Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : How To Do a Spear Hand in Kempo Karate

When you’re coming with the other one, same
thing, you’re always guarding your upper body. You can even go low – not to the middle –
because the body is too solid of a target for a snapping strike to penetrate. You want
to snap the smaller targets or to the groin, because it’s very, very tender. Wherever there
are a lot of nerves, you can hit with strikes. You may be able to do it with the solar plexus,
but a more effective hand technique to go to the solar plexus, speed wise, is the Nuke
Tear Spearhand. Now with this one you want to strengthen your fingers, and the way you
strengthen your fingers is just by doing fingertip pushups and you just practice. You want to
keep them tightly together. You don’t want them so much like this, even though you are
striking with the longest finger. By curling them slightly inwards and having them kind
of stack each other it reinforces it. It’s kind of like when you’re building a tower
and you have reinforced beams holding it up. This also helps penetrate anybody’s guard
and you can get right in there to the solar plexus. Whenever you punch or you strike,
you want to be very relaxed, and tense up at the end. That’s how you get your speed,
because if you’re tense the whole time, it’s very robotic and you don’t generate as much
power. You can also go low. You can go low like this or you can go to the throat like
so. Why not like this? Well, if somebody’s got their chin down, you can’t get through
it, but you can easily get through if you flatten it out. From here you also have, remember,
the sword hand block. The strike – it’s the same movement – the exact same movement. You
can also do it from a back stance, facing your opponent, coming out. Now if I can show
you a practical application to this sword hand strike. Very slowly, the opponent punches
you. You block here, you want to grab, and you rotate. You’re hitting some pressure points.
You can feel those pressure points right there. And then you come in and you step in like
so – bam! Now notice I’m not really dropping too low. He’s really tall. If I drop too low
I’m off balance and all he has to move his foot and I might go. You want to stay, and
it’s quicker this way. Thank you. So, this actually means something. Even though it’s
open hand, there’s about three or four pressure points around the elbow that you can hold
onto. And that way, if they’re going to try to fight, if stunning them there doesn’t do
any good, at least you’ve got them under control right there.

74 thoughts on “Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : How To Do a Spear Hand in Kempo Karate

  1. That is incorrect. The practicioner makes the true warrior. Mixed Martial Arts or regular karate it does not matter. You are the one who needs to train more even in Jeet Kune Do. Train when you don't have karate class and take up more than one style trust me it works.

  2. Your notion of martial arts is completely wrong. Besides what you do in there is a buch of sluppy moves. That is not a karate performance. That looks like someone that assisted to a class and did the movie without any experience.

  3. It's soo stupid to argue which style is better. It might come as a suprise to you, who have taken a beginners course in what ever style your favorite movie had, but everybody doesn't pick their martial art based on what they think is stronger. This for example, looked to me more like self defense than something you would use in a fight. Besides, if you really want to beat someone from a diffrent style than yours, you have to cross train, learn the weakness of your own art.

  4. "gei"? its gi, fool. and, yes, they did add sound effects, as can be noticed by the fact that even when he moves slowly it makes fast sounds. you're weak.

  5. that guys is a midget and in a real street fight most martial arts are useless. Mixed martial arts is far more effective. That whole spear hand bullshit, try it and see you fingers snap. If I had to coach my little sister on how to beat this wee guys ass I would say to her get in and hold him in close to your body over his gaurd and just start biting his cheek and ripping wildly and then say after words……'can you handle that!'

  6. It takes a long time for the spear hand to be effective. Why would someone use a sharpened stick over a fist? Same principle. If you lower up the surface area of impact, you can do more damage with less force. (Imagine being stabbed with a 3/4'' wooden dowel) The guys that do this for years can spear through boards. For the most part its a lot of effort for little gain, but do it enough and most can get to the point of doing good damage to the the soft bits.

  7. And this is supposed to work in real life? Lmao… Those hits in the beginning have no power cause he hits only with his hand… Looks stupid.

  8. lol. youve must never seen anyone knocked out by a snap strike.
    bruce lee' punch is based off a snap strike. educate yourself fool.

  9. just from the way you guys talk, i kniow that guys smart enuff to kick yall asses.
    your fingers might snap. but wwith a strenghthen hand and fingers, the finger jab is deadly. especially to throat and solar plexus, you could die easily from a good fast strike, you fags would known what that little guy hit you with.

  10. Lol, u r right, I havent seen, thats why I said what I said. ANY strike u make, should have body usage included. It doesnt matter how fast you strike, if u have no power BEHIND the hit. The weight of your fist isnt that great… You need something to support yer hit, and thats where the body and the legs come in.

  11. Btw, Bruce Lee was an actor, u should consider who you take seriously and who you shoudlnt… I admit Bruce was a pretty tough guy by any means, but in real life, I doubt he wasnt that great… 1 more thing, after you "fingered down" my comment, you cant really expect me to take your comments very seriously anymore… It tells me that you cant really make a difference between arguments, and spam, which is sad…

  12. Bruce lee was a very poewerfull guy nonetheless. He was a actor indeed, but he was a martial artist as well, and actually TRAINED in martial arts. you know that right? He was famous for his superb strength. the one inch punch, being able to do push ups on the two fingers of one hand, these are not things ordinary actors can do.

  13. I know I know, thats why I said that he was tough guy by any means. And I know he was a little "troublemaker" when he was younger, so he must have had some real-life skills too… But imo, its stupid to compare Bruce and that guy on the video anyway…

  14. The guy in the video, when he starts to actually hit those nukites in the air, thats what I mean by using the body. That was missing from his backhand hits. Any serious martial artist should know that using your body should be the base of your punches and kicks…

  15. No disrespect. I just want to comment on your punches, they are wrong. The last thing that leaves your body when you punch is your elbow and vice versa. I have trained under Sensei James "Jimmy" H. Coffman who trained with Fuse Kise and Hohan Soken for years and he gets so mad when someone punches and the elbows come up.
    I thought I would share this with you

    -Best Luck and thank you for the video

  16. Thanks for your comment. I must clarify, Expert Village mistakenly labeled these videos as Advanced Okinawan Kenpo when they're obviously basic techniques. The microphone was wired inside the gi with a cable coming out, so some liberties had to be made to avoid ripping the mike out. Plus it's a pretty thick gi. Not to make excuses, but my Sensei was also a stickler for detail. One always strives for perfection, but often falls short. But that's why karate is a lifetime practice. Osu!

  17. I'm the guy in this video. I appreciate all your comments. As far as the nukite goes, it's just a basic technique that can work if you train at it and know how to apply it. I admit that the eyes and throat are better choices for primary targets, but the solar plexus was illustrated because that is the primary target revealed in the kata of Okinawan Kenpo. It can be an effective nerve strike…with training.

  18. No formal training in kyokushin; but I have incorporated some of Oyama's training methods into my own personal style. I mainly keep the Okinawan Kenpo and Kobudo kata, but borrow a lot from many different styles. Kyokushin is great for developing fighting spirit, as the training is very hard.

  19. My wife Pamela (pamelahill net) said that. She appreciates my Martial Arts. We share fourscorpio.

  20. that is the biggest load of pish i've seen in a long time. This is not the purpose of the finger tip strike. It can either be used for strikes to the eyes, or as a locking technique…but bullshit to the solar plexus strike.
    This guy is not teachin Okinawan Karate…this is a pish Americanised version with all the real stuff removed.

  21. Pish?
    Sure, why not show the real techniques where millions of people can get it for free without years of study? Granted, anyone can look up how to poke someone in the eyes, or throat. But that's not the purpose of the video. This is the karate you get in your first few lessons. Advanced bunkai comes later.

  22. Spearhand is just a technique. It doesn't work in competitive fighting because of the rules prohibiting strikes to the eyes and throat. It also doesn't work by itself–it's not a standalone technique, ESPECIALLY to the solar plexus. It's taught as a standalone to beginners, and it's still taught because it appears in many kata.

  23. No technique is better than another–you use the tool you need at the moment. Is a knife better than a hand grenade? In a phone booth, yes. On a battlefield, no. Read the book "Deadly Karate Blows" by Brian Adams for more info.

  24. If you notice, the technique is demonstrated in a horse stance facing squarely to the front. Not a fighting stance, and not as a fighting application. Most people don't stand there waiting for you to jab them in the solar plexus–you've got to "soften them up" first.

    No jokes here–if you sign up for any traditional karate class as a beginner, you'll invariably be taught this technique in one way or another. That's all that the video is about.

  25. A technique's effectiveness relies on the appropriate conditions being in place that facilitate its use. You would be correct in saying that the odds of successfully applying a spearhand aren't great. However, if used as part of an open hand combination to different targets, and if you hit the solar plexus while the opponent inhales, it could work. Most people, myself included, wouldn't use this in a real fight, definitely not to the solar plexus. The eyes and throat are better targets.

  26. I am a purple belt in Kenpo Karate and my 5th degree black belt Instructor and I both agree that you are the sorriest teacher/"Expert" we have ever seen. Keep training.

  27. bullshido is right. he is right about backfist. it is like a jab. distract face and then follow up. spearhand is ole school for a set-up to throw or soft tissue. i gotta say lower is better knifehand(shuto) pulls someone in for an ez throw or push, turn and run!

  28. Most practical move: Teisho (Palm Heel). Avoids cuts, can be as hard as a punch and will be one hell of a whack to the face 🙂

  29. im not gonna agree or disagree because we don't speak okinawan in my class (although i think we should) we use japanese terms. but i'd like to say you have been very humble in responding to my answers and i respect that

  30. @V742 But if your hand gets caught on their arm or something, you'll be looking at one bitch of a wrist injury you know… anyway, this guy is funny. He doesn't seem to know his techniques very well.

  31. I've bin training in piguaquan for abit and have deffently found that the striking with fingers is very effective at a advanced level but at lower levels its best to hit the guy in the neck throat area. Those of you here that are not an actual fighter (boxers don't count its just something people throw around all the time in there fancy) should just leave because you all don't know what you are all talking about. As far as this guy goes I don't really think he is to great at teaching this move.

  32. @BMunich16 I don't do any silly mma garbage, I'm just trying to get it through to you flicking people with your hands isn't going to help. It's a scam and they want you money. So yes I am the intelligent one feel free to order more of my videos for only 190 dollars per year!

  33. Personally I think it's better to start with traditional then break the tradition.

    I think it's best to learn a system entirely, then break free of it. To build structure, then break it down.

    You can't teach someone to throw a punch fluidly until you've taught them to throw a punch, how to move their body, how to root, etc. To me, the traditional system will teach all of this, and once the mechanics have been understood you can make it your own.

  34. His backhand strikes are so might work in the groin, but how his stance is, i can hit him in the crotch easier than he can hit me. lol. and the "spear hand" is not practical in street due to clothes. better off using the "ancient" technique of frog knuckling someone lol

  35. Check out my channel for my follow up video I recently shot which demonstrates how the nukite is actually effective. Look for "Applying The Spearhand in Karate".

  36. I envy short guys sometimes. They have such a strong, balanced frame. It makes them very quick, and less vulnerable to injury. Here I am with small-medium build, six foot frame, and plagued with chronic back problems and muscle injury.

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