Advanced Sambo Martial Arts : Setting Up a Submission Move in Sambo Martial Arts

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Stephen Koepfer
at New York Combat Sambo in New York, City and today we are going to be doing advance
sambo. Okay in this advance technique I’m going to show you another ploy to set up this
submission. It is going to be elbow thrust, from his attempt to break my guard so remember
this is guard, this is close guard my feet are cross. The basic defense for him is to
get his elbows in a force my legs apart. Now when he does this I’m going to defend, I’m
going to open my legs on purpose and this arm is going to sneak through and I’m going
to shove his wrist deep between my legs and I swing the other leg over to get a elbow
crush like a nut cracker. Just like I did the knee crush. So once again he is here,
I force and pull.

6 thoughts on “Advanced Sambo Martial Arts : Setting Up a Submission Move in Sambo Martial Arts

  1. @saberman41 i think it depends on what school you attend. i am from a VERY small BJJ school and we learn crushes for BJJ. Especially as setups for regular joint manipulations, i.e. bicep crush setup for armbar. It just depends on the instructor and also the rules of your school. also keep in mind that crushes are fairly advanced techniques so some schools may only teach them to advanced/senior students, if at all. Also "crushes" are sometimes also called "slicers" and are fairly common in BJJ

  2. @saberman41
    Most guys dont train them, for one they are illegal in BJJ competitions under blackbelt and its very easy to hurt people with these techniques, there is a vid on youtube of a guy getting his arm snapped from a slicer from the bottom.

  3. @osama559 Do you train grappling? You realize this is a grappling technique and not an MMA technique right? Also, I've pulled this move off in MMA, so before you start criticizing, try it a few times. A good grappler can pull this off.

  4. @saberman41 an example of what i mean by using the crush as a "setup" would be something like: you are going for an armbar and u dont have perfect position yet or you have the arm but he has a strong skeleton grip on it, u could use a modified bicep crush to cause a pain reaction and separate his hands. hard to describe in words but it works very well in action…

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