Albuquerque karate instructor connects cops and kids with toys

BUSINESSMAN RAISES THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS — THEN RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS SPENDS IT ALL ON TOYS FOR KIDS. BUT THIS YEAR THERE’S A NEW TWIST. NEWS 13’S MARISSA LUCERO EXPLAINS. 15:45 “YA”15:46 22:51 “on two three, kick, grab, punch”22:53 IT MAY GOING ON IN KARATE ONE — 9:21″”i’m normally a pretty hard core guy”9:23 OWNER AND INSTRUCTOR — RAY BARRERA JR — 14:28″quit looking around14:29 MAKES SURE HIS STUDENTS NEVER 14:36″you’re getting distracted14:37 GET OUT OF LINE. 19:32″ ” hyyy yaaaaa, good”19:35 AND IT’S HERE WHERE BARRERA SAYS HE GOT THE IDEA. :40″we raise money and buy toys for kids :45 TO HELP TEACH HIS STUDENTS A THING OR TWO ABOUT LIFE OUTSIDE OF THE CLASSROOM. these kids will learn to appreciate when that’s given for them to go 5:38 you know what i’m blessed”5:39 THIS YEAR — BARRERA SAYS HE HAD ANOTHER IDEA — IT WAS TO GIVE THE TOYS TO THE MEN IN BLUE. 1:10 he actually approached me told me who he was1:12 what he was about1:13 i told him you found the right guy”1:14 TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS WORTH OF TOYS — FROM STUFFED ANIMALS TO BOARD GAMES AND BASKETBALLS ALL LAID OUT ACROSS TABLES. 3:23″there’s lot of tragic calls that we command is going to have a truck load of toys3:28 BARRERA SAYS HE’S DONATED THE TOYS TO OTHER ORGANIZATIONS BEFORE. HE SAYS HE’S CAN’T EXPLAIN WHY THIS YEAR SEEMS TO BE MORE SPECIAL THAN IN YEARS PAST — BUT SAYS THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT CREATING A BOND — A BOND BETWEEN COPS AND KIDS. 7:27″now they see a real human being7:29 being kind to them and giving them something7:32 with nothing in return what does that say7:34 that message from the blue line and that youngster going i want to be a police officer7:42 MARISSA LUCERO KRQE NEWS 13 ALL THE TOYS WERE DELIVERED TO THE DEPARTMENT LAST WEEK — A-P-D SAYS THEY’RE NOW ALL WITH OFFICERS.

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