Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : Advanced Kicks For Kempo Karate

Okay, so we learned four basic kicks, front
kick, side kick, back kick and roundhouse kick. Those are the traditional kicks in Okinawa.
When it went to Japan and when the Korean’s added theirs, there became countless other
variations. As you can probably tell, with the human limb, there’s almost an infinite
number of ways you can move it. Infinite number of combinations that you can come up with.
The only thing stopping it is the human mind. So some variations are you know, like if you
add a crescent kick, where the kick comes up and it comes out slapping on the side,
the side of the head. Crescent kicks, you can even go from the other way. If you add
a spin to that, it’s a little, it’s easier to actually generate a little bit more power
if you spin, put a spin into the crescents. From there you also have jumpy kicks like
I’m just going to show you just a jumping front kick. If you just add a jump to it,
you can even double the power. You also got a jumping side kick, which is easier to run
and actually leap into something. But these are just different variations that you can
come up with. You’ve probably seen especially in the Korean styles like Taekwondo, Tang
Soo Do, Hopkido. They like to do a lot of high spinning kicks, look really spectacular,
but they take a lot more years to master. So from here we’re going to go on to the different
aspects of karate, like kata and sparring and some weapons.

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