We did one step sparring which teaches Tai
Sabaki, body movement and Ma-ai, distancing. Three-step sparring also puts combinations
on top of that. Chances are that you won’t be able to knock someone out in one punch.
Never assume that you will. If you do, that’s great, that’s icing on the cake. However,
if you practice until you learn combinations, then you’re better off. You’re better equipped
to handle anything. Once again, we won’t do this totally traditional. We are going to
use the basic concept and apply it to more boxing punches. Sean, my opponent, is in his
boxing stance. As it was prearranged, his combinations are throwing a jab, then a reverse
punch and then a hook. He is not going to go very quickly. He’ll do that at a later
stage. For now, since we are going to work out the blocks and how I counter, we’ll do
it step-by-step. The Sensei will say the first thing to do is the jab. So, Sean will jab
and I am going to inward block or inward parries, like this. Then he will reverse punch and
I will outward block. Then he’ll throw a hook and I will duck and round kick. So there are
three-steps: three techniques, two blocks and from me a counter move. Let’s do this
again, by counts, one, two and three. Repeat. Once you become really good at that, then
we’ll let you do it using the opponent’s count, one, two and three. There is another way to
do three-step sparring where there is one attack, one block and two counter moves. So,
if we go back to the basic reverse punch, I block at the back of his forearm. Then I
have a choice of two counter move. I can either use two roundhouse kicks, which are really
effective. Another option is he’ll block, kick low kick to the groin and then kick to
the rib. So either way, there are three attacks, two blocks and a counter move or one attack
and the opponent does one block and two counter moves. This is the basic three-step sparring
adding combinations on top of it. Next, we will talk about free sparring or free- for-all.

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