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(thoughtful music) – One way, say if you grab my wrist No, not that wrist, other wrist. (class laughs) Okay, so we can open up and see how I’m controlling that arm right there. I’m controlling in the
same place, I have this L form right behind his, right behind his triceps. Let’s just work on this so
you can get that control and then we can, we’ll
end with arm bar anyway. So, he grabs, I’m gonna open and then step with my leg I want this to all open up and I’m pushing this up and it doesn’t matter if you’re in wrestling
or Jui Jitsu or what this, whether you’re doing an arm drag this is valuable real estate. This right here, valuable, you
want to be able dominate it. Whether with an over-hook or being able to lift it up control that humerus. This is valuable. So we’re here, I open
with my leg and I’m going to do a little corkscrew
I pull this hand in and then come down. Now there’s a lotta different things you can go into, cops would
do something like this, where they go back into the hand we have somewhere to go sir. (laughs) He grabs, I open with my leg and I twist my hip so I have
a weight coming down on him. When he postures up I want
you to slide in front of him and then bring that hand back over. He collapses that inside leg. And then we can do knee to belly, We can do wristlock, you can
do whatever you need to. Okay? Let me do it one more time. Over, he comes up. We’re here. Lets play a bit, one to three (everyone claps) So, nice and slow on the
down so he comes back up, one two, try to roll all that in, if he’s still having
difficulty you just walk, let him rotate. If he’s really trying to crush my hand you can always come underneath and we’re in this position. I engage my hip and drive my knuckle into the back os his wrist, which makes him move and then I move into that space. And then I want you to
turn this back into him and he should be turning away from it. If you can get him on his
tip toes, you’re doing good. (class laughs) okay you guys got that? – Got it – Okay, one two three. (everyone claps) take the bottom hand off
and come to the elbow. I’m gonna feed this underneath and I keep control of the elbow
while I lock into my hand. So we’re here, I get him
to move, I come underneath this is good and when he turns like that that would be my queue
to switch to the elbow, and then I press with my
palm on those knuckles. Its you know, everyone
has things that work, don’t work against them. But if you can just
get this back position, lets come into a rear naked choke. Course you could do the traditional. I prefer gable grip, palm over
palm, block with the head. Okay you wanna put your
hip in, you can guide him, but its no problem. So that should be you know,
kind of a nice flowing sequence. You come under, and you
get a little bit of that, now we have our choke. Lets finish this off, one two three (everyone claps)

19 thoughts on “Alaska | Episode 4 | Classical Wristlocks | Where Jiu Jitsu Can Take You | ROYDEAN

  1. Whew! Been practicing BJJ for just over a year now and that gave me some Aikido flashbacks from back in the day. It doesn't matter how you get Sankyo/Kote Gaeshi on your opponent, they are going to dance for you…

  2. My father is 65 years old he training of Hapkido,it is a martial art of South Korea,they use same technics that you demonstrate ,it s called kibon ,and I train of bjj and we train mat wrestling.

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