Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : How To Use a Tunfa in Kempo Karate

Okay, so the next weapon that I want to go
over is the tunfa. You probably recognize this as the same thing the police use, they
call it the PR 24, police baton. This actually was adapted from an Okinawan grain mill handle.
The handle would stick inside a stone, the grill stone and then they would grind it.
They adapted this specifically as a weapon, as you can see with the handle on the side,
the side handle baton, its a very effective weapon. You hold it along your forearms. When
youre picking a weapon, and this is like with the scythe as well, you want to make sure
that the tip of the weapon extends to just slightly past your elbow or just right at
the elbow. This gives your forearm enough protection but doesn?t make it too long to
where you can whack yourself in the head when youre trying to attempt some advanced moves.
Your grip on the tunfa, of course, is going to be just like a fist, gripping around the
handle and holding it tight. Now, as you can see with the tunfa theres a lot of flipping
that goes on with it. The way to facilitate this is you have to relax your grip on your
last three fingers, but dont open it up. Because you want to maintain control. If you open
it up the axis of the tunfa is going to wobble all around, you cant control it. So in order
to control it, you have to just slightly relax it, so that it just flips within your grip.
So its a matter of just relaxing and tightening your grip. The way you stop it so it doesn?t
come back and pong you in the head is you tighten your grip. So this is your basic flip,
it come across, down, flip your wrist over and then back up. You notice I keep hitting
them back on my forearms, the forearms also help to stop the baton coming back, like so.
This is great, because this is a strike, you can strike this way, strike down and strike
up. You can punch, block, block like this, you can get somebody in an arm lock. In fact,
thats what the police use it for, they dont really strike so much with it, but they can
put you in an arm bar, arm lock using the tunfa. Also an advanced is if you hold loosely
and you flip it to the side, you now have something you can use to choke, to hit with
the tip, like so and you can always come back and bring it back into the normal grip, like
so. This ones very flashy looking, its great for tournaments especially just flipping around.
But as you can see, theres really not that many variations on the flips. You can flip
sideways, you can change it up like that, just to hold it like so. You then have a club,
you got reach there, you can hit, you can hook low, sweep someones legs out and like
so. So, this is the tunfa.

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