Age of Wushu, Dragon’s Call 2 and Warframe! | The Daily XP July 15th

Hello and welcome to the Daily XP from MMO
Attack. We have made it to Comic Con week, which is quite an exciting week for us, not
so much for the reason that there is a ton of MMO news, but for the fact that it gives
us a few days to really geek out and buy a bunch of stuff I’ll probably look at once
before storing it away ever so delicately. If you plan on going to comic con look out
for us wearing our MMO Attack t-shirts, come say hello and maybe pose for a picture or
two. Anyways, today on the show we have Age of Wushu coming to the big screen, new featured
for Dragons Call 2, and a big Warframe celebration. So we all know that Age of Wushu recently
announced their latest expansion called The legends of Mount Hua. Now normally, that’d
be all the news we’d get until the next expansion, or new server launch etc. But not for Wushu,
SNail Games apparently has huge plans for the wuxia powered MMORPG, including a plan
to bring the game to consoles, mobile devices and as a feature film. There are very few
details, as the press release stated they will come out at a later date, but this is
huge news for fans of the game. I’m curious to know if this is yet another MMO that’s
coming to the next generation consoles like planetside 2, elder scrolls online, Final
fantasy 14 and others. Lekool Games just announced some new content
coming to their side scrolling browser MMO Dragons call 2. The new update features new
NPC characters, several new maps, new instances, and an increase in the level cap. The update
will go live today, and as of this recording is currently down for patch deployment. So
Dragon’s Call 2 players should check back later today to get back into the game. And lastly we have a huge milestone hitting
for Digital Extremes MMOTPS Warframe. The game is on the heels of its next update, update
9, which will bring an exciting variety of new content including new weapons, decorative
items and a brand new Warframe that can teleport around the map, mark enemies for death, and
use a powerful AoE. Of course, the exciting announcement is that there are now over 3
million players who have made their way into the game, this is big news, as it’s only been
a few short weeks since they celebrated the 2 million mark. So congrats to Warframe and
continued success to them. Well that’s all i’ve got for you today, thanks
so much for watching and of course liking and subscribing. As always, be sure to tune
in everyday for another episode of the Daily XP, and check out the latest episode of MMOpinion
which is coming out today. Cya tomorrow!

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