Advanced Nunchucks Techniques : Over the Shoulder Throw With Nunchucks

Alright. In this series, we’re going to be
going over how to do more advanced stuff. So, we’re going to be going over the throw.
Ok. So, there’s a lot of different throws you’re going to be learning in this series.
But, this one we’re going to be doing throw over the back. Throw like this, one straight
over into a catch. Ok? Now, let’s break this down into how to practice it. Ok. Now, a good
way when you throw it you go all the way to here to right before it touches your shoulder.
That’s when you’re going to release the Nunchuck. So, just do a couple of practices. Hit, let
it hit your shoulder. One more time, swing around hit your shoulder. Ok. Now, go ahead
and practice throwing it in the air. Just let it go in front of you and drop, ok. If
it goes behind you, that’s incorrect. If it shoots straight back behind you, that’s wrong.
It’s got to go straight up and all the way around. You don’t want it to come straight
back down on top of you. Then, it’s going to hit you. So, practices doing this. Practice
leaning and just throw it all the forward and let the Nunchuck drop. Do that a few times
and then get that down. When you get it, straight throwing up and you want to let it land right
here in front of you. So, you’re going to throw it up and go right over right in front
of you. So, up straight and in front. Now, don’t reach up for the Nunchuck. That’s going
to be harder. You want it to just come right down to you. And, then when you catch it you’re
going to go whip the Nunchuck into to a catch. So again from here throw over, catch. You
can kneel it into a catch or you can keep hitting and doing your strikes. So, one more
time. On top, throw, let go right when it’s about to hit your shoulder and throw over,
toss and catch. And, remember the other way to practice. Just throw it straight up and
let go right over your shoulder and let it hit the floor. One more time, shoulder, over,
catch. Alright. And, that is going to be your toss over the shoulder. And, remember to catch
it with the same hand.

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