Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : How to Do the Basic Stance Of Kempo Karate

From here, this is one of my favorite stances,
the cat stance or Nekoashi-dachi. It is where you squat down on one leg and you bring your
other leg in on the ball of your foot. You have 70 percent of your weight over your supporting
leg. In this case, it is my right leg. My left leg is slightly bent here. In this stance,
it is good to jab out a front- kick or even a sidekick. It is very fast, but it is not
very mobile. You must shift your weight before you can move. A more mobile stance is the
back stance, which is just altering the cat stance. Now, you go back into almost the horse
stance. Your feet should make an L-shape. If you were to draw a line between your heels,
they should meet right under your centerline. Right under your center of gravity. It should
be right where the knot of the belt is. So this one, instead of having a 70/30, it is
more of a 60/40. You then have a little more weight on that front foot. This is a defensive
stance. If someone were coming at you, then you would drop back. From here, you can as
easily bring your leg up to kick. Also from here, you can easily go into a punch or a
counterpunch. So, it is good to pull back and punch with.

2 thoughts on “Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : How to Do the Basic Stance Of Kempo Karate

  1. "lines from my heels make an L and meet under my belt knot" my anatomy does not allow such a weird stance! That stance (as shown not as dscribed) has no structural stability and is so deep that his mobility is actually impaired. a 70/30 stance with feet close is simply more mobile thana 60/40 with feet wide spread. basic anatomy.

  2. @mclovin08kenpo do you have any idea how easy it is to trip someone if you hit their back thigh muscle if you put 90 %

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