Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : How To Use Nunchucks in Kempo Karate

The Nunchuckoo are very versatile. The angles
that you can hit people with are almost infinite. Now the danger is when you are hitting a solid
object. You see a lot of people practicing with it and it looks really cool but then
you put a heavy bag in front of them and you hit it and it reflects and comes back and
hits you in the hand or worse yet it comes back and hits you in the head. The way you
get around this is that you want to know what part of the nunchuck to strike with. You don’t
want to strike with most of the stick. Like a baseball bat you only want to strike with
the tip. This allows you to follow through. It allows you to hit most of the object. It
allows the object that you are hitting to absorb most of the force. Also as you are
striking something solid you want to kind of make sure that you are stepping away from
it so that if it does come back you can regain control of it. The disadvantage of nunchucks
is that you do have a period of where you are most vulnerable and it is usually after
you have made a strike and you are attempting to catch it or you are trying to regain control
of it. Once you are swinging you are pretty much gaining control of it. These swings maintain
blocking among all your eight gates, your center line, you can see I am protecting my
center line. But the minute I want to switch my grip, I then have my moment when I am switching
it up and I am vulnerable. Some people say that if you use two nunchucks it doubles your
chances. The way you would use two nunchucks is you would have one going high and one going
low or you have them both going out around here like this. This is fancy. When you have
two you run out of room real quick as you can see. Some people recommend that you have
training nunchucks which are foam padded but you really want to practice with the real
ones because you get used to the actual weight, the actual grip and it is better because you
don’t take too many chances. So when you do pick up a pair of real ones you know that
you can handle it and you’re not going to flinch thinking that it might come back and
hit you in the head. Those are some basic weapons and next we are going to talk about
some sparring.

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  1. "Expert Village" should learn proper names. It's NUNCHAKU. Why not call it by it's proper name. Nunchucks was what folks called it in the west. Sib

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