Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : How To Use a Sai in Kempo Karate

For a stronger grip, you can use two or three
fingers, it depends on the technique. From here you want to chamber the Sai. You don’t
want to chamber them with your fist upside down, as you would with an empty hand, because
you will jab yourself with these prongs. So you want to hold them sideways. From here,
you can punch with a pummel. As you can tell, this is a octagonal or multifaceted pummel.
It is very strong. It puts a lot more power behind your punch. As I said before, you can
block and also outward block. The way that you outward block is to relax the grip, wrap
your fingers around the handle and then just torque the Sai out. You want to make sure
that your thumb is on the base where the prongs are welded to the main shaft. This allows
you to keep support. If you are blocking a stick or a sword, it gives you a little more
support. This may also be a strike. You can hit with the tip. You can also strike outward
or inward. You may also do a downward block or strike. By flipping the Sai, you have endless
variations. If you want to be flashy, you can flip them or you can swing them in and
out. Bringing them in and then block. You want to make sure that everything comes from
the stance. So, its just basic flipping techniques. That’s the Sai.

4 thoughts on “Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : How To Use a Sai in Kempo Karate

  1. Watch the first video "How To Hold a Sai" for better explanation and other blocks. Also, speed was not necessary for this demonstration. It's a basic video, not advanced–Expert Village labeled these videos as advanced. This is basic color belt technique. My lineage is that my sensei, Joseph Bunch, studied with Seijiro Maehara who was Odo Sensei's student. Odo Sensei would visit our dojo in Hawaii a lot, but focused more on the Bo, as it was his favorite weapon.
    P.S. I don't delete comments.

  2. As far as straying from Odo Sensei, yes, I can admit that. My sensei's sensei was Odo Sensei's student–so I'm learning techniques that are 3 generations away from the Soke. Odo Sensei focused more on the Bo–I was never fortunate enough to have seen him perform with sai during his visits to our dojo in Hawaii. The thumb position is to control the sai; many weapons experts greater than I also place their thumb there. Of course if a katana were coming at me, I'd move the thumb out of the way!

  3. 'expert' village, the word 'advanced' in front of the title and the guy's step forward and back reflect a three year old karate student. Also why are his hips frozen in place? If this was Okinawa training the hips would move with every move. 

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