Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : How To Block a Punch in Kempo Karate

We’re back in our training stance. An inward
block also can be used as a strike. This one starts back here, for the basics. You want
to twist your hand outward and you want it to come across your center line. Elbow down.
You want to deflect it. You’ll want to block with the meaty part of your arm. You never
want to block with the lower part of your arm. You want to block down here close to
the joint. As this one comes out and blocks, the other one goes straight back. That’s the
inward block. The outward block goes in the opposite direction. From here, you want to
start low. Go across your center line then you want it to rotate outwards. You want the
fist to be even with the shoulder. Starting down here, then you pull back. As you can
see, as I’m blocking, don’t think of it as a block, but think of it as a grab. I’m grabbing
with the arm here and you can see what I may be doing to his arm. If you have your thumb
out here, you can activate pressure points, which I will talk about in a later topic.
That’s an outward block. You also have a downward block. Now the downward blocks, they will
tell you in the dojo, are good for blocking a kick. Not necessarily. If someone has combat
boots on and my arms are real skinny, I’m going to hurt my arm. However, it can be used
as a strike as well. From here you will want to start with your arm across the body once
again crossing the center line. You’ll want it to come straight down. You don’t want it
to stop here, you’ll want it to go past the center line. You’re sweeping. The Japanese
name is gedan barai, which means low sweep. Bring it up. Pull the other hand back in the
chamber as you come across. Bringing it up with both hands moving simultaneously. After
years and years of training like this, your hands will start to move simultaneously when
you are sparring and will help when you are trying to apply grappling or joint locks along
with punching and kicking. That’s the gedan barai, the downward block. You also have Shoto
block or Shotokai, the sword-hand block. From here, the hand comes up like a karate chop.
This hand points straight ahead because, once again, you are grabbing. The other hand is
at the side of your neck. You can also block punches this way. This is a faster block.
You can actually block punches using this block, but it is also a great strike for the
side of the neck, which I’ll talk about later when I go back to strikes.

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  1. this isn't the stance you take when in a fight.. chances are you don't take any stance but if you do you take the other one which i can't remember the name of, i did this for years and all i remember is wheni actually cared about this, no one could beat me at school.. i et it go cause i was a bully and now i get my ass kicked.. don't fight a serious kempo fighter lol.

  2. Ok, for people saying that he doesn't know what he's doing, actually it's correct. I take this style of karate and he's in the "horse stance" because that's how he is demonstrating the blocks. They are very effective if you actually try in a karate class.

  3. i take this style of karate, and yes you are correct. but i live in hawaii, so we use the japanese names, and i believe its called kibadachi stance

  4. There's a lot of movement that's made before getting to the actual block with the inner and outter ones, I don't get how this is applicable to anything.

  5. In most karate classes (I think I too Shotokan when I was 8), it's the same thing. Even in Taekwondo. I just doubt that you actually do that much movement to block something that's coming at you 25-30 mph.

  6. I think that at a "higher" level these aren't so much blocks as they do turn into deflecting motions. He even says to think of them as more like grabs. First you would have to deflect because you can never just grab an attack "out of the air" Once you have grabbed or deflected then you could use another "block" to sweep across and use it as a break to the joint or a strike to some other point of the body. I think we learn this type of stuff just to get the mechanics of it all.

  7. this guy does know what hes talking about to some degree. however what he does not say is that those blocks are really strikes( for proof look at how the hand are faced outward and the position of the knuckles)

  8. Not "hidden", it's actually a sign of how far MAs have deteriorated over hte past century through misuse once firearms became widespread.

  9. 1 thing, I have studied Okinawan Karate and some kung fu. But if your in America, its most likely that your opponent wont hit u with a straight punch. They'll do like a round punch.

  10. @GojuBob title is misleading this is training i studied ryukyu kempo the inside block he did should be straight infront of his body from the ear to the chest not curved the elbow should sorta stamp infront of the chest and fist should spin tightly to shoulder clavicle height almost like a punch ..btw this is training not street kempo

  11. I'm really curious as to why Kempo is seen as Karate. Sure, the name Kempo is Japanese, but the style is originally Chuan Fa, that's why in Kempo they wear black, in China black in a humble colour.

  12. @stompySharpNpointy Thank you for this. I suppose my comment was a little snide; but this is a little 'basic' to be 'advanced'! – is all I meant. I'd be worried about blocks that had to travel so far, too. From my (Goju) point of view, he gets the blocking angle (the angle of the forearm) right; but it takes a mighty long time to get there. I don't mean to be discourteous; this is meant as constructive comment.

  13. @TheJoshy1992 When it's an American Sensei it doesn't seem right to me. 'Advanced' Senseis would mention the hip movement which is vital to the block. Also demonstrating in horse stance (kiba dachi) makes no sense. Why not practice in a realistic stance so you don't get kicked in the nuts? Expert Village – Dishonourable

  14. great video. all you people are so fucking stupid if you want to learn martial arts….GO TO A FUCKING CLASS FOR YEARS AND LEARN. ASSHOLES THIS DUDE TOOK TIME TO MAKE A VIDEO AND ALL YOU CAN SAY IS HOW IS THIS ADVANCED. FUCK YALL

  15. As swear as you progress from white to black belt in karate those first blocks you learn are just building blocks for really simple blocks that you learn when you do free style.

  16. What you are saying in this video about the blocks are a common misconception. The word "block" is just a term explaining its a technique used to stop an attack with. But if you look at how the karate blocks are executed you see that you are not really stoping the attacks head on, in other words meeting force with force, but instead sweeping them away from the side. As you said yourself the word for the low block is "gedan barai" which means "low sweep". So if you do the techniques right you will not hurt your arm while blocking. You might get a little bruise but thats way better than broken ribs! (how many people have combat boots on anyway). Funny how many karate teachers get this wrong.

  17. Video should be re-titled: How to always get punched in the face!!! You try and do any of these blocks and you're going to eat a punch full force!!

  18. I'm interested in the person points you talked about by place the thumb on top of your fist. A link to that would be great. I noticed this is 2008. So I'm a little late in watching the video.

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