1. Bunkai is the greatest. And this Naihanchi is one of my favourite Kata. I always imagine what I would be doing to an opponent when performing Kata. This video is GGRRRRRREEEAAAAT!!!!

  2. Interesting exercise.

    I practice Shorin Ryu (Shin Shu Kan) and the Naihanchi Katas are taught as the most characteristic of our school. We do regularly perform bunkais for the 3 katas, either full circular bunkai or separate movement's applications 🙂

  3. As a Samir's student i feel proud to see his work finally going out on public! When i started to train at Muidokan i felt a little bit lost, because our mindseting to do our things was diferent from the other martial arts i alredy praticed.

  4. Karate out in the wild – love it 😀
    Practicing Karate outside of the Dojo is always a highlight to me <3
    Great episode.
    Thanks to Sensei Samir and his student also o/
    Bunkai is the best! <3

  5. Impressive! Very interesting! How many years of karate did you practice Sensei Samir? Why I have 30 years practicing karate and did not create anything like you? Congratulations. Ah put your pictures with the purple belt green brown … thanks for the Classroom!

  6. Hey all karate nerds. I attended at the II Brazilian Seminar on Campinas/SP and, by the way, it was amazing! My question is about this application of the Tekki Shodan (Naihanchi Shodan). At the first part of the seminar we had a training to defend ourselves and save energy at the same time. How these two concepts are applied at these bunkai techniques? I understand that sometimes a fight could become tangled but it seems to me that you had to use more strength to keep your opponent next to you than finishing the fight.

  7. I love this Kata, after many many years of hating it, then taking another perspective and thinking“outside the box”, I started to understand it. This Kata is a very complete close-combat system if you know how to use it.
    Jesse-san, Could you continue this study of the kata in another/s video? That would be awesome!
    Thanks Senseis for this great vid!

  8. Brazilians are very passionate about martial arts, that seminar must be going really well. if you ever make a seminar in Argentina I would really enjoy attending it. Enjoy the brazilian beaches while youre there 🙂

  9. I don't know this kata but it reminds me a bit of Saifa and I see some Bassaidai, too. Kata bunkai is the best; I like it more than kumite. Thank you Samir and Lukas.

  10. I've just been taking a look at the drunken wooden dummy kung fu kata (Lady He Xian Ku) and it seems very similar to this in terms of application.

  11. Great video Sensei Jesse and Samir! Unfortunately I could not be in your seminar, but my seishin gi is arriving. Here in Brazil we have a lot of great martial artists, my Sensei is an expert in self defense. Thanks for everything, Master!

  12. I've been doing Nainchi Shodan for 25 years and I'm STILL learning new things about it, like today! Great video!

  13. Wow. I've never seen a bunkai that seems so effective and matches the kata so perfectly! Thank you sensei Jesse and sensei Samir!

  14. Special thanks to Sensei Samir for this nice Kata bunkai
    I actually have to do the Tekki shodan for my brown belt exam on Thursday, so that really helps a lot 😊

    Jesse your videos are great! Just keep doing this nice work💪🏼💪🏼✌🏼

  15. Interesting ideas even though I do not find them quite practical, considering the many options that your opponent can pull up when you find yourselves in that first position

  16. Great stuff! Very similar to the work of Taira Sensei in Goju Ryu! Drilling kata this way really gives you a good understanding of the fighting range for which traditional karate developed!keep it up!

  17. I stop practicing karate. But i still find myself watching videos about karate. The bunkai aspect of karate is the most obscure subject, i just can't accept most of the aplications one tipically finds on the internet and most dojos. This was great Jesse. Along the videos of vitor belfort's trainer that you also put online. You are filling the gaps that are missing in most karate channels. Keep going please.

  18. I can't tell you how much similar this is to wing chun kung fu…I've always found Naifanchi very very "in the line" of wing chun and this only confirms my thoughts.

  19. This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Sensei Samir in person (hopefully, one day Sensei Jesse too!), in a seminar by Shihan Yokota in Goiania, Brazil.
    He took very kindly to my questions and briefly (our time was sort, sadly!) shared a lot of his knowledge with me; I am very grateful for that.
    And on the "practical" part of sharing his knowledge: he then asked me, smiling: "Have you ever 'suffered' the Naihanchi bunkai?" After I said 'no', he proceed to prove on an "unwilling" training partner that one can really defeat an opponent by applying the Naihanchi Shodan techniques; IN ORDER of the kata movements, mind you that. It was certainly not my first time practicing bunkai, but I had never seen it perfectly enacted upon a resisting partner.

    I still consider myself a 'novice' shortly after earning my Shotokan blackbelt, but what Sensei Samir has shown me made me feel like a white belt again; I guess that is what Karate Do should feel like, specially after you really begin to try to understand and learn its Way.

    It was both a humbling and eye opening experience, and I look forward to repeating it in the near future.

    Not only is Sensei Samir profoundly knowledgeable, but he is also eager to share what he's learned with one who provides an attentive ear. Truly the makings of a great Sensei.

    I am most happy to have made his acquaintance and now have the pleasure of considering him a friend.


  20. Yes but the opponent is supposed not to be a puppy who stands waiting your moves! I think most bunkai are done without this in mind

  21. Such a great video! Thanks guys!! I will have my graduation for 3rd kyu soon and this helps me a lot for understanding better my kata!

  22. great video …. I always practice this kata but i dont how its work in fighting… But now i know thanks for this video☺

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