AB Karate El Paso, Texas – Virtual Tour

Hi, welcome to AB Karate. My name is
Christian Arias. Let me show you around. First lesson we teach the students
is when they enter the Dojo, they put their feet together like
this. They bow and they say, Hello Sir, Hello Ma’am. When you leave you do the
same thing but you say goodbye Sir, goodbye Ma’am and the reason we do
that because we want to keep everything positive and respectful. We want the martial arts school to be
the most positive and respectful place in town.
This is our pro shop. This is where you can get any anything
that you ever need in your martial arts training. We have all the latest appareled gear and
uniforms for you and we have it all in stock so it’s really convenient.
You just come in and get what you need. If we don’t have something, just let us
know. We’ll get it for you right away. This is our check in system. When it’s your first time in the class
that week you pull your car out from box one when it’s your second time in, you pull your car out from box two and
all you do is take your car and you scan it here on the barcode and our system
helps us keep track of when it’s time for you get a new belt or a new
stripe. Parents, martial
arts teaches responsibility, we want the children to be able to do it,
learn how to do it on their own. Follow me this way.
This is our seating area. When you come to class
this is where friends and
relatives can sit and watch you while you train. One thing to point out is
we have microphones in there
and we have speakers out here, so not only can you see the class
message but you could hear it as well. This is our shoe rack, this is where you put any belongings
and your shoes before you go to class. The shoe rack theory in martial
arts is when you come to class, not only do you put your shoes in there
but you also put any trouble or any problems you had that day.
This way when you step on the mat, you have a clear mindset.
You get a good workout, you’re surrounded by positive people and
you hear an inspiring class message at the end and when you come back
to your shoes, those troubles, are either not there anymore or you’re
able to approach you with it with a different mindset. Follow me to
the mat. This is our training area. Just like when you enter the front door,
you do the same thing here. You put your hands by your side,
you bow and you say, yes I can and you do the same thing
when you enter and leave the Dojo. The reason we do that is because we want
to protect the culture of the martial arts as well as keep everything
positive and real respectful. This is our training mats.
The mats that we use are two inches thick. They’re the same mats that they use
in the Olympics and they’re clean and disinfected daily. Hygiene and
safety is very important to us, as I’m sure it is to you.
When you look across the mats, you see all sorts of different kinds of
training equipment from wave masters, too boxing mitts, kicking shield to
heavy bags. The reason we have those, is because we’re, using creative
reputation, so this way, every time you come to class,
it’s a new high energy, fun workout that’s a the tour,
can’t wait to see you on the mat!

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