Adaptive Karate showing sport is accessible to all!

I support Sally with the activity of Karate,
some weeks she can proactively do the sport and other days she can’t. But we’ve found
that over the weeks we’ve been coming that her strength and her coordination has improved.
And she just really enjoys the whole activity itself but it strengthens her core muscles
and she’s able to stand longer which she spends a lot of time in the chair. So she’s actually
able to stand longer and support herself without my aid. Because they adapt to Sally’s needs every
week because they change every week so they’re aware that some weeks she may need a little
bit more encouragement, other weeks she will just enjoy being here and not particularly
want to hit any pads but being here and they’re always here, talk to her on her level and explain
what they’re doing so it enables her to join in with everybody else. Whatever exercise we do, we will change it
accordingly to to their needs and capabilities and just make sure that everybody is included
all the time so, if they’re in a wheelchair and it’s kicking, we’ll try and get them to
kick and if they can’t kick, we’ll get them lifting their body weight or something.

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