Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : How To Do A Back Kick In Kempo Karate

Okay, so we covered how to kick somebody in
front of you. How to kick somebody in the side of you. But what if somebody is behind
you. Well, this kick is actually the back kick, ushiro-geri, it’s actually very easy
to learn. Very easy as long as you keep it low and that’s where it’s most effective.
Because, when you’re kicking low, your opponent can’t really see it because he doesn’t see
this foot coming into his line of vision. He’s focusing on you. If he’s got you in a
bear hug, he’s looking at your head. He’s looking at the top of your body. He doesn’t
see that you’re kicking him in the shin and taking his knee out. He just feels it. Okay,
so I’m going to actually stand sideways. In a natural stance, same thing, four steps to
the kick. Chamber, kick, re-chamber, recover. We bring our knee up. You notice all these
chambers almost look like front kicks. With your three basic kicks in these directions,
yes it is. But, instead of kicking out to the front, you’re going to kick straight back.
Now to kick straight back, what you want to do is you want to kick back, you want to hit
with the heel. Notice how I lean my body forward, like a teeter-totter. This allows me to get
it higher. If I wanted to get it higher, you have to lean it forward because otherwise
you don’t have any power. Power comes from your spine and your core in perfect alignment
with the trajectory of the kick. That’s how you get all your power. If they’re standing
real close to you, it’s just a matter of that. That much is enough to take their shin out,
take their knee out. If they grab you from behind, bam! You want to kick a little higher,
like so. Now in a sparring situation, you’re not really going to let them get behind you.
What you are going to want to do sometimes is you may want to add a spin to it, spinning
back kick. That’s how you get more power is if you put a spin into it. But I’ll talk about
that later when I go into spinning kicks. So again a back kick is just the more simplified
that you can make it, the more basic chamber, kick, re-chamber, down; the better. Even if
they’ve got your arms pinned, you can still kick with either foot. You can even chamber,
even by chambering you can almost get up underneath the groin, too. That’s the back kick.

9 thoughts on “Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : How To Do A Back Kick In Kempo Karate

  1. Some expert this guy is, I am also a 2nd degree in kenpo and have to say that chambering your leg in front of you in order to do a back kick is a waste and time. Instead bring your foot off the ground behind you already pointed at the target, lean forward and kick back to full extension in which the leg locks out, and retract.

  2. lol funny. This guy doesnt even look back where he kicks before he does it. Wtf? Felt enemy with a spider sense ?

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