Advanced Nunchucks Techniques : Flip Through Wrist Catch With Nunchucks

Alright. Next, we’re going to be going over
a throw flip over back with the wrist into a catch. So, let’s go like this. From here,
hold it do your flip over, back with the wrist and catch. Alright. So, let’s go ahead and
break that down. You can do it off any combo. Spin through here. One. Flip. Spin. Catch.
So, from here let’s go like this. You’re going to do your finger spin once again. Hold it
between your two fingers and spin. Flip it over like a pencil. And, now this time you’re
going to throw it in the air and do a complete spin. Now, you want to catch it upside down.
Once you catch it upside down, you’re going to flip it back over the wrist just like that.
So, one. Flip. Catch it here. Flip it back over the wrist, And, that’s going to be your
finger to over the wrist spin. So, one more time. This time work on getting it higher
and higher throwing it. Get a few spins on there. Say about two spins and back over.
One more time. Spin. Over and catch. One more time. One and catch. And, if you really down
then you can go over the back. So, one. From here, two. Three. So, you can turn it into
a bigger combo. Throw. Catch. Over the back. From there, you can even do your shoulder
to shoulder same thing. But, if you just want to break it down. One. Two. Into a nice throw.
And, that’s going to be your flip through to back of the wrist catch.

9 thoughts on “Advanced Nunchucks Techniques : Flip Through Wrist Catch With Nunchucks

  1. in Tae Kwon Do, the common Kihap "Aiya" is often made fun of
    a Kihap brings out more power during a punch, kick, or a strike,
    similar to how body builders grunt when they work out, or when football players growl when they tackle…..

  2. hmmm i just watched this video to type this comment and it was fine. when i wrote the first comment i had to watch a film preview before the video started. odd

  3. @SuperMuise and for intimidation – to be honest it just depends on the person, just shouting isnt gonna gaurantee a stronger punch. also leaving your mouth open too long during a shout or whatever u wanna call it leaves u open for a jaw shot, so dont give the opponent an easier target 🙂

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