Advanced Boxing Techniques and Exercises : Defense Techniques in Advanced Boxing

Okay, we’re over here in Mendez’ Boxing
Gym. Brand new ring, Everlast Ring. We’re going to do step four, defense. Iran ‘Blade’
Barkley, five time World Champion, Juan ‘Magic’ Newbalt, future World Champion. Alright Blade,
what do we do next, defense. I want to you to get into a fight stance, now see, his style
– if I was the type of fighter to fight with him and he’s a tall lanky man, as I’m
boxing with him, he’s got the jab and everything, but now I can see right now, there’s a lot
of things that’s open on him that he don’t even no that it’s open. You know, so if
we’re jabbing, I’m jabbing with him, it’s going to be things like, I can show that he’s
going to miss, he’s jabbing, I’m jabbing, he’s catching, if I took away the jab and
just went like this and stepped over here, I take that little step over here, catch him
here, I catch him here. These are the things that he’s got to be aware of. So in order
to do that, he’ll tighten his defense. Yeah you’ll tighten, like I said you’re a tall,
lanky – like middler. As I’m doing those things, you’re going to jab, but watch the
focus – what your hands now. You see how he is, your defense is tight, which is good,
but you’ve got to still protect that – right. Protect that. So as you’re jabbing,
you’re catching, you’re catching, you’re catching. You know you got guys that are going
to throw things like that, you’ve got to be able to be ready to catch that, catch it,
catch it, catch it. Throw it off, you’ve got things that you’ve got to be ready for.
So if I come over here – boom, there you go. If I’m over there, if I come in there
again – now you can hook off of that, you know what I’m saying.

100 thoughts on “Advanced Boxing Techniques and Exercises : Defense Techniques in Advanced Boxing

  1. nice defensive technique: I still believe that the best defensive tactic is to accuse your opponent with many many things.

  2. @YyJoBb There's not really an ideal height. To me the taller you can be for a particular weight class the better. This means trying to have the longest jab possible. I like to see a lightweight at 135lbs be around 6 ft tall. Of course it doesn't always turn out that way.

  3. @YyJoBb If I were you I'd stick with your natural height LOL! I'm 5'4" and fought from flyweight at 112 pounds up to featherweight at 126 pounds and did okay. That was coming down from around 150 while weightlifting/bodybuilding. Quite a range.

  4. The fact that this video has more than 2,000 views boggles my mind. It amazes me that ANY expert village videos have any views at all. They are all terrible.

  5. this is bollox u never go for body shots that openly and close up on the attack, you only get that close after a power punch is thrown and you counter punch. You put your head that close to his chest and fists at the same time throwing a body shot your gunna get knocked out. Pluss this guy sounds like hes got brain damage so it figures!

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  7. Thank you take a look at my new videos if you like boxing.What has Nigel Benn and me got in common ? We both held the L/Middleweight title in the army he 1983 me 1986.

  8. @viyarks you can do it every day, unless you're just starting out/if your conditioning isn't very good yet.

  9. why are you tellling us about your brand new ring? wtf i dont give a fukkk just wanna see some technique

  10. @viyarks rest a day or your muscles will say a day: i got enough.
    That means that you can do alot more than sit and walk a little for some weeks.
    i had it so train,rest,train,rest…

  11. @ogonga94 It blew my mind to! I was staying at a friend's house who lives in the ghetto, I was at the "bodega" aka deli,corner store,usually run by asians,hispanics or arabs.I was on line and I saw this guy in front of me point to the wall and low and behold the cashier placed a xxxxxl tshirt on the counter.They sell: Individual cigarettes,individual diapers, du rags,huge tshirts,dice and sometimes pot and other narcotics if you know the owner.Supply and demand.Some have 1" of bullet proof glass

  12. @sz42781 LOL!!! That's so bizarre, haha. I don't even know what to say because I'm so stunned at the variety of a ghetto deli.

  13. I dont have no idea of english but understand what he is trying to say about defense and how to use the guard. Whats your problem?

  14. dont make fun of him dude he maybe sustaind brain dmg and thats why he talks that way if u get hit to much he was proly an in-fighter if u dont know what that means they are good at taking hits and tradeing hits i would like to see u take hits like that dumbases …

  15. Iran Barkley,even BEFORE i saw this video is the last person in the world id ever want to teach me defense. He wasnt really known for his defensive prowess. Duran was 100 yrs old when they fought and STILL couldnt miss him even when he tried. Duran once said that he purposely tried to miss Barkley to set him up for another punch and dumbass moved his head right into the line of attack and Duran hit him anyway. Anyway, good to see the champ in good health. The Blade!!!

  16. dude learn how to pose first , then how to defend lol you guys looks dumb .
    leave the videos to pros , seriously!

  17. Boxing is a science, footwork is emphasized while most martial arts fail to recognize the importance of footwork and get punished by someone who knows how to box.

  18. I have studied various martial arts (judo, kali, boxing, chinese fast grappling) for over 12 years and none of them emphasize footwork as much as boxing does. If you think boxing is not up to par with MMA spar with amateur boxer and see how fast you have to go down.

  19. You know the whole way through this the camera man is thinking "stop spinning round". The coach forgets he's on camera. And someone tell him to stop wearing his dads t shirts!

  20. ok first off, i dont see how that fat guy can box, second this is shit, not professional at all whatsoever, if he knows hes on camera he shouldnt be going around in circles -.- and those gay ass looking jabs? wtf are those? shitty vid.

  21. @revengeofbutthead Not that easy lol, you want to go under their punch or else they can just hook it and knock you.

  22. You actually got to review this again to get what he's saying. And he's unorthodox with his teaching method. It's advanced and chances are most the complaints are from beginners or people who aren't ready.

  23. @mchackerham youve got issues. Weed is fucking great. If you smoked a decent sativa you wouldn't be such a hateful dude. They made a video to help other people; learn something and just be cool to people. You'll get further with less problems in life.

  24. oh my god, can you guys work on your mic? How about shooting film when you don't have a damn class going on in the background!??? FAIL

  25. Amazing sum guy was bullying me so i tried really hard in boxing and he wont be bullyin anyone any time soon my tip is never give up EVER

  26. What a shame, the Blade doesnt come across well here, looks real old, dishevelled and his instruction is not at all clear. A man of his once rare calibre should present himself much better than this. He was one of the big talents at middleweight back in the '80s, had big money fights and put the legendary 'Hit-man" Hearns in dreamland ( twice )

  27. has anyone heard of a man named ricky feathers he is about five seven and used to be the head bouncer at the americana club and a bunch of others in memphis and mississippi he is my dad and he fought and spared with lennox lewis and he was the smallest bouncer in every club he worked at but he knew and still does know how to take a big man down

  28. Lol y'all people shouldn't discredit this video, expertvillage traditionally is full of bullshit but the instructor here is Iran Barkley. He knocked out Tommy Hearns twice and fought many contemporary greats such as Duran, Toney and Michael Nunn. He knows his shit.

  29. Hmmm. Have looked at the Barkely Herans fight many times. The number one. This dude Iran Barkely is not close in talent to Hearns and was getting beat up but his heart is big time big..Dont make such a great champ look like a chump in his old days fucking morons. Iran Barkely great champ but not in the same class as the faboules 4.

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