Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : Learn Tournament Sparring Techniques in Kempo Karate

In tournament sparring there are rules and
the rules for color belt especially before you get to black belt level is you have to
hit above the belt and below the collar bone. That basically only effectively only gives
you that much of a target range. So people come out and hold their arms like that and
you can’t score on them. It is frustrating but if you beat on their arms enough they
drop their arms and you get a point. It’s all about scoring points. You use the same
principle of moving out of the way of a freight train. That is a basic overview of sparring.
It is something you have to do to get good at it. You want to do it with different types
of opponents, different sizes, different weights, different skill levels. You want to spar with
people who don’t know karate, or people who don’t know how to punch straight. You have
to know how to handle a punch that Shawn would do. If he comes at you straight and you think
he is going to do this and you are thinking you are inward blocking and he throws that
hook you’re going to learn really quickly to watch what is coming at you and to not
assume that it is all going to be nice cut and dry.

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