Advanced Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts : Grappling on the Ground in Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Sifu Dwight
Woods of Unified Martial Art Academy in Miami, Florida today we are going to be talking about
advance jeet kune do. So here is another aspect of grappling but you stand up and him being
down and under control. We start again same grappling technique, I go in and I hit and
hit and hit cause I want to weaken his structure before I go for the grappling technique so
I get as many hits as I can. Then I transition into a simple arm dragging take down, control
the head, and now I want to control the arm and get a degree of complacence from him.
So one more time slow motion, same grappling technique, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, transition
to the arm drag, control the head cause where the head goes the body goes. So if his head
is under control his body would be under control and then I can go into any variation of the
wrist lock here.

70 thoughts on “Advanced Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts : Grappling on the Ground in Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts

  1. There's different ways to do things Jimi. You don't always have to knock people out in order to resolve a situation. I agree that I would like to disable my opponent but do I always have to knock them out or eye gouge? Fish hook? I beleive that it is good to train to have the option.

  2. just because u have the head incontrol doesnt mean that their whole movement of body will be finished i am an expereienced grapler for 25 years now and i would get out of that position very fast

    bjj for 25 years muay thai for 26 jkd taught by one of bruce lee's students trained in it for 29 years

  3. 100% agreed. I was just talking about the borderline instances where you could walk away or just temporarily imobilize without the use of total anihilation.

    But I gotcha' point Jimi.

  4. Try throwing a kick while lying down, your arm is bent backwards, and a knee with body weight on your head.

    Then you tell me.

  5. I wanna see him drag some1 down like that and getting that wrist lock in sparring or in a real fight… it´ll never happen.

  6. This is definitely more effective then you might think….
    The point is to loosen up your opponent before you take them to the ground. Of course no one is just gonna fall on the floor once you pull on their arm. This might not work an mma fight, but on the street where self defense really matters and there are no rules I'm sure this submission would work and could break someone's wrist.

  7. Something like this is very hard to do in actual sparring as there is a lot of movement which I do not see here. however some of his principles such as weakening the opponent before the takedown are valid.

  8. Agreed, there are much better ways he could've done that. Also, there was too much action going on before the take down. What happened to "simplicity"?

  9. advanced JKD martial arts ? where`s the efficiency, simple and directness ? please stop destroying an idea bruce lee had, and get back to basics.

  10. well i could see bruce pulling it off in a real fight or if your opponent stood still then i could see that

  11. The action going before was just what would normally happen over the course of a fight, he just wanted to make the point that you shouldn't try this at the start of a fight, this is a finisher.

  12. What is more painful, squishy (or even rock hard) buttcheeks, or a knee? I think having a knee on my head would get my compliance just as quickly as getting t-bagged, and definitely be easier on the person doing the technique.

  13. "Normally"? There is no normal or standard in a fight. It's a fight, it's chaos, that's kind of the idea. Jeet Kune Do uses no planned response to deal with threats because no two situations are identical.
    If the idea was to illustrate the finisher (which I feel had it's own problems), he should've introduced the technique separately, apart from that sequence.

  14. He used the opening to just show that this is not meant as a move to be used to begin a fight, otherwise someone will try this at the start, find it doesn't work unless the other guy is already weak, and get knocked out because he didn't fully explain the requirements to the move.

  15. I understand what you're saying. He didn't need the beginning sequence however.
    What I'm saying is that a better way to introduce this technique would've been with the words "when you have an opening" or "when you make an opportunity" or something like that.

    The problem with the move sequence he demonstrated was that it may suggest the move must follow those others. Just mention that it's meant to end a fight and be done with it.

  16. jkd is an earlier form of mixed martial arts,. so if you talk about jkd,. yout talk about mma,. you are right,. the debate they are making are pointless if they dont know what jkd is,.

  17. So basically "weaken his structure" by knocking him silly with as many strikes as possible, then the grappling works?

    You're probably right, if the opponent is concussed etc you could then drag him down like that. Of course, you can pretty much do whatever you want to a seriously dazed opponent, including crappling.

    Why not work on a grappling technique that works against healthy opponents, which doesn't require a Bruce-Lee-like barrage of strikes beforehand in order to function?

  18. except that as security or police you're not allowed to strike in anyway wwhatsoever unless the situation really warrants it. And both my parents are cops – I've seen what those telescopic battons can do, they wouldn't bother with this crap.

    Not that most cops know the difference between this shite and proper fighting.

  19. I know what JKD is, but most people who do JKD really missed what Bruce Lee was thinking of when he made it. Cos frankly, it's just another system now rather than a philosophy which is what it should be.

  20. come on mates! cheer up! he is showing some ways to grapple… application is in your hands! u practice it, master it, and apply when it is applicable. ofcourse u will understand when to apply dis while practicing!

  21. i know a lot about practical fighting. and this stuff works. i only said you were stupid because you called him stupid. No reason to cuse at a kid.

  22. That's why you train for multiple attackers. If you have more than one threat there are ways of using your opponent as a shield as you destroy limbs.
    There's a lot more to this. This is just a one on one situation.

  23. You've got some real cohones friend talking about practical fighting. BJJ doesn't exactly fit that mold from any "practical" standpoint.
    BJJ is far from practical in a street situation. If you're talking about sport fighting then I appologize in advance.

  24. It's crap to you because you don't understand. That's ok though.
    I wouldn't expect you to get it based on your initial comment.

  25. Well, it's nice moves when you deal with 1 opponent but you need to be in the JKD frame of mind and prepared for more assailants.
    Oké, let's say you have him in this lock and then what?? You stay like this forever? NO I DON'T THINK SO!

  26. Dwight Woods is the shittiest JKD "instructor" I've seen. Grappling your opponent to the ground? What the fuck is he thinking? Always think of hitting, close the distance, intercept attacks. JKD is about simplicity. He also leaves wide gaps when "trapping", completely counter-productive to the whole point of trapping.

  27. I studied boxing when I was young and I've been studying muy thai, kick boxing, and bjj for a couple of years now, I also do bonus training with a few friends that are pro mma fighters becuase they've done judo, and other martial arts. But after walking in to sifu dwights gym I was convinced and when I return to the states I will be a jeet kune do student. For those who hate on it, I encourage you to go find out foryourself otherwise keep ur comments to yourself.

  28. @gkirbybjj191 first off no disrespect to you, you seem very educated, those styles that you mentioned are all excellent art forms for self defense/street fighting. However, Bruce Lee has tested HIS style of fighting, the true Jeet Kune Do not what I have seen in these videos, against wrestling, Judo, Jujitsu, Karate, and Tae Kwon Do and won. All these guys he fought were black belts with a lot of experience. They all began training under him too after they saw that he was the real deal.

  29. Heere we have a school jeet kun do academy run by one of sifu dwights students but im going to learn muay thai there and i will be complementing my muay thai with jun fan grappling techniques.

    Muay thai is great for striking but remember muay thai is an art based on the sports aspect of muay boran which was a complete art, muay thai is not a complete art and lots of the grappling has been removed for the entertainment of the thai practicioners going strike for strike in the ring.

  30. you cannot have a set pattern of movements and say it is JKD. u say that what ever option you take (eg. against a punch) that works for you is JKD. You cant package it and sell it. Everyone has been doing it before, during and after Lee. All Lee was saying, is that what every u r doing continue it if it is realistic n not 2 prearranged like his movies. he did not say it was a new idea or his idea. Ideas were circulating in society for 1000s yrs they belong 2 no 1person. PEACE

  31. those ''arm drags'' NEVER work, ok maybe when you hit him so many times, because then he dsnt have any energy over….

  32. If you will notice, this starts out using Wing Chun Kung-Fu (or Gung-Fu) techniques. Bruce Lee started out as a student of Wing Chun, but realized it had weaknesses. That lead him to Jeet Kune Do-a way of fighting that uses any technique that is useful.

  33. @Klootjee not energy but his sense of balance would be lost from the flurry of punches, then the take down would be effective

  34. @GoongFooStud So basically what you're saying is that "Mr Dreadlocks" doesnt know what he's doing and is basically a jkd charlatan. Is that correct?

  35. @Ebis77 like i said, maybe when you hit him so many times in the face so that hes way to tired. trust me, it wont work….

  36. @Klootjee The armdrag will work but not in this combination. See the armdrag seperate and not in a combination. Offcourse you must do this after you hit a guy. and do it quick when he doesnt expect it. Example, when your in a struggle (clinch positition) Give him a headbutt in his face and then directly put the armdrag in. He will go to the ground. But im with you when you see this guy doing THIS combo, It will not work in a real fight. JKD is not about combo's, its about usting the right tool!

  37. I have a great deal of respect for Sifu Woods & Unified Martial Arts. My JKD Instructor has mentioned him several times, praising his abilites in JKD & teaching. I think all of you arm-chair commandos that are "What-If" -ing this presentation to death need to start training either JKD Concepts or Progressive Fighting Systems & learn the difference between "Self Perfection" drills, and "Self Preservation" drills.

  38. HAHAHAHAHAHA this guy makes me laugh, first of all Jeet Kune Do "The Way of the Intercepting Fist" is a PHILOSOPHY(not a style) of combat devised by Bruce Lee in 1967 – 1973. It is predicated on eliminating flowery techniques, dispensing wuith low-efficiency techniques, and STRIKING FIRST and FAST.

  39. there are so many complainers on youtube. I swear, youtube commenters must be some of the best martial arts experts in the world.

  40. dude you are the most boring out of any jkd instructor ive seen, in fact you are the only boring jkd instructor ive seen, but oh well.. fuck it, just makes me believe its possible

  41. bruce lee is turning over in his grave. THIS is the type of shit that gives rise to entire styles gaining a bad name. you are the JKD equivalent of tae kwon do gyms that hand out black belts like halloween candy. NO ONE WORTH their salt is getting taken down like that, and why go for a WRISTLOCK IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO CONTROL THE BODY? A KNEE ON THE HEAD OF ANY DECENT GRAPPLER WONT CUT IT. ITS CALLED AN ARMBAR, LEARN TO GRAPPLE. furthermore who strikes with a forearm? thumbs up for sheer comedy



  43. you don't go 'hunting' for arm drags. it's just 'there' for you IF you've trained, drilled and drilled. hence, muscle memory??? sorry but you can't say it doesn't work. it's not just a one, two, swing kick thing. it's real martial arts. make it your own.

  44. If they are already in punching range and moving with rapid succession , i highly doubt you would have time for an axe kick.

  45. Sifu Woods or staff that posted this. I am a student and instructor in the same family, not with your amount of time but I would disable comments in the future. Obviously everyone has a right to free speech and independent thought but so many here close minded with finite reasoning thinking and I'm sure training in absolutes. They are missing one of the biggest parts of JKD, exploration-liberation and imagination. Keep the videos coming. Nice work

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