81 thoughts on “A Practical Martial Arts Injury Guide (STOP PAIN!)

  1. Oss sensei. Sensei this video was very useful. Thank you for sharing sensei. And you explain so well. 😀😀. Oss

  2. This video definitely helped, especially now in the morning where I'm doing warm-ups before my workout👌😁

  3. Still, most people think of something else when hearing the word ‘rehab’. But jokes aside, great video!

  4. Its very helpful. After 13 hours of Training per week i make some excercises with a massage roll. In my Martial Art Career (since 12 years) i never had a injury. So lucky and happy 😊

  5. This has been helpful. I have hyper mobility Elhers Danlos Syndrome and narcolepsy and would love to hear your views on inclusive karate and how to get the best out of/ health benefits of karate? Thanks for you ever encouraging videos!

  6. Thank for teaching as I am karate nerd I get hurts every week so I can use this . I like your video because you are only YouTube creater who read comments and reply to it and may God bless

  7. When I tore my hamstring my physiotherapist had me ice my leg for about a week and then only half the time the next week. I’d say the most important thing is to not be afraid of going to see a professional after an injury. If the injury was severe going to see a biokinetices afterwards can also be a great help.

  8. I always pull muscles inside my groin and he pain inside my hip….every time it goes ..and extra low sumo stance or high round house brings it back 😭

  9. every time I do a round kick with my left leg the muscles of the inside of my thigh hurt kind of like they are being pulled or something, and it's been like this for a few months, what should I do?

  10. That was definitely educative, although I was only aware of R.I.C.E, learning this new dimension was of sure help. THANK you Sensei Jesse

  11. I yesterday popped out my knee when I was doing leg kick and it hurt very much. I'm scared that next time I do it I will pop out my knee again. Please help.

  12. LOL, had surgery just three days ago due to a martial arts injury. I think a good 'prehab' would have been to avoid the injury by moving faster!

  13. Both of my knees kept coming out of place (2-3 times) if i didn't wear like an elastic band over them. When I went to a sports doctor she told me to work on it so it can be secured on one place. Do you think that in 2 months I can go back with training? Because I am afraid of doing kicks without wearing something over my knees

  14. DUDE YOU'RE A LIFE SAVER, 2 days ago my knee popped and i am out for a week, and this is great information.

  15. Jesse sensei please like my comment and give a heart you are just awesome man you know everything about karate man please follow me on Instagram search Shaikhmaroof_11 please you're awesome I haven't broken anything but still am watching this because your videos are still awesome even if I haven't broken anything 👇🏻👇🏻❤❤😋😋😄😍👍🏻📱📱

  16. Very good presentation! If I had to recommend one thing, I'd say always have an ACE bandage on hand for leg and arm injuries. That has rescued me plenty of times.

  17. Another awesome video. Thanks for the advice on recovery. Does the same apply for muscle fatigue/pain?

  18. Hello Sensei Jesse, is this also can help to rehab like mental, emotional, spiritual & also physical aspects?

  19. Love the video really needed one also can u give some tips on how to strengthen different body parts like the back shoulders and knees and legs in ur next video cause I often injured my back cause of no muscles at all

  20. Bro you are absolutely right elevation (by keeping above the heart level) reduses the blood circulation to that part of the body and reduces pain

  21. This is possibly one of the most helpful videos you've posted so far! They all are really useful, but as I'm approaching my 40s I find I'm more and more prone to get injured and be affected by it for longer than what I used to. So thanks loads for this, I'll definitely remember this lesson!

  22. Plantar Fasciitis is aggravated by too much rest. Constant movement, pressure, and stretching helps the most. I think this is the optimum loading. Ice before sleeping and early in the morning helps.
    Also, frozen water bottles are great for icing the bottom of a foot.

  23. Hey Jesse-San
    This is a very good video and i will make good use out of it especially as an instructor.
    I however run into a problem :/
    Whenever i personally try to kick a Mae Geri or a Yoko Geri Kekomi full power or full speed i tend to get a very painfull feeling in my knees.
    Did you experience something like this before and do you have any solutions?

  24. Cutting blood flow to the injured area isn't the best idea nowadays,
    'Compression and pressure'

    You want to promote blood flow to speed up recovery, not limit it

  25. i almost injured my knee, i was kicking mawashi geri. And i’m not gonna train for 3 weeks :’( but this video helped.!! THANK YOU,!.. its almost 3 weeks now

  26. Very informative! I still used to use the PRICE process, but it's always great to keep learning.
    Thanks, Jesse! 🙏🏻

  27. Sensei,
    It's very good to see the knowledge circulating by a easy language. I just have some points against making pressure in some kind of situations, just like: falls that the practitioner hits the head or the spine and some broken limb that needs to be "reduced" (I don't know if it's common using this expression to put the limb on the corretc place in english). Besides that, this knowledge is very good to use in dojos like a protocol, thanks for this!!
    How is the formation of health professionals in your country?
    Here in Brazil we have 4 years upper course for Physical Education and another 5 years course for physical therapy. (I am ending the physical Education course)
    , thanks

  28. I actually hurt my upper back a while ago (mostly muscular, surprisingly no spinal damage) and I'll keep these things in mind!

  29. Thank you for the very informative video!

    As a PT and a karate nerd, I'd go even further and say that, during the rehab and return to sport phases, the latest data suggests you/the person who's injured needs PEACE & LOVE

    acute phase:
    Protection/relative rest
    Avoiding anti-inflammatory modalities (unless absolutely needed)
    Education on the condition, the benefits of an active approach and load management
    & after a few days
    Vascularisation (I.e. including pain-free cardiovascular training as early as a few days post injury)

    For further readings and a list of interesting sources : https://blogs.bmj.com/bjsm/2019/04/26/soft-tissue-injuries-simply-need-peace-love/

    Cheers from Canada!

  30. You can be quite agressive when using ice. Frostbite only happens at temperatures of -4C, which only happens when you are using things other than water ice such as those blue packs or other similar devices. Ice is indicated in the first 48 hours to decrease inflammation and to provide pain relief for intervals of up to 30 minutes to completely reap the benefits of up to 2h when ice can be reapplied. I have used complete immersion of larger areas such as a sprained ankle or dislocated fingers ( both unfortunately I have bit of experience with). Get a bucket and fill up a bucket with ice and water and dunk it. The first 7 or so minutes are painful but won't damage anything. Your goal at doing this is to prevent secondary hipoxia of the adjacent tissues due to inflammation. If you want to read up on it look up the Knight Protocol which goes in depth on the prescription of ice therapy

  31. So two weeks ago, I got an avulsion fracture of the lesser trochanter, I fractured the top of my femur. I'll be out of training for a while. Wish I knew this earlier.😥

  32. and dont Forget to visit a doctor. i injured my finger at playing Handball. the Trainers sayed its not broken. but it gets worse and worse the next day. my finger was broken 3 times…

  33. Can u plz tell me which is the best shotokan karate book which covers all the information from white to black belt..

  34. 3 months ago i broke two fingers at a ballgame at the end of our karate training 😭 these fingers are still stiff, but now thanks to your informative video next time i know immediately what to to 🙏🏻

  35. Sensei iam also a karateka ,shitoryu.i like your videos .could you please do a video about middle splits as I wanted high and flexible kick. Love and respect from india

  36. I'm 13 and do Okinawan goju-ryu and am grading for my junior black belt in August of 2020. Any advice on how to memorize kata faster?



  38. Good morning Sensei I would love to know where is your dojo located… Im starting my Karate journey today and Im really interested about everything that involves Karate. I hope one day I can go to your dojo… I live in the U.S

  39. Jesse. It helped me with an injury on my knee which I could solve using the procedures shown on this videos. Thank you. You're awesome.

  40. Hi Jesse! Nice t-shirt! What company do you use for your custom prints?:)

    Alltså, vilket företag använder du för att skaffa t-shirts med eget tryck. Letar efter en bra leverantör 🙂

  41. I want to know, how does Oliver recover after an MMA cage fight? Is his routine the same?
    (I am a Shinkyokushin fighter)

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