A Fairtrade Adventure with Amanda Barnes: After School Karate Club

this evening we visited The Karate Club
which is one of the after school clubs that Bosman has which is funded by fair
trade money and it was great to see all the
kids in action and learning karate moves and also they had their brand new karate uniforms that they were very proud of [the support means] the children have the knowledge the experience and also holds them together. There are several groups in our community who bring alcohol and drugs to our farms so we can keep our children together learning on evening hobby keeps them
away from other evening activities which aren’t so desirable like drug taking and sex abuse which they told me here is a problem for children of their age and so being engaged in something after school is not only something fun to do in an
education and talents to own but also to
avoid getting into any other problems or trouble so it was really nice to see of fair
trade is not just about the workers it’s about their children
it’s about family it’s about community and it’s about building up to entire
village and town really

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