Advanced Kyokushin Karate Techniques : How to Do a Kyokushin Knock Down Kick

On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Tony
Capraro, Sensei of kyokushin karate from Without Limits, Inc., 1652 Richmond Avenue, Staten
Island, New York. We are here to demonstrate for you today advanced kyokushin technique.
We are now going to demonstrate the advanced knock down kick. It’s a downward round house
kick directed towards the side of the neck. From fighting positon as such, right through.
Following through with the shin bone on the side of the neck. And turn. Now switch your
feet. Left foot. Knee points down. Twist all the way through and twist all the way through.
Now, from fighting position facing the person, this is what it looks like all the way through.
All the way through. One more time. And again.

26 thoughts on “Advanced Kyokushin Karate Techniques : How to Do a Kyokushin Knock Down Kick

  1. Nationality matters not. A student of a set style is a student amongst the world, and has jointed the coven of the fighting tradition. In the end, all students grow as a brotherhood together, eventually as masters in time.

  2. @tokukkai Actually it depends on the case. If you manage to notice the kick will not conect soon, you can stop it, or even transform it into a feign. But if you notice it too late, there's no use trying to stop it (considering you're hitting with full power), because moving back to the position will be slower than simply completing the circle movement. It's not really all that usefull facing your opponent when you're completely off balance trying to move your leg back.

    Depends on the case rly.

  3. @tokukkai I don't believe you went to the Honbu dojo, otherwise you would know that tere are two types of Mawashi no Jodan.

  4. Why would you want to turn your back to your enemy? The ONLY kick we use (Shotokan) is ushiro geri (back kick). Even then it is momentary compared to this uncontrolled bullshido

  5. Why would you want to turn your back to your enemy? The ONLY kick we use (Shotokan) is ushiro geri (back kick). Even then it is momentary compared to this uncontrolled bullshido (no offense to other Kyokushin Karateka!)

  6. these guys train ultimate lie not truth…so please doit well or hang yourself but do not call yourself master. kids in my dojo do better then that.

  7. someone go to his dojo and challenge him for just a friendly match. If he's true kyokushin fighter he will accept and beat your ass IF he's indeed a true 4th dan master which I doubt. I think even a white belt could whoop his ass though

  8. @PnutButter1986 Ahahahahahahahaha. I'm sorry, but that's ludicrous. For one turning gives momentum which gives power to kicks. You generally want to follow through with EVERY single technique you do in practice, that's why in Kyokushin you do extremely exaggerated circular movements to generate speed for the smaller movements.

    He is doing it slowly in the video as a demonstration.

    By the way I hate Expert Village with a passion.
    Don't disrespect kyokushin.

  9. @corvanjer I did not disrespect your style. What I'm saying is what if that kick misses? Then you have your back turned to the opponent and you're wide open. It is easy to blast all the power you have that is not the skillful part. What requires a greater skill is control, to be like a surgical scalpel rather than a bricklayer's club hammer

  10. @PnutButter1986 The thing is that you practice this kick by doing the circle movement so you can transfer all your body weight and kick power THROUGH(don't know how to spell it) your target so you can inflict real damage. Even if you miss, if can throw this the right way, you'll end up in the same stace before you threw it. Hope it helps. 🙂

  11. @itsmePerseus Actually PnutButter1986 has a very good point, not only do you turn your back but you lose a lot of time and guess what strenght to. Now, you may be fooled into thinking that this kind of circular motion gives extra strenght but it doesn't and here's why, basic physics: the force equals acceleration X masse.. right… now, the point is to accelerate very fast on the smallest distance possible. The acceleration has to come from the moment you took your foot of the ground…

  12. @itsmePerseus … and the longer the distance traveled the slower the speed is at impact point, decreased acceleration. To get the most powerfull kick you can give, a lot of practice and a lot of muscle in the legs and a lot of kicking in a hard sack so you can feel your true force when you do longer or shorter moves. You have to know and learn to work with your body

  13. @BestSolidSnake007 It may not be the best kick on the web but this kick can be very deceiving. His hip turn is there just with the downward round house its very small using gravity and pulling your leg down does a lot of damage!!!!l As for exposing your back that is an issue with any spin kick never use a blind spinning anything always build up to a spin.

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