Advanced Boxing Techniques and Exercises : Move With Jab in Advanced Boxing

A little more advanced then most of the fighters
I would work with, but he’s still got things to learn, he’s still countable and good
enough to learn them. So basically, he’s got a good – he’s a tall kid, he’s a
tall young man and that would be great. His height good for the weight that he would like
to fight in, which is super middle weight, middle weight, which most middle weights is
maybe like 5’10’’. I was about the biggest middle weight in the middle weight division.
He’s got a good everything that he’s looking good. So I’m going to tell him, basically
to move more with his jab and move his body when he’s jabbing. When he steps in he’s

15 thoughts on “Advanced Boxing Techniques and Exercises : Move With Jab in Advanced Boxing

  1. Fantastic. With the knowledge imparted to me in this tutorial I am well on my way to ……. Fkng hospital. What a bucket of shite. who posted this pish.

  2. While some trainers do have a great story to tell i prefer trainers that are sharp and straight to the point, not waffling on about whatever it is he was waffling on about

  3. @R0ugeProductions boxing is verry easy u either have it or dont im golden gloves and each thing i learned i only needed to be told once ive had 56 wins 2 losses 34 out of the56 ive won have been knockouts but its accttually quite easy well for me some people struggle in it but i dont really struggle

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