Next are Nunchucks. Your first grip is your
two stick grip. Nunchucks are just as effective being held together as they are swinging around.
If you are familiar with Filipino stick fighting, Eskrima, a lot of the same strikes that you
use in stick fighting can be used with these double Nunchucks. Especially if you are in
close quarters and don’t have enough room to swing them around, full blast. You can
block and strike. You can whip them out and bring them back. The first swinging technique
that I teach, is the Figure-8. Hold the Nunchucks horizontally and completely apart. From here,
you start with a natural grip holding the Nunchaku slightly bent, but with the handles
apart. You want to bring them up, one over the shoulder the other below the elbow. This
is also a block. You can block with the sticks either to the right or the left side. From
here, you use your top hand, in this case it is my left hand, to hold the stick in a
middle grip. You do not want to grip it too far back because it then puts on more weight
thus making it harder to swing. Also, you do not want your grip too high because it
is harder to control. When you first learn how to Fiqure-8, it is good to learn to grip
in the middle. Hold the Nunchucks down and then bring them across in a Figure-8 pattern.
They should loop and come across the front of the body. At first this will look a little
awkward, it is not that fancy, but it is basic. You must practice swing so that you miss hitting
your head. Eventually what you’ll learn is that as you bring the grip up higher on the
Nunchucks, you can then bring them in tighter. You swing them quickly and then catch them
under your armpit. The way you catch Nunchucks is under your armpit. As you’re swinging them,
you open your arm and catch one of them underneath. It takes practice. Also there is the reverse
grip where you reverse and catch. The great thing about the reverse catch is that your
opponent doesn’t know which way you are going to hit him. This catch masks it. Although
some people like to catch from the behind the back, I’ m not too keen on it because
it leaves the entire front of your body open. I like to catch just behind the arm, off to
my side. There is also the neck catch. This is a little more fancy. For some techniques
you may want to use this because it allows you to switch up. Also from this point, you
can flip the Nunchucks and grab them upside down. Then you can swing the lower one only.

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