next pair Ribalko Sergey, nickname Ribalko General came from Krasnoyarsk region, Zelenogorsk city interests in fishing and touring greet the heavy and his opponent Kabanov Igor nickname Valenok from Kolpino works as a joiner and as a dog learning instructor greet him serious heavy guys will be in the ring kabanov Igor against you help him to put on the gloves it’s his first time here Ribalka General is in the right corner he was going to go fishing, but I rang him up and offered to fight it’s true. he answered : “ok, I’ll go fishing in a month then” so I’m ready to come to Saint-Petersburg so, where is our Petrov? I rang him up first, he is like our trucker fighter 45 years old, correct? 43? 44 44 years old, he hasn’t fought for a long time was running cross for last two weeks as we recommended it will be the fight of two simple men who want to show themselves old school in STRELKA applaud real men I hope I will fight at this age too the main thing is health so, how are you? are you ready? applaud the guys General to the right corner, old school to the left one sportsmen, to the middle shake your hands don’t hit poll and backbone are you ready? are you ready? attention, fight let’s support our guys Ribalka General hits a crushing blow stop sportsmen, to the middle the friendship won in this duel nevertheless General some words guys, say some words I got ischemia what? ischemia what? ask the doctor I just couldn’t hear ischemia you have? no, I meen it’s difficult to speack ok, rest then say some words you have an exceptional style unique old school style lie on the sofa and support ours no, you lie I used to practice aikido I won myself respect applaud wish you success improve phisical form and aikido will work

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