Advanced Boxing Techniques and Exercises : Punching Bag Practice Techniques

He’s just going to be practicing every technique
that he did, like his jabs, his combinations, the body work – stay to the body, back up
to the head with the jab, right cross, you know, simple stuff. Now he’s throwing good
hooks to the body, good hooks to the head. Good speed and power, there he goes, right
hand, moving bobbing – he’s moving good and his combinations are excellent, the body
work is good. “Work more on your jab.” There you go. There you go. The force is definitely
with him. See that was a good body shot, good right hand – now you come back with something
after that, just don’t throw the right hand and come back. Throw the right hand, come
with a left hook, back to the body.
There you go. There you go, there you go. That’s good.

96 thoughts on “Advanced Boxing Techniques and Exercises : Punching Bag Practice Techniques

  1. "hmm very funny, a good MMA fighter would just throw a boxxer on the ground and just ground and pound him"

    Yea, and almost anyone can ambush, tackle and nearly kill someone, twice their size, if they have the element of surprise.
    It happens…

    Yea, and not just anyone of those MMA fighter could step in the ring with someone like Mike Tyson.They had better be experts, because they only get one chance, and if Tyson catches you with one left or right, it's over… You never left MMA close on you

  2. @danmarino1970

    have u ever tried mma? its a lot harder than boxing.

    mma is a lot more than just grappling FYI. thats why it is called MIXED martial arts.

  3. @RunningSwimmingMan

    its been done before, and wrestlers usually beat boxers.

    another boxing fan who cant face facts…

  4. @DustinF1000
    not really because mma HAS boxing in it (along with other martial arts).

    its not like boxing is the only martial art out there you know…

  5. thats just ignorant. if you have done anyboxing at a serious level then you would know.the sports are vastly different and they both require certain levels of fitness particular to that sport.they both require a high level of fitness

  6. hey ryandude1992 ok for mma you need more technic but people who did boxing hit faster taht people in the mma. but mma is harder beacause is full body

  7. is this us style ? im amateur boxer , but with his length , a trainer would always let his pupil work on his natural advantage . if he's like 6'2 , and fightin like this , he would walk into a hook uppercut combo from a smaller [5'9 or so ] boxer .
    i noticed that many times bfore with american boxers , why not make that jab and straight right go loooong , and straight throug the middle on the chin ?
    just sayin , im 5'9 , and if boxin him , like he is doin now , is excactly what i want

  8. WTFever. This guy looks like he can hit with plenty of speed and power and would probably maul most of the nay-sayers here.

  9. this kid's good, from 00:41 to 00:46 his speed is deadly, at 00:56 his jab is strong enough to knock someone out on its own

  10. @aaronracine hahahahahahahaha mma fighters would sweep u off ya feet,and pound u out,and most of em have boxing backgrounds mma would kill boxers

  11. why yall hate'n ppl always got sum shit to say lol…and if u in love with MMA go watch THAT, not dis (ftr…i too enjoy mma, but we not here for that)

  12. @AustrichePoetCafe

    Hey genius, silva has a black belt in BJJ and is a muay tai phenom, velasquez is a wrestler and capitalizes on ground and pound. A 100% boxer would stand and throw punches, no kicks, no take downs. Most fighters practice boxing a lot, because there isnt much of an argument against the ability to throw a punch in MMA but most of the fighters train standup that is more versatile than boxing ie forms of kickboxing. You want conditioning, go train judo/bjj/wrestling it hurts.

  13. well i do mma and we have a boxing coach because boxing has the best stand up defence best body movement and hand movement yea kicks are invovled and some techs from boxing you cant use cos itl leave you open but you go into mma without knowing any type of boxing then your going to take alot of hits u might win but u will take alot of counters and alot of fast burst combinations

  14. I'm doing kickboksing for 2,5 years now but today i go boxing for the first time. And guess what? i'm nervous! Ha!

  15. @53v3N7
    that depends on your arms if you have stronger biceps having open arms will leave you less vulnerable but give alot more power

  16. @Fr3aKBG lolz boxerz legz are fuckin brolic as shit… and if some1 has you one the ground and letz say your in a full gaurd right and you know how to throw some good punches you might be able to win the fight from your back tbh lol

  17. isnt this an instructional video. I dont see ow watching an established trained amateur go at full speed demonstrates the mechanics of his technique.

  18. @fafey1983 If you end up on the ground you're screwed. If you're taken down. You're helpless IF you don't apply BJJ. Go step in a cage with just pure boxing and fight against with a guy in a Gi. And a true fighter do not judge/insult other styles. Go fight a black belt. I dare you.

  19. @fafey1983 I don't believe that you KOd a guy in the first hit unless he was really shit, but I do agree with you that boxing is one of the most fun martial arts to practise, even though it is not applicable on the streets. Also the muai thai fighter must have been shit or stupid otherwise he would have just kept his distance and taken out your legs with kicks and then gone in for a KO or submission. But boxing is cool ive been doing it for a while too.

  20. @wasasa666 of course they are not comparable, they are two completely different styles of martial arts. however, if somebody tried to rob me on the street or attack me i would be much more comfortable if i was disciplined in something like karate or jiu juitsu rather than boxing. boxing on it's own is really only effective against boxing, but if you mix up boxing and jiu juitsu you have a deadly combo.

  21. When i say mma i dont mean ufc faggot style swinging like there is no tomorrow. I mean a combined style of boxing and jiu juitsu. there is no way to tell what situation you will be in and no martial art works for everything, but i think something like karate which has emphasis on striking and is a self defence art rather than a combat art would be most useful in a self-defence situation. boxing is designed to be used in a long situation where many punches are thrown

  22. @DrummerInTheCity1091

    The comments section of a video is certainly not where you prove your worth in fighting bro train. Also fights dont happen like that on the street man, thats called assaulting someone.

  23. como meta ese jab en un combate y le lean bien,le parten la cara,no cubre el menton cuando da el jab y eso es ko fijo.

  24. @Gangstagangsta2323 Then i hope for your sake you'll be sparring and not in a competitive bout with this guy.

  25. good speed power and movement

    dont see the video being sped up ……dont know where you guys get this lol

  26. through the right hand and comeback is what the trainer says but what does he want the boxer to bringback???

  27. @dru713281 his right hand… if you throw punches your vulnerable to being hit because your hands by your chin is what protects you, say you throw a punch 1/4 second before the other guy does and your punch misses… your wide open for his punch, get your hands back as quick as you can to prevent a nap

  28. @JMoore4291 that does not make any sense if you do that over and over youll get timed and get caught he should be teaching throwing then moving his head out of the way because when i spar if i just bring back my fist and use it just to block i can still feel the power when his punch lands its better to teach head movement instead of just bring it back i knock out guys that do that constantly because they are standing right in front of me its like hitting a punching bag

  29. @dru713281 who said do this over and over without moving? you asked what does he mean and i told you, if someone says "run a mile" and you say "what the hell how am i supposed to run a mile without breathing??? you said run a mile not run a mile while breathing!" he said get his hand back and thats what he meant, he never said get your hand back and stand directly still

  30. @JMoore4291 how do you know that is what he meant?you give great example using the same language tone but yet you dont actually know what he means?does he mean his hand,gaurd,front leg,front foot,left hip,right hip,IT can be anything but what exactly does he mean Are you sure i mean very sure that is what he meant and if so how?ONe mans trash is another mans treasure,To hate is like holding a hot coal and trying to hurl it at an enemy!420 know your role and shut your mouth you thong wearin fatty

  31. @dru713281 because anyone that knows boxing knows that's what he meant… "thong wearing fatty"? usually people would say "what are you 12?" but honestly… i really want to know how old you are? i prefer to not argue with people that aren't even teenagers yet, especially if they're fuckin idiots like you

  32. Like the work.The punch and move.The bag doesn't punch back but u can tell he has great ability very coordinated.Need more conditioning though.

  33. I've been boxing for 6 months and all I have yo say is this guy has great form. I wish I was that smooth.

  34. ppl saying vid is fake – whut would they gain by faking it
    the guy has probably been boxing for years and clearly he has a lot of skill

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