hit you here or hit
you there. And he knows when that big left hook
is coming. That’s a smart think-on-his-feet fighter, Algieri. But the boxing world knows who Algieri is tonight. An impressive show in its way for both fighters. But who won? There’s 20 seconds left. Ha ha! That’s the question. In a way, Algieri wins no matter what and Ruslan loses a little bit… I agree with that. no matter what the official verdict is. Well, Steve Weisfeld’s
unofficial scorecard is gonna look relatively
one-sided, and maybe all 3 official
judges’ scorecards will be as well. But the chance exists that via the interpretation
question–more punches versus harder punches– that one or more of
the judges may have it closer
than Weisfeld does. Here are the two knockdowns in round number one, which serve at this moment as Provodnikov’s insurance policy and could possibly turn out to be his margin of victory in the fight. It’s like winning three 10-9 rounds when you score
two knockdowns in the first round. Steve, let’s look at your
unofficial scorecard now as it ended up. WEISFELD: Jim, I have it 117-109, Provodnikov. As much as I admire Algieri’s performance, and it’s a lot, I still have to go with Provodnikov’s harder shots and more effective shots. Who are the 3 official judges? The 3 judges–the first judge is Max DeLuca from California. He’s been judging for 16 years, and is one of the best judges out there. He had Marquez ahead of Alvarado by 8 points, and that was a fine score. We also saw him judge Cotto/Martinez last week. Tom Schreck had Lara over Trout by 7, which was a good score. Besides being a top judge, Tom works full-time with people with autism. He’s also the author of 5 novels. He also judged Cotto/Martinez last week. Tom’s a busy man. Don Trella is an experienced world-class judge from Connecticut. He had Soliman over Sturm by 8 in their rematch in Germany, which was a very good score. No home cooking for Sturm in that fight. The grinning Provodnikov
in one corner… MAN: All right,
my man. Chris Algieri in
the other corner with that grotesque
right eye, but it was that way
in round one. And he fought through
to the finish. [Cheering] And now Keith Trimble,
in Algieri’s corner, is gonna pick
the fighter up and carry him
around the ring for a small ovation
from his fan base. Scorecards are still
being tabulated. Vadim, sir.
Good–good fight. MAN: Good fight. LAMPLEY: Algieri exchanges
pleasantries with those in Provodnikov’s corner. Provodnikov goes
across the ring to commune
with his fans. [Applause] Part of what’s going on
here is the experiment of trying to build
a Russian fighter into a Brooklyn star… with the outreach appeal
to residents of nearby Brighton Beach,
a community which has more than 100,000
Russian-American citizens. KELLERMAN: This decision’s
gonna be very interesting. Even if you disagreed
with Steve Weisfeld on 4 rounds and you changed
them to Algieri, it’s a draw. Because of that 3-point
first round for Provodnikov. There’s Marvin Somodio
in front of Provodnikov. There’s Algieri’s brother talking on the phone
to someone. There’s the right eye. …and even then, they were
few and far between. And he was swinging wide
and catching me on the end of the punches. To tell you the truth, the only shot that really
hurt me was the first one. And it was more
my eye… Right. I took the knee
the second time because I wasn’t sure what
was going on with the eye. I felt the swelling.
And my lip went numb. And I was like, “Uh-oh…” LAMPLEY: And now
Michael Buffer has the tabulation of
the official scores. So let’s go up to him
to hear what’s the final
result of the fight. [Bell rings] BUFFER: Ladies
and gentlemen, here at Barclays Center,
Brooklyn, New York, we go to the scorecard. Max DeLuca has it 117-109
for Provodnikov. [Scattered applause] Tom Schreck scores it
114-112 for Algieri. [Louder cheers] Don Trella scores it,
same score–114-112. To the winner
by split decision and new undefeated WBO light welterweight champion of the world, the fighting collegian, Chris Algieri! No wonder it took so long
to tabulate the scores. A stunning result in
Brooklyn, where Chris Algieri weathers two knockdowns
in the first round and a completely shut
right eye and winds up getting from the official
judges a generous split-decision victory
over Ruslan Provodnikov. Algieri now the holder of a 140-pound
world title belt. Andre Ward, your thoughts
on that decision. WARD: Jim, I got
to watch it again. Obviously, you know,
the early deficit that Algieri had
to overcome was
very difficult. But I personally
felt like he put on a boxing clinic for the majority
of this fight. I got to watch
it again to see if
he officially won. But I felt like–
you know, I’m not shocked
by this decision. I’ll put it like
that. So in other words,
you had a sense, as I did all along, that official scores
might not be as wide as what Steve Weisfeld
was giving us unofficially. Yeah. And I think I
said that. But to Steve’s
credit, there was a judge
that felt the way he felt. So it just depends,
like he said, on how a judge is
viewing the fight. Max DeLuca duplicated Weisfeld’s
unofficial scorecard. The other two scores
both wound up at 114-112 for
Chris Algieri– Don Trella and Tom Schreck. And you see the celebration
that’s going on among Chris Algieri’s
supporters. And now Max Kellerman
stands by with the winner, Chris Algieri. [Laughter] What did you just
ask me? Did that answer some
of your questions, Max? And then some. Congratulations on
a sensational performance and an improbable win
after that first round. You’re on the deck.
Your eye is closing. What’s going through
your mind when moments into the fight
you’re knocked down? You know, Max, this has been a surreal week for me. Ha ha! Me and my trainer almost got into a car accident earlier in the week. Someone actually drove us off the road. And it was funny. My heart rate didn’t even go up. I felt like that walking
in here today and at that moment
when I was
on the deck. My heart rate didn’t
even go up. You look like you got
into a car wreck. But you got off the deck
to box extremely well. Did you think you
were winning the fight? Yeah, I did. I did. Even the shots I was getting hit with in the first 4 rounds, they were few and far between. They were big, but they were
lunging shots. He caught me on the end of the punches. Really, the only shot that hurt me was that first shot. How were you able to do
what you did with one eye for most of the fight? I could actually
see pretty well out of the eye until
about round 8. And then round 12,
I was fucking blind. Excuse my–excuse me.
I was blind in the 12th. And yet you were able to
avoid a lot of those hooks that he seemed to try
to bring up from nowhere so you couldn’t see them. How did you do that? I kind of anticipated
them. I saw him coming
forward. And, you know, I knew
the eye looked– probably–I haven’t
seen it. I’m seeing
it right now. I know it probably
looked pretty bad. To Ruslan, it
probably looked like a nice juicy steak
for him. So I saw in his eyes
when he was ready to throw that
left hook. So I was able
to evade. OK. Working-class kid. Lives with his family
on Long Island. No amateur background. Fights Ruslan Provodnikov. Gets off the deck twice
in the first round with your eye like this
and goes on to win. What did you just show
the boxing world? I showed the boxing
world who Chris Algieri is. And what does he
have planned? What do you want
going forward? It’s funny. I have not
thought past this day or this moment
for months. I don’t even know
what, you know– June 15th even,
it looks like. So I guess I’ll get
some rest, ice my eye, and see what’s up. How does that feel,
by the way, before we get to Ruslan, with that strap around
your shoulder here in Brooklyn, close
enough to your hometown– Can’t get much closer–
smiling on HBO? As heavy as this damn
thing is, I can’t even feel it.
Ha ha! Thanks, and thanks for
a spectacular showing. Ruslan, you started
extremely well. What happened
after that? [Kornilov speaking
foreign language] [Answering in foreign language] “I felt like after
the knockdown, “I was trying to really land a big punch. “I have to admit, “runners are not my style. “He’s just jabbing and touching me. “I can’t feel any of that, “but it’s not my style. “I like guys
that stand there
and fight me. “This is the worst
style for me. “And I thought I was
close in the fight. But it happened the way
it happened.” KELLERMAN:
So are you saying
that given that reality,
that guys who
move and box can give you
problems, you would rather
not fight them and instead fight
fighters who are more to your liking,
more kind of come forward
fighters with whom you
can make big
action fights? [Kornilov speaking question
in foreign language] [Answering
in foreign language] “I said it before.
It’s just not my style. “He just ran and just
touched me. “He just jabbed me
and touched me. “I didn’t
feel any of that. “But, obviously, I have
trouble with that style. “I like, like you said,
I like guys that are “in front of me
and fighting me. He did a good job.” [Continues speaking
in foreign language] “The most important
is, I think, “as I promised,
I gave a very
exciting fight. “And I think
the fans “were not sleeping
in the seats. “And I did what
I promised. “The title
and everything– “the judges made
their decision. It’s up to them.” Thank you,
Ruslan. LAMPLEY: All right.
Thank you, Max Kellerman. And now we’ll show you
the numbers, which will have to serve
as an explanation for the logic by which
two official judges found Chris Algieri as
the winner of the fight. He lands 83 more punches
than Provodnikov. He throws 217 more punches than Provodnikov. He lands at a 3% higher
connect percentage than Provodnikov,
who clearly landed by far the harder punches
throughout the fight. CompuBox numbers
on power punches– Provodnikov landing 164;
Algieri lands 13 more, throws 7 fewer, lands at a 3% higher
connect percentage. Chris Algieri winds up
with a split-decision win. ♪ So now Algieri had a shocking split-decision win, the beginnings of a brand-new national fan base, and another unexpected opportunity– to face off against one of
the planet’s two most famous prizefighters for
a 7-figure purse. It’s a story that makes
Cinderella seem like a gritty realistic tale. Manny Pacquiao is heavily
favored. Chris Algieri couldn’t
care less. It’ll come your way live
from Macau the evening of November 22
on HBO Pay-Per-View. ♪

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  24. Chris dominated the middle rounds after that knockdown with one eye. Totally outboxed Ruslan. The problem for Ruslan is he didn't even use his jab or attack Chris to the body to slow him down and get that knockout win. Chris is smart why the hell you involve yourself in a toe to toe fight or exchanges if you knew the other guy has more punching power. I had it 114-112 for Chris. My opinion only

  25. Imagine Arturo Gatti vs Provodnikov it would just be an insane slug fest just insane both got big hearts can take big big shots and can fish out allot of punishment

  26. Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN Provodnikov WIN vv

  27. Algieri capitalized on his opportunity. It’s crazy. This fight opened the door to fight Pacquaio and he’s made over $2 million in purses since this fight.

  28. si eres el entrenador de provodnikov serás tan pendejo como el mismo.,si no terminas con tu oponente en el momento exacto es muy seguro que vas a perder la pelea,este ruso no tiene nada de boxeo,no tiene defensa,lo golpean mucho,solo espera terminar la pelea con un solo golpe se encuentra con la posibilidad y no lo logra porque no es un boxeador completo,es un diamante en bruto por eso no impresiona a los jueces y no sabe terminar la mayoría de sus peleas

  29. Poor provodnikov. this guy should really only have one loss and that was against matthyse. The rest of his losses were robberies.

  30. This is what's wrong with boxing. They gave it to chris algeri because he got up and showed heart. That ain't right.The guy that really won was provodnikov. .

  31. Right a question you backward cunts never seem to ask.
    Always the style fights because you don’t know levels being dumb as fuck.
    If there a different level then styles look better then they are.
    You’re supposed to know when and what style to use at the right time and level all y’all.🤬

    You fuck everything up.
    Simple as this shit.
    You know fucking nothing.
    Wanna diss me or what?
    Lyrically feel like you’ve been mofo’ shot.

    Provodnikov vs lomachenko?
    Answer this with ZERO mother fucking BULLSHIT.
    Other I swear to you.
    I’m coming for all y’all!💥🔫🤬🖕

  32. ALGIERI = GAYWHEATHER, corre, corre, corre, jumping and dancing, PROVODNIKOV IS THE CHAMPION. Algieri is a girl pussy.

  33. Provodnikov always seems to be smiling when he gets hit in the face. I don't know what's so funny about his face looking like a smashed ***hole every time he steps in the ring.

  34. Hell of a fight, Provodnikov taking so much punches into face man.. so heavy but scary punches when hes on close range , Algieri got better tehnic ,clean boxing

  35. After the first round Chris completely shut out Provodnicov. People don't understand how tough Chris is. I was there. I know!! He's too tough!! He has much more power but he can hurt his hands easily. Best conditioned guy I have ever known in any sport. Chris just always wanted to be a master boxer. He loved Mike Tyson. Even at 12 he was very composed in the ring. Nothing ever bothers him. His left hook too the body is torture. When he goes to the body he is murderous. It can't hurt his hands so he punches much harder.

  36. The BALLS from Algieri, it took a lot of courage to get up from that shots, then clearly won 8-9 rounds of the fight.

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