Advanced Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts : Combination Trap Technique in Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Sifu Dwight
Woods of Unified Martial Art Academy in Miami, Florida today we are going to be talking about
advance jeet kune do. Now some of you viewer may have realize that while Jay and I where
demonstrating these first technique his rare hand keeps coming into play yeah well that
is very possible so now we would take that pushing energy which was technique number
1 and the pulling energy which was technique number 2 and we would combine them and we
would also deal with the rare hand factor. So in slow motion if I go 1 and Jay gives
me this energy and cross the center line then this hand is going to come out and that is
going to help me to score the techniques so now I have what we would call a combination
trap. Trap number 1 followed by trap number 2. One more time trap number 1 from the pop
lock and then trap from number 2 from the lock down. So what is important is also if
we can get the camera is that not only are the hands doing something but you got to be
sure that the lower body is also incorporated into this so when I move in I want to be sure
that I also get some kind of trap and energy on Jay’s lower body otherwise you can end
up concentrating on this and wham you end up being kick so you got to be sure you trap
the lower body also.

100 thoughts on “Advanced Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts : Combination Trap Technique in Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts

  1. Dont bother with fucking trapping kids. It doesn't work. You honestly think you're fast enough to catch a trained boxers punches? try it in a fight and see what happens.

  2. it's because you haven't tried it yet… ephasm that's why you say that… YOU SAY WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW… hehehe…

  3. Using trapping? You think you're fast enough to trap a properly trained boxer? Not some fanny who goes to a non fighters gym and thinks he's a boxer but a properly trained and tested boxer who's had fights. THAT'S a boxer. They're not hard to find. Christ even the average little dickhead with no skill cna get as many fights as he wants matched for in boxing.

  4. I say it because it's true frankly mate. I dont have to try something to know it doesn't work. I've never tried to fly – I know it doesnt fucking work.

  5. No, I'm a thai boxer and I know you couldn't trap me. And as a thai boxer I know that my boxing skill is below par when compared with a boxer. I don't care who it is that wants to trap, nobody is fast enough. that's why you don't fucking trap in the MMA eing even though it's legal. because the BEST fighters in the world cant trap beyong parrying the occasional jab.

  6. The closest you get to trapping in Muay Thai, besides clinch work is parrying. Besides that's all splitting hairs, my point is that THIS SHIT doesn't work.

    And frankly mate you didn't do THIS to a boxer who's actually worth calling a "boxer".

  7. The best example of everything that's wrong with Jeet Kune Do…

    JKD Guy: "Hey, since I hit harder with my right hand and leg, why not stand with my RIGHT SIDE FORWARD! Man, I'm a genius. I know it sort of robs all power from the right hand to begin with but the theory is sound!"

  8. Then I don't see what the point in this shit is then if the only kind of "trapping" that actually works is the stuff you'll get taught at any decent boxing gym. Go learn the usual stuff and you'll "trap" a lot better.

    And I don't know what semi-pro is. Either you're good enough to get paid and you do or you're not good enough. I'm not a boxer I'm a professional Thai boxer. You could never EVER trap me like this and my boxing, frankly, is well below par.

  9. Jeet kun do isn't jeet kun do without wing chun concepts. i agree that traditional wing chun isnt 100% street applicable, but its basic principles are indispensable. I believe for a person to fully understand JKD they must first understand Wing chun, this doesn't mean they have to use it, they may fight entirely in the kicking and punching, or grappling range.

  10. really what jeet june do is, is the original idea of mma. It was about taking down the "you can't do that" that certain martial arts pushed, and started incorporating the good in other martial arts, which is what mma is all about.

  11. i patice muay thai and eagle klaw kung fu, ans i like jeet kune a lot. kali scrima? whats that? could you tell me more?

  12. Doesn't he just love to trap. It's a dominant factor in his classes i believe. Wing chun is a great art and Bruce Lee would underscore that.

    Hack away… still long a way to go here!

  13. when you've got the glow, you see it on your face, you feel it in your hand and people understand.
    He looks like the dude on the first mortal kombat movie that got his ass whipped

  14. I think you're misquoting Bruce Lee. He never said Wing Chun was bull. Instead he said the system was uneccessary and was not as practical. This is modified WC for JKD. It's not the same. Ask any WC Sifu. I personally am a better fighter for having learned the principles of WC. Absorb what is usefu. By the way this was what Bruce taught all his students, Including Inosanto,Wong,Glover,Kimura,and Poteet to name a few.

  15. It's quite useful I guess, since incorporated with boxing and other kicking techniques… similar to the Ancient Greece's version of boxing, pankratium…

  16. so how do you use that in real battle…. coz u don't expect to start the battle in that position….. sorry i'm newb about this thing

  17. i just started too, but its used when in close combat….when both people are so close that these trap techniques can be used efficiently. I find it really hard stuff to do because it hasnt become second nature to me…..i have to think about it when practicing it

  18. yeah it´s relatively similar to wing chun,but unfortunately many JKD schools just teach the "product" of bruce lee's knowledge.i'm still practising wing chun but now also JKD and the others just go in with some techniques like bong-sao and do not feel the impulses like bruce lee did…

  19. jkd is not there to make you a better mma fighter! its there to help you adapt into different style of figters! ofcourse thats just my opinion!

  20. Is "Jet Kune Do" Better than " Kong Fu "????
    Dos it give you a good health condition?
    Would it like, give you a good fealing about your selve?
    Would your concentration get better??
    Would you be like more protected from gething sick?
    Will they teach you howto like fall safely to the ground if somebbody DID take you down??
    Would you be able to like, for example do splite, high air kicks and things like that??
    Plzz answer this Question

  21. do u cinda meen that. You can train "Jeet kune do" and " Kong fu" and it wont effect in like, gething mixed up between styles??.

  22. @810Maniek hi. öhm
    Jeet Kune Do is a hybrid martial art made by Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee made it by combined different martial arts, and moves. Like taek won do, shotokan, some box styles, etc. there are lots of martial arts combined in this. The other name of this is Jeet Kune Do=Chinese box.(in my country, Hungary). I do this of course. Jeet Kune Do is not just a martial arts. It's a life style.(not condom xD) The harmony in my body,spirit,brain, is complete. the part of my life.

  23. @LeaderLiquid i was gonna start teaching the very little that i know, fucking marine corps told me i couldnt!

  24. although i dont believe fighting is the way to look cool and get round life, if someone came up to me in street, i'm almost certain a gun would woop all their asses

  25. i recommend everyone to watch ip man 1 and 2, he is after all the dude who started bruce lee's training lol…wikkid movie…serious wing chun martial arts.

  26. I can't believe I got to meet this guy in rhode island along with Dan Inosanto. Plus I got to eat lunch with both and friends of dans at applebees. It was the best day of my life.

  27. @qhollis33 So, basically you're trying to say is that Bruce didn't know all of wing chun and that he only talked about improving it but didn't. Go learn with one of the top JKD instructors and they will show you exactly what Bruce changed in wing chun. Wing chun is great, no doubt about it and it was key to Lee's development but he did go beyond it. Creative people go beyond and continue to go beyond, there is no end to it. There is always more to discover and improve.

  28. @BKKaye Bruce was exceptional with the fundmntls of WT but he wanted more he visited toward the end of his life IP Man to ask if he could teach him the rest of the dummy and the other two forms. He offered money after success of Way of the Dragon. Ip declined because he didn't give him credit and he taught non chinese.JKD lack WT footwrk&elbows. When bruce fault his friends and witnesses said that he would revert to traditional WT stance and kicks and it's angle attack which he taught Joe Lewis.

  29. @methistopholes Yes, it retains those things but not elbows that come from Bui Gee (3rd form). Bruce studied 1st form and some of dummy form for about 2-3 years (different accounts). ip man encouraged him to use it in the streets so bruce became a street brawler. JKD is good my point was it was a concept that bruce invisioned not a style. His friend Taky who was his closes friend n studnt even said that. He also said that bruce was one that did not teach you everything he kept secrets. research

  30. @megasayajinsongoku99 – that's incorrect my friend. If you read bruce's books and books by people who knew him, (good book "fighting Spirit") you will find the opposite to be true. Everytime bruce fought for real (rooftop bilos and usa challenge fights) it wasnt like Dragon or his movies he used traditional WT stance n attacks.Bruce often told his student "When in doubt, "Straight Blast" which he described as Chain-Punching. He never use kicks above the waist. His fights over in secs. xcpt 1.

  31. Yes, for all who are interested in WT you can check Emin Bozsteppe and you will see the best that I know and whom I have trained with in person perform WT. His student who is also very good is Michael Casey (who does a lot of fight choreography for movies like Batman Returns, and trains people in LA, Ca.) There's actually a video of he and Bozsteppe working out and you can see the level of Bozsteppe.

  32. jkd is a philosophy and fighting method. some ppl just don't get it. you can make your own jkd. make it your own. too many ppl look like bruce lee when they fight.

  33. thanks! but i agree on the fighting stance though. almost all martial arts use it. it's neutral and you don't know what will happen. i have been to many free trial jkd classes and honestly, some are skilled BUT you need a foundation. Bruce Lee had a foundation. no wonder why he gave up the name jkd. it's just a name. i think it's better to use jkd concepts rather than jkd style.

  34. however, bruce lee wasn't the pioneer of this philosophy/method. countries like the philippines, indonesia, malaysia, thailand, etc, all crosstrained, all had a foundation, all had their own expression. the only thing that stopped them was the name of the art. they wanted to keep or have it called muay thai or silat or panantukan. they are all related. if you don't believe me, take a look at some clips of silat, panantukan, dumog, kali, muay thai, muay boran, evan krav, and western boxing.

  35. @bryandejesus217 western boxing was first introduced by the ancient greeks son.. It then became popularized again around the 1700s around London… Fililpino boxing is also pretty devestating but its a lot differnt in technique and rules then western…

  36. @bryandejesus217 free trial classes.. thats the greatest comment on here. I've never heard anyone brag about mooching free one time beginner jkd lessons. and I'm kind of serious. thumbs up

  37. @xXShasXx

    this is very true, im lucky to be learning JKD at a facility where they also teach other martial art styles so I can reinforce my JKD training. after all JKD is the style of no style

  38. Great video. But Bruce Lee stated later on that "sticking hand" is rather pointless because his thinking is to take out your opposition at the quickest time possible(usually 1-hit KO) and in actual fight there isn't really anytine to "stick" to ya opposition hands.

  39. After you trap the lower body, do a switch kick and round house kick him in the outside leg, then follow it up with a backfist off the same hand as your lead leg 😀

  40. @DBZ4ETERNITY Oh lol true,so far from what i've see JKD,Aikido,and Krav Maga are the best,but i'm gonna check out your FMA.

  41. @12344richard
    The important thing is to find a school that does live sparring, no matter what martial art is your choice.

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