Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : How To Hold a Kama in Kempo Karate

Okay, the next weapon that I want to show
you are the kama, or the sickle. These, you see a lot of these in tournaments and what
you see nowadays, especially since the 1990’s, is you see a lot of XMA type people, who are
very gymnastic with it, acrobatic and they’re flipping them around, flipping them around
like this, really fancy kind of spins and flips. That’s not traditionally how they’re
used. As you can see these are very sharp. I actually taped them for safety and also
to help illustrate the blade better. As you can see the blade’s very sharp. In fact I
cut my hand open practicing with these at one point, which is another reason why I taped
them up, no need to practice with a live blade. In Hawaii, you get these out of garden shops,
as opposed to ordering them on the martial arts catalogs. You can save a lot of money
that way. But like I said, they can be very dangerous, they can actually cut through stuff.
So your basic grip is just holding them like so. Now, you can hold them closer to the handle,
which doesn?t give you that much leverage and it also dangerously puts your fist and
fingers close to the blade, which you don’t want to do. You have a middle grip, which
is safe, because you can flip, spin or you can hold it lower to the end, which makes
the spin, allows you to spin the kama in a wider angle and it looks better that way,
like so. As you can see, when you spin, you just hold it like so, and you just flip it,
as if you were flipping a drum stick. Spinning generally allows you to get more momentum
with the strike coming down, you want to cut across, you want to cut up, like so. I like
to put the thumb, behind as I’m cutting because it allows me to, it give me some leverage,
reinforces the strike.

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