Advanced Judo Techniques : How to Apply an Arm Bar from a Guard in Judo

On behalf of Expert Village my name is Richard
Acuna from Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida, today we are showing you advance
judo. Okay on this next clip we are going to show you more ground work in waza which
is how it is called in judo and this time I’m going to apply a juji-gatame which is
a arm bar from my guard and here is how it looks. From my guard which is this when he
brings his arms up put one arm up, I’m going to take advantage of this and bring my legs
up. See controlling his neck and back and complete control of his arm. I grab his wrist
to make sure his thumb is always up and all I have to do is put my hips up for a arm bar.
Complete control right there. Alright if it is easier you can sweep underneath and bring
this man to the side again for a arm bar.

20 thoughts on “Advanced Judo Techniques : How to Apply an Arm Bar from a Guard in Judo

  1. wow this guy sucks at being an advanced judo technician…..that is NOT how we do arm bars from guard, and more importantly guard is almost never utilized because of the short amount of time we have to attack b4 we are stood up.

  2. Ehh, this kind of stuff shouldn't be published on youtube and stuff. They can easily be abused this way, which isn't the meaning of it.

  3. true. people who don't learn in a gym don't learn respect and things which separate martial artists from brawlers.

  4. ya only differences really are is judo emphasis more on throws and slams jujitsu is more on ground techniques and ground defence/offence

  5. @lightoflothlorien If you have short legs (me) and he has a wide back, you'll never get the triangle locked in.

  6. His thumb doesn't have to be up. You have to apply force to the opposite direction of his thumb. So, if his thumb points right, you push his hand left. His thumb will never point down from that position.

  7. I'm no expert, I'm only a blue belt in BJJ, but when I find myself in this position i find it easier to go for the triangle. Since your right leg is on his left shoulder, he could turn clockwise and step over your body and thus ruining the armbar.

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