Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : How To Front Kick in Kempo Karate

We did some blocks; we did some stances and
we did some hand techniques. Now to my favorite part of karate; kicking. It is the main reason
why people want to join martial arts. It is because they want to learn how to kick. Let’s
face it, kicking looks cool. It is probably your strongest weapon; your leg is at least
twice the weight of your arms. You have a lot more mass behind it. You can put a lot
more energy into it. Not everyone can kick. So if you can kick, people are going to respect
you. The first basic kick is Mae Geri or front kick. This means that it goes in the direction
exactly in front of you. I am going to stand to the side so that you can see what I am
doing. We’ll do this from a natural stance. You can do it from a natural stance or a front
stance, but since we are talking about slight practical application here, you want to do
it the way you would be if you were standing on the street. I do not know of too many people
who will be waiting around, all day long, in a front stance. So, you are standing naturally.
There are four steps, to each kick, that I will go over. You have your chamber, your
kick, your re-chamber and your recovery. First, you have your chamber. You have to bring your
right knee up. Most people think that kicking is just swinging your leg up, however, that
is not how it really works. You want to bring your knee up and point it in the direction
of your target. To extend the kick, you swing the lower leg out and bring it back. Notice
that when I swing it out, how I flex my ankle. I bend my toes back. You’re actually going
to strike with the ball of your foot. It is very important that you do this, especially
if you are barefoot. If you are wearing shoes with steel tips, by all means, kick with the
toe. There are slight Okinawan styles where some of the old Okinawan Masters learned how
to kick with their toe. They would do a toe kick, but that takes time and pounding on
the ground all day long to toughen up the toe. It is not that practical. You want something
that you can use in about a half an hour. You want to have something more basic, so
use the ball of your foot. You recover and you re-chamber. The reason why you re-chamber
is so that your opponent doesn’t grab you. If you’ve ever watched the ultimate fight,
you see the guys come out and kick. If they hold the kick out there, the other guy grabs
it and sweeps them down. You do not want that to happen to you. So if your kick is fast
and it recovers, they can’t grab it.

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  1. That is why the old way of doing the front kick using the toe as impact point is difficult as it takes months or even a year to harden the toe. The ball of the point was the convenient way to teach mass students because they don't have to harden their toes but their ball of their feet which is easy and not painful to train. When you kick with your shoes using the toe, the toe of your foot inside the shoe must also be straight as if you are kicking with it; and it hurts even inside and protected by the shoe. Learning traditional way is not easy.

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