“A girl boxer could be better than a boy boxer” Regan #205

Jab Right Jab Right One two One two One two One two Give me four Gimme that right Send that right Send that right Focus, ’cause you have to focus or nothing will go right. So, you have to stand like this. ‘Cause if you stand like that and like I’m punching, they can push you back. But if you’re like that, it has more balance on you. So you gotta listen to the ‘jab’. We just call him Richard. When he was training me, at the beginning of my sessions, he was… ‘Cause I, I kept on getting tired and sit down and all that. He go: ‘You have to get up and you have to try.’ ‘You’re good at boxing, I can see the power in your hands.’ And then I was like: ‘ok’. I got up and I trained and that’s what brought me here right now. Always give your best. ‘Cause it doesn’t matter what gender you are, you can do anything. Because, sometimes even I think this is true, a girl boxer could be better than a boy boxer. So, I think that’s silly what the people in the olden days were saying. It’s not true. Anyone can do boxing. They even do girls football now, so it’s easier ’cause then it’ll be a fair world. My sister went boxing and one year after that I was like: ‘I have to go!’ She says to me I’m annoying, because I always follow her. Because she’s a really big inspiration to me and I love her. It is a big part of my life, this group. It might be like nine people, but it’s most of my life. It’s amazing. ‘Cause it teaches people that they can… they don’t have to use weapons. It was set in the death of Lorraine’s son and it’s called Dwaynamics. And her son was called Dwayne. I can tell that’s she’s really strong inside because her son died and she forgave the killer of her son. And they called her the Mother of Angell Town and she’s really lovely, so I look up to her. I wanna be… a boxer, singer, spy.

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