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Hey everyone, I’m going to show you how to
partake in the script stealing event in Age of Wushu. Just as a warning, this event will
probably piss you off. You’ll probably die, that guy you thought was your buddie will
probably attack you, and you might rage and pop a blood vessel. Take a deep breath and
relax. This event takes patience and it will be difficult until you practice a few times. First, you need to know when the event occurs.
To figure this out, either hit the N key or click on the double-swords “Missions” button
in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will bring up the Missions menu. Next,
click on the “School” tab, then on “Steal School Scripts.” You will see a calendar icon.
If you hover over it, you’ll see the days and times during which the event occurs. 30 minutes before the event begins, the two
schools that will have scripts open for stealing will be announced across the screen. If you
are in one of the schools that is announced, you will be forced to protect scripts and
will not be allowed to steal until all of the scripts in your school have been taken.
If you are not in one of the two schools announced, then you can steal scripts from one of those
schools. When it’s time for the event to begin, you
can join through the Missions menu by clicking on the “Join” button in either the “Steal
School Scripts” section or the “Protect School Scripts” section, depending on which role
you have to play during the event. If you are stealing scripts, you can be anywhere
in the game, and clicking “Join” will bring up a menu that allows you to choose which
school you will steal from. Once you choose, you will be teleported to that school. If
you are a script protector, you need to be in your school area to join the event. There are three ways to obtain scripts during
this event if you are a script stealer. 1) The first is by taking scripts from bookcases.
It’s a good idea to know where the bookcases are before stealing scripts, so if you are
in the Missions menu under “Steal School Scripts,” you can click on the “Details” button to bring
up a map of bookcase locations. The blue books are where the bookcases are. During the event,
only a couple of the locations will actually spawn bookcases, so you may have to check
a few locations. Once you’re in the school, locate a bookcase to take a script from. Once
you are near the case, you can right-click to begin picking up a script. Note that it’s
best to stay at max range and on top of buildings to avoid AOEs from script protectors. Once
you’ve got a script, locate the fastest escape route so that you can leave the scene ASAP.
Note that if you steal a script and then die, you won’t be able to get a script from the
bookcase again. You will only be able to attack players or talk to NPCs for scripts. To fix
this, just leave the event and rejoin and then you’ll be able to take scripts from bookcases
again. 2) Bookcases aren’t your only option for stealing
scripts; there are also NPCs carrying them during the event. If you target the NPC and
right-click their icon at the top of your screen, you can select the option to steal
their script. You will be notified if someone has already stolen the script, but it’s worth
checking because people often forget to try the NPCs. 3) The third way to get a script is by killing
a player that has one. People who have scripts will look like they have backpacks on. If
you get the last hit on these people, you can pick up their script off the ground and
escape with it. Once you get your script, you have to escape
the map without teleporting or dying. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with escape
routes in different schools, and I show some of those routes in my Script Stealing Series
videos. When you finally leave the scene, you can teleport to your school or kill yourself
so that you can turn your script in to your school librarian. You can locate the librarian
by going to the Missions menu and to the “Steal School Scripts” button, and hovering over
or clicking the “Librarian” link. After your script has been turned in, you can rejoin
the event and get another script. Note that the event ends strictly at the time stated.
Once that time is up, all scripts will disappear, even if they are in your backpack. Now that you know how to steal scripts, here
are some general tips to help you out during the event.
1) First, have speed food, such as Nine Turns Pork Intestine, plus other food buffs and
potions to help you survive. It’s also nice to have arena potions that
2) Second, use your gathering life skills before the event to get speed buffs.
3) Third, if you have a script and are attacked, it’s usually better to keep running because
people will gang up on you. 4) Fourth, don’t forget to have a horse. It
sucks to be the guy running on foot. You can also take the stagecoach or boat. If you manage
to get on one of these, good job, but people often wait there to gank those with scripts.
5) Fifth, the exit is the worst place to be. People wait there to take scripts, so it’s
important to save your flight time for that area.
6) Sixth, once you exit the scene, if you continue to run forward you can teleport while
running. This will help you to avoid jerks trying to prevent people from escaping to
their schools. If you are a script protector, these tips
generally apply to you as well. As a protector, the only way for you to get scripts is by
killing players that have them. Once you have a script, just take it back to your school
librarian. Note that you probably shouldn’t attack people without scripts as a protector
because it’s a huge waste of time and just makes you an asshole. Once you have a script, you can always rejoin
the event and take another. However, when the alloted time for the event is over, all
scripts that haven’t been turned in will disappear, even if they are in your backpack. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to check
out the rest of my script stealing series for different routes of escape in the various
schools. Good luck!

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  1. lol those people that you think are jerks era at the end of the videp actually are helping people Who have the school teleport on cooldown so they kill them so they can use the teleport to town fuction which some people have on school

  2. lol those people that you think are jerks era at the end of the videp actually are helping people Who have the school teleport on cooldown so they kill them so they can use the teleport to town fuction which some people have on school

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