Advanced Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts : Fast interception Technique Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Sifu Dwight
Woods of Unified Martial Art Academy in Miami, Florida today we are going to be talking about
advance jeet kune do. Now again you may have notice everything that we have done we have
done from with our right side forward and that was one of the major depart sort of speak
that Bruce Lee implemented. The whole idea was instead of using the traditional approach
which is to prob or soften your opponent up with the lead hand and then take him out with
the power hand Bruce Lee’s idea was to put the power side forward so when you make your
initial motion. So for example my straight lead then I have maximum power and maximum
impact. So if we do this in slow motion again I sense Jay is going to wind up and hit me
with a sucker punch. What I want to do is to intercept his motion and see by using superior
technology which I would expand on the next clip you would see how I can get to him first.

98 thoughts on “Advanced Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts : Fast interception Technique Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts

  1. "He trained his forward to strike solid like a rear cross"

    I'm no expert on the subject but if one person trains the rear follow through to rival ones lead isn't that the same thing in reverse? What that means is that logically speaking it would amount to training type and experience. So wouldn't that mean that in ideology JunFanJimi is right? Just because you work hard and accomplish something doesn't change the GENERAL pros and cons of rear and lead attacks. It only changes variables.

  2. Good point but wouldn't you train both hands to be equal? Wouldn't matter what hand was forward, just use the lead hand. Especially if the guy was left handed, then you wouldn't have to worry if your best hand is forward.

  3. You got it. We train both sides. I think what he's referring to is we naturally have a stronger side. Right or Left. Naturally you want to make both sides equally strong.

  4. The Tao of Jeet Kune Do is an essential foundation if you want to really understand what JKD is. If you want to read it just because you think you'll learn how to fight like Bruce Lee, then don't bother reading it. Bruce developed the concept of the Martial Art being one with the practitioner. That if you fully grasp it's concept then you are JKD. Sifu Dwight is really a great person to study and train with.

  5. I went to his McDojo in Miami. This guy– "Seafood White Woods," is just about the sorriest excuse for a martial artist that you'll ever have the misfortune of meeting.

    Whenever he was too busy to teach one of his Dreadlock Fu classes, his assistants would have you do 45 minutes of jumping jacks while they sent texts to underage girls on their cellphones.

  6. baconsoap78,

    You're a moron and a liar. If you don't like the guy that's fine but don't sound like an idiot and spew b.s.

    If you can't handle it then go back to your Jane Fonda workouts…lol


  7. Baconsoap78

    "United"? It's Unified
    You supposedly went for two whole months and you didn't even get the name right. lol

    Two whole months…. dude you didn't even scratch the surface.

    P.S. Thanks for the laughs. You've made my day.

  8. Such big talk from a keyboard.

    All you got is insults that a 4 year old can make. You don't realize it because of your lack of understanding but your insults only make you sound dumber.

    What's next.."I know you are but what am I"…

    Now go on and watch your cartoons and pretend you know anything about anything and leave the combat talk to the big boys.

    P.S. you sure like to talk about gay scenarios. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

  9. Dog that barks certainly don't bite.

    Funny how you're the one who initiates the hostility and now you want to show how "manly" you are because of words on a screen? Am I really that much of a threat to you?

    I have to admit it was funny though.

    "bloody shining example" that was awesome.

    As crazy as you sound you're quite the comedian. I can appreciate that. I got a sense of humor too.

    P.S. I think this conversation is turning into Mortal Kombat.

  10. Thank you judge judy. j/k

    Dude he's a liar and he knows it, but whatever it's all pointless anyway and time to move on.

    P.S. By insulting the both of us you've joined the special olympics….lol j/k

  11. Hey bacon i live in Miami Fl too. where do u train? ive been looking for a school for a while. oh lol i know ur arguing with someone and it probably isnt the best time to be asking. but if u can tell me of some schools i could check out thats be awesome.

  12. Definitely not this assclown's McDojo. There is a studio in the Brickell area on 8th that teaches Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai. I'm going to check it out this weekend and give you all the info.

  13. "if you dont completely floor the oponent in the first hit you are completely open for the next attack."

    If you get punched in the face your sence of balance is lost you wouldn't be able to land another move fast ¬¬
    Plus the person who attacks first could, and would, land the next attack before his opponent..

  14. even if you get hit slightly in the face you get confused lol… if someone went for the punch to the face and stoped a few inches before they touch you you'd still try and aviod it. PLus how can you miss a straight punch to the face… if you missed you should be embarased lol

  15. Well i personaly do Jeet Kune Do and i find it hard to miss with this technique. Considering the other guy is half way through his punch too would also knock him off balance.. plus the idea is to punch then quickly move back

  16. I suppose lol, but i think the video was made to brake down the move to teachi suppose he could teach the stuff that followed too

  17. Seems theirs a lot of unjustifiable negative criticism to this technique. Try to understand hes just showing a single technique on which he will expand upon in a later clip.
    Note: its not a complete system of fighting in a single clip! Dont take things out of context and think it is.
    Also, if you think of an opening jab as not that important in a fight and something most fighters can take; think about finger jab to the eye

  18. Bruce Lee was originally a student of Wing Chun kung fu. his departure from a balanced stance is mis-represented here. in WTKF you do not soften with either hand. you do an endless combination always changing the attacking hand. one hand defends while the other assaults and then they reciprocate and trade duties.

  19. I asked the same question a few pages back and if I remember correctly he is certified by Dan Inosanto. Compere this Dwight-guy with SteFanJKD here on youtube, he is certified by Ted Wong and you can tell the difference

  20. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Dan certify Ted? Is I understood it, Bruce only certified 3 guys…J/Lee, T/K and D/Inosanto…I don't know who this guy is but I did like Mr Wongs stuff…Reminded me of Bruce.

  21. No, Ted Wong is certified by Bruce Lee. Dan has the highest rank, Ted has the second highest. But if you ask me, paper is only paper. Just look at Dan Inosanto and Ted Wong and see the difference.

  22. Maybe, but definitely not a lot, they just make money from their profession. Like this guy probably teaches at a school or something.

  23. why does erthang gotta be a show and put up as entertainment…because it's not seen in mma doesn't mean its a weak martial arts…..

  24. it was never ment to be a training manual, ive studdied gunfu arts for 20 years, we carry simular methods of not conformaty, and lack of rules, just means your not a programed robot, but are awair of ur limitations and strikabe areas . ie where and with what.

  25. How can you say Jeet Kune Do is all show. Honestly thats not what jeet kune do is for. its about street defense and personal growth. And another thing if I learned jeet kune do and went into MMA id probly accidentally eye jab everyone because its such a natural reflex. you are blinded by ignorance.

  26. you have an opportunity today to see the truth right before your eyes but you cant see it. martial arts have been revolutionized. the battle to change our way of thinking and fighting has been won. bruce lees pursuit was not in vain.why are you still fighting.
    instead of the JKD concept, it is the UFC concept that has made a successful revolution and is continuing to revolutionize the world of fighting.
    no one or nothing else did it. let the JKD people practice their concept in peace.

  27. You obviously don't understand the essence of JKD, then. It is to adapt to any circumstance via any means possible; Lee's JKD variant that took a lot from Wing Chung is an excellent starting point, yes, but he's stressed numerous times that the most effective style is no style, which is very much the UFC way. You're looking at JKD in a physical aspect instead of a philosophical one, which is the art's true essence.

  28. explain the "essence"! Then explain its a "philosophy" not "physical"! many people believe that because they mention the words, philosophy, essence and bruce in class, that they have taught JKD. TAi Chi instructors who say their force (chi) can knock you 10 feet but never can show it. talk is cheap. I watch wat u do not wat u say. u hav 2 transcen from philosophical 2 physical fight. u cant liv in a phyloshophic world. ur demo must match ur philosophy. all ufc fighters have a philosophy.

  29. based on these videos the way of the intercepting fist is not new. for thousands of years before-during-after Bruce Lee-boxers, wrestlers, kungfu, thai boxers, taekwondo, ufc, romans, spartans etc have demonstrated this in fighting, even animals do it. do your research, you will find it in every style. what is new is that some people have packaged it and sold it as new. this is because philosophies have been circulating throughout society for 1000s of years. they dont belong to any one man.

  30. I see a lot of so-experts talking shit some are good but for the most part it sound like pure haters.I like this brotha cause he is honest with everything that bruce was teaching (I met Dan Inosanto) now I like the UFC for what it is "Sport" but from my school of thought & where i been.. that shit is the same as a street fight with a brother with a few extra skills (some more than other) but if it has one rule its not real not like in the begginig of the sport.

  31. sorry i wasn't done…lol Now back then it had rule but not like it has now & to me it is 2 water down but it's still a better fighting sport than boxing…lol Anyway there is a diference from fighting (an even exchange) from self defense/offense so just do what it is your doing Sensei (My brotha) & for you haters & so-call Bruce Lee experts i got only on thing to say "Men Who Say It Can't Be Done Shouldn't Interrupt Men Doing It" ooooS!!! JKD, Sanuces & Vee Arnis Juijitsu 4Ever!

  32. he is not teaching a style but concepts upon concepts he is always beginning the same in every video but showing what you "could do" and how you could do it….its not that he is saying this is the only way he is trying to show all the techniques that is implied in JKD from just one perspective

  33. funny how lee taught many people jeet kune do only thing i agree with u is that ppl teach jkd as a style and not as a philosophy.

  34. You need to go back and actually listen to the video. I think you started writing before you watched it.
    You got it all twisted.

  35. But Lee's philosophy would encompass all of those styles, and probably their philosophies, too. He said "efficiency is anything that scores". In what way is that limited?

  36. Dwight Woods is the shittiest JKD "instructor" I've seen. He leaves wide gaps when "trapping", completely counter-productive to the whole point of trapping. At least the rest of the instructors on youtube show their technique in real time, not some slowed down choppy technique that's not even JKD to begin with.

  37. Ok man get off your high horse many of us are martial artists it all depends on the fighter – Kenpo TKD Aikido

  38. @ xSLeviNx you really don't understand the concept of JKD at all. JKD is not the how Bruce Lee fights, JKD is the concept of adapting different styles and movements from different arts and creating a fighting system especially tailored for an individual. Just because Bruce Lee used southpaw does not mean that southpaw is JKD =/

  39. @xSLeviNx but then you're just jabbing with your dominant hand. Your straight punch will generally have more power than your jab no matter which stance…

  40. by using superior technology?! wot?! do u have plasma gun or something?! or r u trynna say superior technique?! come on man, say it right, dnt make it stupid! and show some real fast and powerful punches! who agrees?!

  41. I've always believed that every orthodox fighter is a southpaw and vice versa. I've always fought with my power and control hand forward to pave the way for the hand with less control and power.

  42. this is wat confuses me
    ive studied boxing 4 yrs (as well as other martial arts that lee used in jeet kune do) to truly understand his style n way of thinking
    but in boxing they teach u to use ur power hand slightly back whislt ur lead hand aka jab sets up openingsbut in here is is telling u to put the power hand 1st
    i understand dats ur power hand n lee wanting to end the fight quick but dis totally contradicts the very basics of boxing

  43. @TheOnlyCloud good point i understand
    it just threw me off because i kno lee incorparated some boxing in his fighting style
    he was indeed a talented boxer n avid boxing fan
    but thank u 4 shedding light on the subject:)

  44. @SonicZero Well you see, JKD is based on economy of motion. The strongest hand goes first for maximum power to end the fight quickly. But you're right, if you're a lefty, you're not going to fight southpaw, you'll fight orthodox and vice versa. JKD still has principles, principles which ensure the most effective way to fight your fight. For example, if someone feels more comfortable pulling back a punch and then throwing it, it's not JKD.

  45. @WhirlwindWerewolf well said. There are guide lines that Bruce stated for jeet kune do. And without calling it jeet kune do just fighting efficiently in general. Thats the whole point. He didn't want to give it a name but the things he wrote about and what jeet kune do represents is efficiency. One of those efficient things is leading with your strong hand.

  46. isnt it stupid to have long hair if u get into a fight? i mean if someone pulls those dreads, then Damn , thats gonna hurt big time : /

  47. @phatbastard0alkaline Honestly with the technique he just show do you really think that he would lets some one grab a hold of his dreads what you said just contradicts the whole video i really would like to see someone try and grab his dreads and watch what happens…….

  48. @SonicZero But to be able to find your own 'style' with JKD concepts, one first has to study Original JKD.
    First have to learn the techniques like bruce lee did then learn to combine and use them then master them throw away what is unusefull for you and keep what is usefull.

  49. @SonicZero But to be able to find your own 'style' with JKD concepts, one first has to study Original JKD.
    First have to learn the techniques like bruce lee did then learn to combine and use them then master them throw away what is unusefull for you and keep what is usefull.

  50. @phatbastard0alkaline this jamaican guy is a wannabe bro look who hes making videos for "expert village" lmao the same people who teach you how to drive stick in a fucking pt cruiser

  51. are clearly not understanding what JKD is. Even Bruce Lee himself frowned on his creation after he saw too many people considering it as "the way". JKD is not a style!! Its a system of thought and ongoing learning processes. He stripped away all the garbage and kept the things that got to the point. He even found enlightment in western fencing. In a way, you almost need to learn different martial arts to excel. To "learn" JKD in a physical form is contrary to what Bruce wanted.

  52. JKD is basically do what you feel is right in a given situation it technically isn't a style its just a way of thinking. Do what you think is right.

  53. @drawninbraille so basically jeet kune do is anything that you want it to be as far as martial arts
    its no wonder why bruce lee is called the father of mma

  54. question: why do the JKD people say put your power side forward? Is that because the right side punch is stronger than the left in this style?

  55. Hi wsrpotg – if you are right-handed then lead with the right and if you are left-handed then lead with the left. You put you strongest and most dexterous side forward so that the weapon closest to your opponent has the maximum opportunity of success. It's that simple

  56. @SonicZero So, there's some martial art that you are in and that you really like, but some of the techniques are odd or difficult to you. If you take another one that have similar techniques and that are easier for you or you use different sparring techniques from another, is that pretty much JKD or just mixing and matching?

  57. Yep, ten men and and his dog know that, I'm saying that JKD people think bruce invented lots more than he actually did, when it's already found in Wing chun.

  58. I switch the stance in sparring from time to time so I can throw jabs with my right….but if this concept would be superior than boxers and mma-fighters would use it…….the problem is that it takes off the ability to throw all you body weight in the stronger hand to create a ko-strike.

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