Advanced Kyokushin Karate Techniques : How to Do a One Two Punch Low Kick Combo

On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Tony
Capraro, Sensei of kyokushin karate from Without Limits, Inc., 1652 Richmond Avenue, Staten
Island, New York. We are here to demonstrate for you today advanced kyokushin technique.
Next kyokushin combination is the famous 1-2 punch low kick combonation. From fighting
position, straight left, straight right, low kick, turning all the way through. On a 3
count, 1, 2, and 3. In real time. 2 punches. 1, 2, low kick. There you go.

48 thoughts on “Advanced Kyokushin Karate Techniques : How to Do a One Two Punch Low Kick Combo

  1. Relative to what? Having absolutely NO training…Come on no one in the Martial Arts world with any Training at all, is going to tell you that a One Two with a kick Combo is ADVANCED.

    Well perhaps that student that has taken only 1 class will… that you?

  2. nobody can talk shit about kyokushin. expert village is shit ,whatever the fuck this is. just look up andy hug, a great kyokushin fighter. someone that actually can represent kyokushin

  3. Well said and I agree DrainExpress. These jocks are not Kyokushin at all….I mean look at the way they have there guard, not even protecting their faces when they throw a punch!!

  4. The correct Kyokushin stance is elbow tucked in and hands protecting your chin. you dont hold your hands high in a basic karate stance because it is BASIC. This guy is supposed to be an expert and his stance OR movement doesnt resemble kyokushin in any way.And Oyama was korean so its not really a jap art and has no bearing on other jap arts. Dont be so arrogant when you dont know what your talking about.

  5. nah there are so many styled evolved from kyokushin that the stance change a bit from here to there. Oyama said he recognized himself as japanese and i dunno where you were talking about on these "BASIC" or "HAS NO BEARING ON OTHER JAP ARTS". do a simple thing and it would help: find oyama's profile on wiki or wherever and read them. it will help you and dont forget to stop being arrogant when you dont know what your talking bout

  6. @realmyth83 Im not sure what you are getting at with your nonsensical comment. I was replying to someone not just random slating. You say that styles evolved from kyokushin… then THESE styles would have a different stance. Kyokushins remains the same. And he said to something about not knowing about other jap arts which led to my japanese comment. And wiki? Ill stick to the books I have. P.s. its not arrogant that i know this… just patronising. Enjoy your life

  7. According to this guy website he's a 4th degree blackbelt -___-
    sure and then let me represent myself. Im the king of atlantis nice to meet u 🙂
    First of all this guy doesnt know anything about kyokushin karate. We use japanese terminology and not english. 2nd i've seen kyu degree belts (orange till brown) doing it better then him.
    3rd, i've been reading all the official major kyokushin organizations websites.From IKO,WKO,Royama and so on.This Tony Capraro isnt on any of them. SO NO KYOKUSHIN!!

  8. @cryingindian Nope! Ore wa Nihon no Honbu Dojo ni benkyo shimasu, dakara homono Kyokushin no kakitogi wakateru. ther are 4 different stances, depending on how each fighter balances themselves. I am B2, because I keep a relaxed forward stance, with palms out. See the video on Kurbanov, or Shokei matsui, who is thehead of the largest Kyokushin organization. They are also type B2.

  9. @Muraku666 LOL you are probably right… but Ive studied alot about it and never hav I seen any of the top kyokushinkai fighters adopt any other stance than the one i previously described. In your stance do you still keep your elbows tucked in?

  10. @cryingindian Negative. Oyama had 4 stances base on how each person balances, and can switch between the nubered variants based on distance. Type A is balanced back, whereas type 2 is arms extended out in front, with palms open, hence, an A2 fighter would resemble a lower thai boxing stance(Aka Kurbanov and Matsui). Type A1 is more like Andy Hug's stance, or Hisao Maki. (my shihan), but fighters have to learn to use each stance effectively in order to learn th advantages of each stance.

  11. @cryingindian I study The original style ( KyokushinKaikan). All different branches of Kyokushin have the same 4 stances, but the offshoot styles (Enshin, Seidokaikan) have different moves/stances. Even the Kyokushin styles that argue with each other have the same stances. I havenoticed that only Shuto-Uke (sword handed block) vary between dojos. You can't win this. I live here, and speak Japanese. You don't know about an artyou've neer studid. Wikipedia is only good for so much. Peace^_^

  12. @NYKgjl10 I have to agree with you. Kyokushin should involve intense training always. This performance is weak, and…………….simple.

  13. @FaridYM belive that you know what you are talking about. I haven't me anyone inJapan that ha even heard his name before.

  14. @Muraku666 you speak japanese? Aw that means you must know about EVERYTHING that comes from japan right?! haha I understand that you know more about it… thats why I asked you about the stances… so I could know more. I dont know why you assumed i was trying to "win this". And in scotland there are no schools anywhere near me. Id do better to stick to the internet than study under a second rate imposter instructor. So maybe next time you leave out the patronising? Then you wnt seem like a dick

  15. I think he should do the punches the other way around.
    He should hit with gyaku tsuki (in this case, the right hand punch) and then oi tsuki (left) because that way, you align your hip better to strike with the right low kick.
    This way is faster, but the hits aren't as strong (especially the last kick).
    And in Kyokushin (at least IMO), I think power is better than speed.

  16. @blugularis no, i meant the way they are showing it.. they are not pivotting on their feets, neither are they having an actual combat stance, which would be useful for newbies to know. all together, it looks so gay and amateur. don't get me wrong, Kyokushin Karate is a very beautiful and powerful martial art, though it's a shame to show these kind of demonstrations :p (Why didn't they put more effort into it?) btw, I'm sorry for my comment earlier, hope I rephrased myself in a more decent way

  17. @cryingindian Sorry that I came out strongly, but the youtube atmosphere is so violent nowadays…The stances I described from REASH, the balancing science. Mos apae Kyokushin dojosaccepted the Reash system, because Human beings really fit into one o 4 ways that they balance themselves

  18. A better combo. would be to throw the leg kick first. Then the punches. Once the kick lands directly followed with two hard punches to the chin. The fight should be over.

  19. Don't mind me saying this but i learn muay thai but not kyokushi but this doesn't seem like a advance movement or combo to me , it looks really basic .

  20. @PrinceBerzelius If you havent noticed… expert village has a tendancy of posting video titles incorrectly. And if you dont like the video why are you watching? Dont talk tough over the internet. Show us in person that your karate techniques are better. Id love to see them. After all he gives you his adress, you could just go there yourself right?

  21. and he has a Black belt……… i have blue and i am 80% sure that i can kick his as faster than he gets his guard up , jesus why is he sensei omg

  22. Yeah, like kicking the thigh is going to do anything. If your lucky your going to dead leg them. I'm glad I train traditional okinawan goju karate, and not this diluted crap. Please correct me if this isn't the face of the "Fiercest Karate Ever"

  23. These guys shouldnt have the belt levels they do. His partner cant even keep his balance doing simple kicks.

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